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Respected General Manager P & HR of  Union Bank of India

Mr. V. Srinivasan, BM, Mylapore branch, Chennai sanctioned 1682 personal loans for Rs 4.72 Crore through Middleman.

This is the first time in banking loan application, loan document & loan amount given to middleman.Loan sanctioned by violating banking norms
BRIBE of Rs 4500 for every loan of Rs 50 000
Total BRIBE is Rs 4500/50000X 4 72 00 000 = Rs 42.48 Lacs

Bank met LOSS of Rs 77.74 Lacs & 423 loan documents are missing.

Union Bank of India Management conducted departmental inquiry for name shaking.

PUNISHMENT- Degrade and then increment cut lastly NO PUNISHMENT

Please refer the court case of Union Bank of India
Sohan Lal Vs Union Bank of India on 21.10.2008
The same to above Mr.Sohan Lal, BM., Union Bank of India sanctioned 393 Union Comfort loans for Rs 1.54 Crore by violating banking norms& Union Bank of India met a LOSS of Rs 46.48 Lac.
Union Bank of India Management give punishment as Compulsory Retirement.
Even Punjab & Haryana court also confirmed the punishment of Compulsory Retirement is correct.


Union Bank of India Management not care of Loss of Rs 77.74 Lac
Union Bank of India Management not care of 423 loan applications are missing.

But my case 23 loans for Rs 5.20 Lac sanctioned by previous Manager & all 23 loans are also closed.Even though I am dismissal from Union Bank of India.
The reason is
Mr.V.Srinivasan belongs to Brahman community
M.Veeran, myself belongs to Dalit community

KINDLY VERIFY & I pray for justice..

Thanking You
Yours faithfully
H 89, Phase III,
Anna Nagar,
TRICHY 620026.
(Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com) December 2, 2014

Dear Shri Chumber,
Thanks for the the online copy of Ambedkar Times. I wish you all well in your efforts to convert Dr Ambedkar's residence in London into a memorial for him. I congratulate the Ambedkarites who successfully convinced the Maharashtra Government of financing the proposal.
Thanks for helping me spread Dr Ambedkar's views through your esteemed journal. I will soon be sending my next article.
Dr Hemant Devasthali

Editor's mail
Dear Chumber Ji
Jai Bhim!
I accidentally came across the Ambedkartimes.com on 17 February, 2013 while searching Buddhist monasteries in London. When I have gone through it, I was pleased that even in outside of India, how people come together and celebrate happy events. I never thought before this. Even in sad moment people come together. I have also gone through some articles in a short time, and felt so happy. You are doing great job in western culture. We will be in touch.
With best wishes and regards
Dr. Kailash Thaware
(Reader and Appellate Authority under RTI Act 2005)
Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics,
Deccan Gymkhana, BMCC Road, Pune -411 004 (INDIA)

Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com (February 17, 2013)

Dr. Thaware Ji,
Jai Bhim!

Thanks for visiting Ambedkartimes.com and for liking the work. We try our best to reach to our people in the different parts of the world. We are happy to see your deep interest towards the website and our community. Please keep visiting and keep in touch.
Prem Chumber



Dear Prem Chumber Ji,

I have been reading “Ambedkar Times” ever since its inception and appreciate your ardent dedication inprojecting the image of the noble and lofty ideals of our pioneers. I also congratulate you for starting “Desh Doaba” recently and wish you continued success in your future endeavors towards community service.

Mr. Chumber is a very prolific writer and aprofessional journalist to handle the sensitive issues and concerns, pertaining to the interest of the community as a whole, in a very unbiased and objective manner. The formidable task performed by Babasaheb Dr. B.R.Ambedkar as a distinguished scholar in the framing of India’s constitution and for providing a pioneering leadership in the emancipation of the millions of the down –trodden is very well illustrated in your columns. You are also doing a good job in highlighting therevival of the movement of Ad-Dharm founded byBabu Mangu Ram Muggowalia in the 1925’s, who also supported the mission of Babasaheb.

Since I had the privilege to meet Babasaheb and BabuMangu Ram Muggowalia in person in 1956 and 1963 respectively, this message also carries my humble tributes to the memory of these noble souls for their selfless services towards social justice. Mr. Chumber needs encouragement and help with a wider and robust readership of his News papers to build a healthy and enlightened public opinion on various issues confronting the community. Thanks
O.P. Balley
General Secretary,
Supreme Council, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA
(Posted on June 4, 2012)

Dear Mr Prem Chumber,

My name is Siddhartha Valicharla. I am a Mulnivasi currently living in Milwaukee, WI. I am involved in working for our community and have recently attended the 27th National BAMCEF convention in Durgapur. I was actually the iauguarator of the session (Please see links below) and have come back with renewed energy and purpose. As part of this, I have recently started an awareness program here to gather international awareness and support for our movement. I think I can learn a lot from what you have achieved in Canada and would like to get in touch with you

I would like to develop our friendship and would even be open to attending any sessions that you mighthave for celebrating our history and culture (Babasaheb, Guru Ravidas, Guru Nanak, Gautam Buddha).

Link1: Please see page 9 for my speech

Link2: A reply given to my American friend

It would also be of great help if you can introduce me to our Mulnivasis in Milwaukee and Chicago area.

Jai Mulnivasi
Sidd Valicharla (414) 687 3103
Posted on January 24, 2011

Dear Chumber Sahib,
Jai Bheem.
I came acrossed Ambedkartimes by chance while searching for some other thing. Your website is a great attempt to unite and connect people of our community outside India. I think it may be a great medium to our people to overcome their sectarian identities to a wider one.

With all good wishes
Mukesh Manas (Associate professor)
Department of Hindi, Satyawati College, University of Delhi
Email: mkumar@satyawati.du.ac.in, Web page: people.du.ac.in/~mkumar,
Posted on January 19, 2011

Professor Sahib Ji,
Jai Bhim!
Thanks for visiting Ambedkartimes and for liking the work. We try our best to reach to our people in the different parts of the world. We are happy to see your interest towards the website and our community. Please keep visiting and keep in touch.
Prem Chumber


Dear Editor,
Let me introduce myself. I was searching for Chander Bhan on website and came across the website created and maintained.

First of all accept my heartiest congratulations. I have been a contemporary(MBBS & MD) of Dr. LN Berwa at AIIMS, New Delhi (1965-1976) and been professor of Family & Community Medicine. Now I am fully devoting my life for the social and spiritual cause. At present I am visiting our son (Assistan Professor of Medicine) UCSD, San Diego. I would like to be included on all matters related to our Dalit movement. On New year eve the following thought was conceived. There is a desire to develop the subject matter further in book(s) form.

Let us begin New Year with New resolution to create and live in a Society free of discrimination by;
Gender: No discrimination by gender., Age: All age Groups to be equally cared., Color: Every skin colour to be equally welcomed.Creed: Every creed taken as doorway to be human. , Class: All classes to be given equal opportunity., Caste: All castes to lose their names. , Nation: All nations to be sovereign (self Governed) units as part of Global Governance , Unity: Every individual, family and group to be an integral being of body, mind and self. and Topography: All lands and in-habitation given equal respect and opportunity.

Ratan Singh

Editor's respons:

Dear Dr. Singh,

First of all thanks for appreciating the website and also we are so proud of you that you have been a contemporary of Dr. L N Berwa. If you would like to send us or share your article (s) or matter about Dalits, please let me know and we can upload on the website and we can also make your own page/file on the website so people can just click on your name and will be able to read everything you send us.
Warm regards,
Prem Chumber
Posted on January 2, 2011


Editor; s mail
Dear editor,
"Jai Bhim"

I really like the work on Ambedkartimes.com. It was my first time visiting the website and was a great experience. I really appreciate that the work done by you for our community and its coming out thorugh the website.

In referance to above cited subject i want bring in your your kind attention towards Punjab Government as it is going to kill our people by their irregular reservation policies. Please find attach file for gravity and detail of situation. Same situation developed in Haryana few years back in Mr.Om Prakash Chautala government, at that time our people gathered gone to Punjab and Haryana high court and got justice. The Court ruled government's reservation in reservation (SC category further categorised in SC-A and SC-B basically means division of community) policy is totally "unconstitutional"and immediately stopped.

The Punjab government needs copy of this judgement. The Chamar Mahan Sabha highlighted it showing agitation. It is heard Fake SC certificates are being made by some (so called) upper caste people for taking reservation benifits, this is emerged as double edged weopon against our community. SC Certificates should be verified/checked properly guilty persons should be punished hard.kindly aware our people with above facts through our site so that more and more people join this agitation and to set alive the sacred flame burned by Baba Saheb Dr.B R Ambedkar.
Harpreet Singh
Posted on September 6, 2010

Dear Editor,
Many congratulations and best wishes for launching this Ambedkar Times missionary news paper in Punjabi.
We wish you all the success in the future editions of Ambedkar Times.

Avtar P Jassal
Best Western, Airport Inn, Boise, Idaho

Editor’s mail

Excellent efforts for our society, now I also linked with Ambedekartimes Ram Sumiran Rawat

Dear Sir,
Happen to see the beautifully designed site of AMBEDKAR TIMES. I personally congratulate you on the subjects covered. The site is one of the outstanding sites of the world. The site is informative for the people like me to know about the policies and update news and professional one. Once again I pay the most respectful thanks to you and your Ambedkar Times.
Rajam Bheeshma, Chandanagar, Hyderabad- A.P.
(Posted on December 31, 2009)

Editor’s mail
Ramesh Chander
Dear Editor,
I read with interest the report of Mr. Pradeep Singh Attri on the function in Hungry. We shall not get perturbed on these things unduly. I fully appreciate the views and feelings of Mr. Attri. We need to make some space for us with concerted efforts. You may recall that even Dr. Ambedkar was not recognised and honoured in India either knowingly or ignorance. Now the things have changed and rightly so. I am confident that things would change as we gain strength.

I take this opportunity to wish you and the readers of the Ambedkar Times all the best in the New Year and the years to come.
with regards,

Ramesh Chander
Posted on December 26, 2009

Dear Editor!
Jai Bhim! Jai Bharat!! I am very thankful to you to start Ambedkartimes! I hope that this portal will be very helpful to Dalits Samaj.
Dr. D K Meghwal (Rajasthan, India)
Posted on December 14, 2009


 Dear Brother,

I have gone through Ambedkartimes (print version) and quite impressed with it. Today is the age of communication and whosoever leads this race becomes successful. In North America and in Europe , we lack behind in this field. There is no paper to put our point of view. If you send any article or news item to the papers, they publish if they suite them; otherwise they just ignore. Your website has been successful to connect many people around the globe and also spreading message of our forefathers. But everybody doesn’t have computer and know how to operate it. That is where the newspaper becomes handy. By starting a newspaper, you have filled a vacuum which existed from a long time. I hope our people support you fully and both of your ventures wear fruit.

Wish you all the success,
Arun Kumar (UK)
posted on October 04, 2009

Dear Editor,

You are working day & night for the community. At least myself & my family are very thankful for this unique efforts. The message of awareness being spread by you through internet is very very meaningful & useful in India & abroad. Here we are getting very new information via www.ambedkartimes.com website.

Our best wishes to Ambedkartimes.com’s team.
Balbir Madhopuri (New Dehli)

Thanks for apparition & visiting the website. please keep in touch.


Dear Editor,

I peruse the Ambedkartimes regularly. Some of the articles/contributions on community matters are really good, informative and thought provoking. Some of us may like to get in touch with the writers/contributors with view to discuss or clarify the matter further.

My suggestion, therefore, is that the e-mail ID of the writer shall be indicated along with his/her name so that communication is facilitated.

I am also enclosing a photo for appropriate use. The caption of the photo is: Ambassador of India to Belarus Ramesh Chander speaking on the foreign policy of India at the Belarus Academy of Public Administration in Minsk.

With regards,
(Ramesh Chander)

First of all thanks for visiting the website and as far the e-mail address of the writers, some of their e-mail ids are there with the articles and some senders don’t want to give out their ids. If you want any writer’s e-mail id, I can ask them and give it to you with their permission. Once again thanks and please keep in touch.


Dear Editor,

I am Buddhist Monk from Thailand; I have been studying at Mahachulalankorn University International programme of Buddhist Philosophy but my Thesis Topic Dr. Ambedkar New Buddhist Movement. So I would like to contact with the Dr. Ambedkar group continue and to establish the Dr. Ambedkar in Thailand at Mahachulalankorn university. So, I would like to continue with you. Can?

I am looking forward to hear from you about your nice email.

With a great loving kindness
Nanda "Nanda Monk"

Respected Bhante Ji (Monk), Jai Bhim!

I am happy to hear that you are interested in researching on Dr. Ambedkar. Please try to go to the Lord Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar and Ambedkar Society files on Ambedkartimes.com. I am sure that you will find very helpful information and if you still would like to get further information please let me know I will try my best to get contacts of the bigger and knowledgably Ambedkarites groups for you.


Dear Sir,

I visited this site 1st time and I liked the activities carried by you and your people.

I am proud to be an Ambedkarite. Keep the same in future.
Deepak Bansode Pune (Maharashtra)

Thanks for visiting the website. If you have any news or community activities please feel free to send us to publish on the website with pictures. Please keep in touch.


Dear Sir,

I m Jaswinder Singh Saroya village Asalpur P.O. Naiano Wall Jattan Distt, Hoshiarpur I want to join your team. What is the procedure to join to  Dr. Ambedkar team?

Best Regard,
Jaswinder Singh Saroya

If you would like to join our team please send us recent activities, reports, news, your articles. Thanks for visiting the website and please keep in touch.



Dear Editor,

The Guru Ravidass community & all those who believe in humanity got furious over the brutal attack on Sant Niranjan Dass Ji & Sant Ramanand Ji in Guru Ravidass Dharam Sthan in Vienna , Austria on 24th May.2009 in which several followers were seriously injured.

The feelings of our community were unprecedented & our community for the first time showed this type of resentment & reaction .Three of our community members were killed -one in Phillaur, one in Lambra, Jalandhar and one in Dhillwan, Jalandhar and hundreds injured seriously. Thousands affraid to be trapped by police in different type of cases.
Our organisation -Vigilant Brotherhood (International) Jalandhar, Bhai Jaita Ji (Baba Jiwan Singh) Welfare Society, Jalandhar president-S. Jit Singh Miglani and everyone express deep condolence on Shahidi of Sant Ramanand Ji and others. We pray for speedy recovery of Sant Niranjan Dass Ji Maharaj. 
1. All vigilant people should come forward to let people in general know about the reasons for such attempts.

2. Under the present circumstances what should our community do?

We should know that only 8-10% of our community live in Punjab & do our religious and social ceremonies in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib not because they are Sikhs, but simply because Bani of our Guru- Shri Guru Ravidass Ji respectfully enshrined in that Guru Granth Sahib.
Manohar Lal Mahey
President, Vigilant Brotherhood (International) Jalandhar

Posted on June 18, 2009

Editor's mail

Thank you for recommending Prof. Hardtmann's book. I have a number of Dalit books and this wonderful book offers a fresh perspective I had not considered. The diversity of views within the Dalit culture are very healthy. Guru Mangoo Ram expressed an appreciation of Dr. Ambedkar's leadership.

Reviewing your website, it does look like Ad-Dharm has somewhat of a presense in California, though further north. I read there is an Ad-Dharm Granth. Is this Valmiki's Ramayana, with the works of Sant Kabir, Ravidas, and Namdev as found in the Adi Granth? Does it include the writings of Guru Mangoo who founded the Ad-Dharm movement?
If it doesn't exist, I would love to see a collection of Dalit spiritual works and promote the book locally. I want people to be made aware of this rich spiritual tradition. Ad-Dharm is particularly significant in a Dalit context, because it focuses particuarly on Dalit and Shudra spiritual leaders, which I really like. Guru Ravidas and Sant Guru Kabir have a particularly enriching quality of thought. Reading their words creates an immediate state of peace and well-being.
Ad-Dharm is a very rich tradition. The entire Adivasi movement in India is beautiful and powerful. I would love Americans to become more appreciative of this, so we can understand genuine Indian spirituality.

Michael Johnson

Posted on June 12, 2009

Editor's response

Ad Dharm granth was prepared by Sant Isher Dass of village Anandgarh of District Hoshiarpur, Punjab (India). It is called Ad Parkash Greanth. Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia's writing are still scattered in different magazines, posters, pamphlets etc.

Efforts are being made for the last few years to put them together.

Posted on June 12, 2009

A Tribute to Sant RamaNand ji

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to pay tributes to Sant Rama Nand ji of Dera Ballan, through the columns of the esteemed Ambedkar Times, who fell victim to the mindless and tragic shoot out in Vienna. It was an outrageous and unwarranted attack on a spiritual and saintly soul. It was my good fortune to know the Sant. His services to the community will be remembered in the years to come. It is gratifying to learn that Sant Niranjan Dass ji is out of danger and is responding to the treatment in Vienna.

May God grant peace to the departed soul and speedy recovery to Sant Niranjan Dass ji.

(Ramesh Chander)
Posted on May 28, 2009

A Tribute to Sant RamaNand ji

Dear Editor,

We condemn the attack on Sant Rama Nand and Sant Niranjan Dass Ji with guns and knives by some disgruntled elements at Shri Guru Ravidass Temple in Vienna ( Austria ) on May 24th, 2009. In which Sant Rama Nand Ji lost his life. We appeal to our whole society to condemn this event and organize to tackle this big problem.

Thank very much

Shri Guru Ravidass Bhawan Society Barcelona Spain
Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar  Mission Society Barcelona Spain
Posted on May 28, 2009

Editor's mail

What type of presence does Ad-Dharm have in America I am very interested in it, as I find the work of both Ravidas and Kabir to be inspiring. I also have great respect for Dr. Ambedkar's perspective on Buddhism. It is refreshing. How compatible is Ad-Dharm with Navayana Buddhism? I do think Ad-Dharm and Navayana Buddhism have a particularly refreshing quality, and being tied to the Dalit Culture, they represent the heart of India . I live in California , and we have plenty of Hinduism but virtually no liberating Dalit Spirituality which actively engages the world for positive change. What is in the southern California area ?

Michael Johnson

Editor's response

Thanks for visiting the website and having interest in the work of Guru Ravidass, Satguru Kabir, Dr. Ambedkar, Budhisim and Ad Dharm. Right now I can suggest you to read Eva-Maria Hardtmann, The Dalit Movement in India: Local Practices, Global Connections, Oxford University Pess, 2009, especially pp. 168-183. Once again thanks and please keep in touch.

Prem Chumber

Posted on May 14, 2009


Dear Sir,

This website gave me immense happiness to view all documentary work compiled by the committed personas for social cause. I am Dr. Chhoety Lal, M.Sc (Chemistry), Ph.D., and working at the post of Scientist F, in the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, or past 31 years. I am Buddhist by religion.

I am also interested in Dr. Ambedkar and Buddhism type of social awareness activities.

With best regards,
Dr. Chhotey Lal


Respected Prem Ji

Jai Bhim and warm greetings from ODRF!!

When ordrf started there were few people to carry its flag in USA...within a year it has gain such a acceptance that people from all corners willing to associate with this movement, its nothing but our dedication, sensitivity and commitment for our cause.....its good to learn that Ambedkartimes.com has been strengthening this movement by using modern communication technology. Thanks for your kind and generous support.

Its proven that information is a power in 21century. How we can find the easiest means to disseminate  informations to our brothers and sisters back in india. Your suggestions mights be an icebreaking event........

once again thanks a lot for spreding the words of ODRF and ambedkariet movement.

In mission
Pravin/ archana


Dear All

Jai Bheem!

Ambedkartimes.com site is developed by our brother Prem Chumber who lives in California . He is very dedicated and committed Ambedkarite works 24x7 to spread the ideology of our forefathers through Ambedkartimes.com. Please appreciate his efforts and give feedback to Prem Chumber.


Respected Prem,

Thank you very much for your appreciation of the ODRF's work through the news on ambedkartimes.com. Here also I would like to express my gratitude towards Rahul G. for making such good report, and all the members of the ODRF for their dedication.

Jai Bhim, Prabudha Bharat
Chitra - Satyajit

I am from Kerala, very Glad to write to my honourable brother.

"chipra krishnadas"



Hello Mr. Prem,

First of all, I am so glad that www.ambedkartimes.com is doing so well. It has been long time since we talked. I remember all the old memories of your marriage ceremonies. I wish you the best in future and keep in touch.

Yours in the Dhamma,
Hussan Lal Baudh (Jalandhar, Punjab)


Dear Sir,

Inceptions of the letter please take my regarding, I am a Buddhist monk in Thailand, I would like to know Kathina celebration at you monastery in Canada and very interested to participate to the Kathina celebration. How can it possible?

Kindly let me known about that. Thank you.

With kind regards,
Ven. Bibhuti


Dear Sir,

I am Bangladeshi Buddhist monk. My name is Rev. Rajiv Sraman. I am living in Orphanage Buddhist temple at Sri Lanka . I study in Homagama Pali University . I haven’t parent. I am very helpless Buddhist monk. Anybody doesn’t help to me for Buddhist and Pali Study. As the present time need the some help because for M.A examination register. Kindly you do the some help to me for M.A register. If you help me I shall can do M.A examination. It is my request of your center. I always time gratitude your center.

Your's dhammna. 
ev jeevanando thero


Dear Mr. Chumber,
Last day Mr. CL Chumber was with me and he was happy to meet my contacts Ch. Gurbachan Chand who met you too while he was in the USA some time back and Mr. L.R. Parwana in Mohali. During my service, I was their senior colleague for some time and before my transfer to the Planning Department of Punjab Government in 1970. I had sent you 'Palace Born Bhagwans of India' a few days back. I don't know whether you received it or not?
With regards,
Raghbir Singh Dhillon


This is Trilok Chand Jalutharia, ex govt. employee, I belong to Raigar Jati i.e. in Dalits one part, I am active in field of child education to Dalit children, I am a member of Rashtriya Raigar Maha Sangh & also a active politician and doing work as a Vice chairman sc department Delhi Pradesh congress committee, I would like to thank you for helping our community.

With regards,
Trilok Chand Jalutharia


Dear Mr. Chumber,

Thank you for all the hard work that you do.  We really appreciate all the hard work that you have put into Ambedkartimes.com Here in Dallas (Texas) and want you to say thanks.  

Thanks again
Daulat Badhan

Above all letters posted on December 12, 2008

Remembering Tejinder Singh Sibia

Gurbux Bagha

I met Tejinder Singh Sibia through my brother Paul in 1983 in a party at his house. I still remember the colorful atmosphere. During our conversation I found out that I knew his father very well and I used to visit their poultry farm quite as often as Poultry Advisor. This bonded further our relations. He believed to the core of his heart to further the cause of Sikhism and Punjabi culture. Tejinder Sibia' family is the golden family. It was so unfortunate that he lost his son, to whom I saw almost every day after school. He used to visit my business for lunch break. One day I went to Taco Bell drive through and I placed my order, when I went to the check-out window, he was there and when he saw me, he refused to take money. I insisted several times, but without vain, but he never took the money. He said, “That is what we teach them, respect elders.” When ever I went to the Library I used to see him. Tejinder was a man full of life and fun. He will be missed for ever.

Posted on September 18, 2008


www.ambedkartimes.com very shocked to hear about the sad demise of Nishikant Waghmare who was very dedicated to the mission of Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Lord Buddha. He also sent articles/news like "Buddha Dhamma Diksha Golden Jubilee Celebration in Mumbai" to www.ambedkartimes.com . Our hearts are full of sympathy for Waghmare’s family in this deep sorrow. We know words cannot console, only time can heal the wound caused by the cruel hand of death.


Posted on September 12, 2008


Dear All,
Its a very sad and shocking news to hear the untimely demise of our beloved brother Nishikant. I had a privilege to know him since 1989 when the Ambedkar Centenary Celebration Committee, UK was set up. He offered his services to the committee. Because of his commitment and dedication, he was elected as the International Coordinator and became a roaming ambassador of Ambedkarism and Buddhism. He was present almost in every function whether it was organised by the Committee in UK, USA or India. In his capacity as an International Coordinator, he helped  to make all the functions a great success. Since then he visited us many times. We will miss him. His loss has created a great vacuum in our movement which can never be filled.

My heart felt condolences to his bereaved family, relatives and friends.
Arun Kumar (UK)
Posted on September 15, 2008

Dear all,

On behalf of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada, we send our condolences to the family of Late Mr. Nishikant Waghmare and to his dear and near friends. The news of his death took us by shock and during his recovery in the hospital we never thought that he is going to leave us for ever.  His sudden death is not a loss to his family only, but it is a big loss for the community too. He was a staunch Ambedkarite Buddhist who had dedicated himself fulltime for the mission of spreading Buddha's dhamma. He will be missed fro ever and may Lord Buddha shower him with peace!

Raj Kumar Oshoraj

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada
Posted on September 18, 2008

Dear All,
Namo Buddha,
                   On sudden demise of our brother Nishikant Waghmare  is an extremely loss for Ambedkarite movements and Buddhism as well. His whole life was committed to propagation of Dr Ambedkar and Buddhism. I met him In during Dalit World Conference Vancouver. He was very gentle and soft spoken. We all miss him, from me and Buddhist Society of Vancouver condolences to his family and relative.
With Metta,
Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver (Canada)
Posted on September 18, 2008


Dear all,
Namo Buddha !

I just learned from Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor: ambedkartimes.com) about brother Nishikant's health. I am sorry to hear about his health and wish him all the best and pray to Lord Buddha for his quick recovery. Brother NIshikant is a great practicing Buddhist and prayers of all Buddhists are with him for his well being. 

May Lord Buddha bless him with good health !

Raj Kumar Oshoraj (Toronto, Canada) Posted on August 30, 2008


When I read sad demise of brother Nishikant Waghmare through  ambedkartimes.com, I was shocked. I met him first time at Mumbai when I was there to receive ‘Bheem Ratna Award’ given by the Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organization UK . In Punjabi circle he was famous as a "WANG-MARE" instead of Waghmare which means when you ask him to come any time and any where in the world, he was used to reach definitely since he was working in Air India and was able to move around easily. He was true follower of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar, Dharma doot of Buddha, great sympathizer, dedicated social worker, best co-coordinator of events and a great friend to all. His contribution to promote Ambedkar-Buddha Mission and empowered dalit movement is unforgettable.

He never compromised with his challenges and continued his hard work to achieve higher goals. I met him fifteen years ago and during this time he organized many great events and was a role model for others.  He was resident of Rajnigandha. Even though Mr. Waghmare is not with us physically but he will remain in our memories for ever.

Lord Buddha said, “Far surpassing the fragrance of sandal or incense or lotus or jasmine, is the fragrance of virtue and faint is this fragrance of incense and sandal but the fragrance of virtue ascends to the highest place.”  

I Harmesh Jassal, on behalf of Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society Punjab , Buddhist Society Punjab and Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society Punjab pay homage to beloved Mr. Nishikant Waghmare. I join in with his sorrow-stricken family during their difficult time to deal with their greatest loss of Late Mr. Nishikant Waghmare.

Harmesh Jassal
President: Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society 
Assistant Secretary: Punjab Buddhist Society
Executive Member: Dr.  Ambedkar Mission Society Punjab

Posted on September 26, 2008

Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society
congratulates ambedkartimes.com


Dear Prem Kumar Chumber Ji

I congratulate www.ambedkartimes.com for completing its two successful years. In my opinion that if we want liberation we must unite under one flag and express ourselves discriminations world-wide. To achieve this goal make empower to www.ambedkartimes.com means empower to Dalits. Once again many many congratulations on completing two successful years.

Yours in mission

Harmesh Jassal
President of Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society Punjab

Posted on August 17, 2008

I and on the bhalf of Heera family many many congratulations on completing successfuly two years and pray for more success in future.

Sewa Singh Heera and family (Maharashtra)
Posted on August 11, 2008

I would like to congratulate the entire community on the second anniversary of Ambedkartimes.com.   Ambedkartimes.com is doing an excellent job in uniting the Dalit community from all over the world.  The website is a forum where news and information is showcased of events involving Dalits.  Ambedkartimes.com is the only online media tool relating solely to Dalit issues.  I would like to commend Mr. Prem Chumber on his tireless efforts ensuring Ambedkartimes.com is a success.  I also would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the website throughout these two years.  Without the community's contributions, nothing can be achieved.

Commissioner Lahori Ram
International Dalit Rattna &Family (California)
Posted on August 11, 2008

Dear Prem Chumber JI,

Congratulations, Your web site completed two years. The seed sown by you now have become full grown plant and now will start bearing fruits. In any society if major changes come, it is because of Writers or Poets. You are a writer of very high standard and top class professional. Your writings in major news papers in California have impressed me very much. You have been able to devote time for the endless cause, to be highly commended. There are few people you can count on fingers who can do this gigantic job for the benefit of depressed and common man.

Please convey my thanks to your family, without them you would not have been able to achieve this goal.

Gurbax Bagha (California)
Posted on August 11, 2008

Dear Editor Chumber,

I learnt that the ambedkartimes.com has completed two years. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and all others who have worked for the success of the website. I wish you further success in your work in generating much needed awareness of the vital issues concerning the community. 

(Ramesh Chander) Edinburgh

Posted on August 18, 2008

Dear Prem Ji,
Jai Guru Dev!

Communal Award Day is coming on Aug 17 th and 18 th and I was wondering if there is something special coming on that day on the website such as articles and more. Please arrange visual sports activities of the Olympics games especially of Mr. Jasvir Singh. Thanks for Mr. Dhola’s condolence on the website. Please enlighten about his biography in more depth.

C. L. Chumber (Jalandhar City)

Editor’s Respond

Respected Chumber Sahib,
Dhan Guru Dev!

First of thanks for visiting www.ambedkartimes.com and your valuable thoughts. As you asked me some information about the Olympics games from Beijing (China) especially Mr. Jasvir Singh Banger, I have updated some new pictures of him during Olympic Opening Ceremony. For Mr. Sohan Singh Dhola’s biography, we are still working on it and will present soon to the viewers. Once again thanks for your valuable thoughts towards the website and we need intellectual / viewers like you always.

Prem Kumar Chumber
Posted on August 11, 2008

Dear Editor,

www.ambedkartimes.com is an excellent website and very informational, congratulations.

Mr.Kamlesh Chander, Vernon . B.C (Canada)
Posted on August 11, 2008

Dear Prem Kumar Chumber Ji

We are building a Langar Hall for our New Zealand Guru Ravidass Sabha at 1998 Great South Road, Bombay Hills, Auckland. Our members are planning to go England, Germany and Italy for fund raising. I would appreciate it if you would recommend contacts for our community leaders and our people who can help while our members are in those countries. I will appreciate your cooperation and common interest for our community.

Best regards,
Davinder Rahal
(Justice of The Peace) New Zealand

Posted on August 11, 2008

Canadian Olympic Team Member

Dear Editor,

I join you and many more in congratulating Jasvir Bangar on his selection for the Beijing Olympic Games. Let me add that, given the chance and opportunity, we can do and excel. I wish Jasvir further success.

(Ramesh Chander)
Edinburgh ( Scotland )
Posted on JuLY 28, 2008.

Dear Editor,

Mr. Jasvir Singh, son of Mrs. Karami Banger and Mr. Jeet Ram Banger (Ancestral Village Karnana on Banga-Sahlon road District Nawan Shahar of Punjab, India) qualified for weight lifting (137 pounds) in Canada for the Olympic Games 2008 which are being held at Beijing, China. This is a really rare remarkable achievement. We are proud of Mr. Jasvir Singh and his family members and friends, Canada Govt., and Coach and Executive Director of the B.C. Weightlifting Guy Greavette.

The Ambedkartimes.com very much highlighted him which he deserves. Mr. Tavinder Kazla, Chairman and other office bearers with the active participation of the sangat of Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Sacramento, (California) U.S.A. is honoring Mr.Jasvir Singh on 27 th instant. I congratulate and appreciate the Sabha for helping Mr. Jasvir Singh with his goals with this great task. I pray to Sahib Shri Guru Ravidass Ji that his followers may rise in every field of life with respectful and daring spirit.

(C. L. Chumber)
(c.l.chumber@gmail.com , cl_chumber@yahoo.com ) 

Posted on JuLY 28, 2008.

Prem Chumber Ji,

Jaibheem, Jai Mulnivasi,

           I am sending to you the write up of the proposed Mulnivasi Mahila Convention to be held on25th and 26th October in Mumbai.  The aim of this conference is to create a awakening among Mulnivasi women regarding issues most crucial to their lives and their children. 

          We are also circulating the questionaire on the Women Reservation Bill.  I request you to post the above material on your site.  I will keep you posted regarding other developments.
Thanking you,
Dr. Manisha Bangar.

Posted on JuLY 28, 2008.

Dear Sir,

               I suddenly opened the website Ambedkartimes  and read your front page Article. That was excellent. I have also seen the activities posted on your  Ambedkar times.
 I appreciate your work and good luck for future.

Pardeep Salempuri
Sub Editor (Jag Bani, Jalandhar)

Posted on JuLY 28, 2008.

Dear Sir,

Jai Bheem!

             I am glad to see the site. But I missed one part i.e. matrimonial part. Your endeavor being an editor is appreciable.  

Nirmal Singh
( nirmalsingh04@yahoo.co.in )
Posted on JuLY 28, 2008.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada
congratulates Insan and Jasvir Singh

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada and members, I would like to congratulate both of these young men for their achievements in the most important fields of our life: Education and Sports.

In addition, I would appreciate and congratulate their parents to support their children to reach such highest level. Not only their parents are proud of them; the whole community is proud of them. Insan and Jasvir great leaders in their areas of expertise which will encourage our youngsters to follow their footsteps and be successful in their life mission.

Also, I applaud  Ambedkartimes.com for highlighting such encouraging information that will certainly give a great direction to today’s youngsters and encourage them to follow such young intelligent future of our community. Once again, all the best to Insan and Jasvir.

Raj Kumar Oshoraj (Vice President)
Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada

(Posted on July 4th, 2008)

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