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Tham Boon Khaopansa Buddhist Ceremony Day,
Sunday, August 5, 2012, 10:30 AM Start Buddhist Ceremonies & Chanting,
Monks begin to go around receiving alms 11:30 AM offering of meals the Monks
(1) Right Thinking (2) Right Resolution (3) Right Words (4) Right Action
(5) Right Living (6) Right Effort (7) Right View (8) Right Concentration

Posted on August 5, 2012


www.ambedkartimes.com condoles the demise of Honorable Mr. Dewan Chand Ahir who dedicated his entire life for the spread of the mission of Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar for betterment of the community. He was one the few scholars whose views on Buddhism and the teachings of Babasaheb are valued deeply among the intellectual circles world over. He wrote many books on the history of Buddhism in South Asia and the philosophy of Bodhisattva Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. He also wrote on the rise of Ad Dharm and Ambedkarite movement in Punjab (Dr. Ambedkar and Punjab, Delhi: B.R. Publications 1991). His seminal work on The Pioneers of Buddhist Revival in India published by Sri Satguru Publications, 1989 is one of the many widely read of his books. We lost in his demise a great scholar of Buddhism and a visionary of the great mission of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. The forum www.ambedkartimes.com sympathizes with the family of honorable Mr. Dewan Chand Ahir and also his wide intellectual and friends circles.
Prem K. Chumber
Editor-in-Chief: www.ambedkartimes.com
(Posted on July 14, 2012)

HOMAGE TO D.C. AHIR Report by Balram Sampla (UK) 

A prayer meeting was held on 22/07/2012 at SAMTA BUDH VIHAR, Paschim Puri, New Delhi. The prayer meeting began at 10.00 A.M. Around 150 people gathered to pay their homage. A Buddhist Ceremony was performed by Bhikkhu Gyan Ratan and two other Bhikkhus. Many prominent members of Buddhist community, Dr. Sanghasen, Dr. Dharmakirti, Shri Shanti Swarup spoke there about Shri D. C. Ahir's achievements and his vast literally and social contribution to Buddhism. His ashes have been kept in a urn at Samta Budh Vihar. A donation of Rs. 31,000/- was made by the family to Samta Budh Vihar. The meeting was concluded at 12.30 P.M with a thanks speech from his eldest son Nirmal Kumar,

“Shri D.C. Ahir did a tremendous amount of work for Buddhism and Ambedkarism but he never neglected his responsibility towards his family. He had been a great source of inspiration and guidance to all of us. The world may remember him for his great literary works but for his children, he was a loving father and a good husband to his wife. He loved us all and we love him dearly and shall miss him a great deal. We have received many condolences messages from across the world. I take this opportunity to thank all his well wishers and all those who have gathered here to pay homage to a great son of Punjab who will be remembered not only in India but throughout the world through his contribution to Buddhist literature. May he rest in peace and attain Nirvana." Thereafter vegetarian meal was served to all.
Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com dt. July 23, 2012


Ambedkartimes congratulates all its worthy writers,
readers and well wishers on Lord Buddha's Jayanti
and wish you all happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Prem Kumar Chumber
(Posted on May 05, 2012)

Our new website www.deshdoaba.com in Punjabi coming soon


Congratulates all on Buddha Jayanti 2012
May Lord Buddha bless all with peace, happiness and good health!
"Real peace appears within when mind is free from defilements.
External objects do not provide peace."...Lord Buddha



On Sunday 30th October 2011 TIME: 10-45am to 4-00pm

Main Kathina Robe Sponsored by: Mr Joga Ram Chumber & Mrs Kamla Chumber
Venue: Buddha Vihara, Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Centre, Upper Zoar Street, Pennfields, Wolverhampton WV3 0JH

Tel: 01902 715094 buddhavihara@hotmail.co.uk

Dear Devotees in the Dhamma & Friends
Namo Buddha Jai Bheem!

Kathina Robe Offering is one of the oldest preserved Buddhist Tradition carried on from the days of the Lord Buddha to the present time. It is an occasion where only once in a lifetime a family is allowed to offer a sacred robe to the Sangha.

Kathina means a wooden frame, the frame on which a robe is spread and cut or sewed along its line. When the season for making robe is over, the component parts of the frame will be taken apart and kept for next year’s use. In the ancient day Bhikkhus used the wooden frame on which to sew and cut their robes and also their Kathina-robe-making was to have finished in one day. But nowadays there is no need to use it because there are people who are skilful in making the robes for the monks without using the wooden frame as mentioned earlier.

The Kathina offering is considered the Sangha Dana, that is, it is an offering to the community of the monks and not particular monk, it is called Kala Dana or timely offering, because it can be done only within the month after the “Rain-residence” and it is also known as Vinaya Dana because its offering concerns with disciplinary rules. It grants merit to the donor and recipient monks are free from observing certain rules which have been imposed during the three months of the rainy season. That is why the Kathina offering is held to be a special Dana, as it has to be performed with a particular background and framework.

The Kathina offering this year will be offered by Mr Joga Ram Chumber and Mrs Kamla Chumber along side with family and friends and members of the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of GB and Buddhist people and supporters.

Those who wish to offer Robes to the Sangha please contact Mr Tarsem Kaul in advance Tel: - 0l902 650125 or Mobile 07587303708. Robes can be obtained from the Buddha Vihara beforehand. (Each robe costs £25.00).
Those who wish to offer food to the Bhikkhus on the day, please arrive at the Buddha Vihara before 11.00am.

It is a tradition in the time of the Lord Buddha that when one invites you to join Kathina Offering, you may send a small donation to those who are offering Kathina, all donations offered to Mr & Mrs Joga Ram Chumber is then donated to the Buddha Vihara upkeep on Kathina day.
(In this way, you help, support and widen friendship with others).

Programme to be conducted by Head Monk Ven. Maha Somboon.

You are cordially invited to attend and join us. All are welcome, Traditional Indian Food will be offered by the Chumber Family to the Monks and the Devotees.
Yours truly in the Dhamma
With Kind Regards and Metta : Mr & Mrs Joga Ram Chumber (Posted on October 26, 2011)

Trustees for Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain Accounts: Mr Baldev Birdi, Mr Surrinder Jhali, Mr Tarsem Kaul

List of Executive Body Members and Office-bearers for the year July 2011 to July 2012

The Annual General Election of Dr Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain for the year July 2011 to July 2012 took place at the Buddha Vihara, Upper Zoar Street, Pennfields, Wolverhampton. WV3 OHJ, on Sunday 17thJuly 2011. The election took place under the acting chairperson Mr. Sohan Lal Rattu. A total of 27 members were elected to serve on the executive.

NAMES: 1. Mr Tarsem Kaul President 2. Mr Dev Lal SumanVice President 3. Mrs Kamla ChumberGeneral Secretary 4. Miss Yasodhara KauldharAssistant Secretary . Mr Baldev Birdi Treasurer 6. Mr Ram Parkash Jakhu Assistant Treasurer 7. Mr Gurdial Sandhi Publicity Secretary 8. Mr Ram Dass ChahalAssistant Publicity Secretary 9. Mr Surinder K ChaunkriaLibrarian 10. Mr Harmesh JassalAssistant Librarian 11. Mr Jagdeesh Dhadra Stage Secretary Buddha Vihara. 12. Mr Murti Mall Assistant Stage Sec, 13. Mr Shadi L SalanBuilding Maintenance/Caretaker14. Mr Jaspal Pala Assistant Build Main/Caretaker15. Mrs Urmala Kaul 16. Mr Harblas Kaul 17. Mrs Piara Mall 18. Mrs Gurdev Rattu 19. Mrs Sheila Rattu 20. Mr Amitabh Kauldhar 21. Mr Khusvinder Kumar22. Mr Surrinder JhaliMobile 23. Mrs Satya Jhali 24. Mr Mohinder Badhan 25. Mr Tilak Raj Jakhu 26. Mr Sohan Lal Mall 27. Mr Manohar L Gainda Posted on August 12, 2011

AGM of Punjab Buddhist Society UK held on 31st July 2011. The new executive body election was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Rattan Lal Sampla. The following members were elected as office bearers and Exc. members for the year 2011-12.

President Mr. Ram Pal, Vice President Mr. Mehar Chand Jassal, Gen. Secretary Mr. Manohar Birdi, Asstt. Secretary Mrs. Vidya Midha
Treasurer Ven. Sramner Tejwant, Asstt. Treasurer Mr. Chaman Chahal, Publicity Secretary Mr. Arun Kumar

Executive members: Mr. Harbans Lal Virdee, Mr. Gautam Chakraborty, Mrs. Surjit Birdi, Mr. Hans Raj Sampla, Mr. Chaman Virdee,
Mr. Ram Moorti Summan , Mr. Balram Sampla

TRUSTEES: Mr. Bihari Lal Midha, Mr. Ram Pal, Mr. Mehar Chand Jassal, Mr. Hans Raj Sampla, Mr. Harbans Lal Virdee

Posted on August 09, 2011
Dear Friends in the Dhamma, I am very please to inform about INEB Conference 2011 which is going to be held
on 26-29 October 2011 in Bodhgaya, Bihar India. With Metta, Bhikkhu Paññajoti, Australia
Posted on July 26, 2011


Ambedkartimes sends its condolence to the Birdi family on their biggest loss.
Editor: www.ambedkartimes.com

With heart-felt grief it is to inform that Mr. GianChand Birdi has passed away on 19th April 2011 at the age of 85 and his wife Mrs. Puran kaur Birdi also died on 19th January, 2011. Mr. Gian Chand Birdi born in Mohalla Ram Nagar, Jalandhar City (Punjab) India. He was the younger brother of Bhai Batan Chand Birdi, a renowned missionary and follower of Baba SahebAmbedkar.

Mr. Gian Chand passed his matriculation andmigrated to Delhi in the year 1944 where he joined Airport Authority of India. He retired as Commercial Officer at Palam Airport in the year 1984. During his service he met Dr. B.R. Ambedkar many times and had the opportunity to have group photo with Baba Saheb. He served the community by participating in the mission of Baba Saheb and worked for local ShriGuru Ravidass Sabha in various capacities. He left behind three sons, the eldest Mr. Baldev Raj Birdiliving in England who is very active worker in Dr.Ambedkar’s Mission. Mr. Gian Chand’s younger brother Mr. Som Nath Birdi a true Amdedkarite and supporter of BSP also lives in England. The death of Mr. and Mrs. Birdi is really a great loss to the whole Birdi family. Their memorial service was held on 7th July 2011 at Buddha Vihara, UpperZoar Street, Wolverhampton.
(Report by Manohar Birdi)


Ambedkartimes congratulates all its worthy writers, readers
and well wishers on Lord Buddha's Jayanti and
wish you all happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Prem Chumber

(Posted on May 17, 2011)


Dr. Paramjit Jassal

Ambedkartimes sends its condolence to Jassal family, relatives and friends on their biggest loss.
Editor: Ambedkartimes.com

It is to inform with great heart and grief that Smt.Kartar Kaur passed away on 30 march 2011.As you know that she was mother of Harmesh Jassal, a well known ambedkarite, buddhist,writer, social worker and President of Dr.Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society.

Her funeral service was completed by Bhante Shant Rakshak as per buddhist tradition.Smt. Kartar Kaur got the previlege of first lady to immerse her ashes into Satluj near Phillaur where Dr.Ambedkar Peace Pagoda Punjab is being constructing by Bhante Abhi Parshano from England, especially to immerse ashes in running water, according to buddhist ceremonies with the help of monks.This ceremony is done by Bhikhues Shant Rakshak, Pragya Bodhi, Abhi Parshano on 03 April, 2011.

The tribute will be paid on 10 April,2011 in Buddha Vihara Siddharath Nagar Jalandhar. Bhante Shant Rakshak (Mumbai), Bhante Pragya Bodhi (Ludhiana), Bhante Abhi Parshano (England) will deliver 'Parvachan' and will give blessings to audience.So many other prominent persons will pay homages and express their views.

Smt.Kartar Kaur was a unique lady.By temperament she was very cool,soft and tolerant.More over she was wise,social and hard working lady.Ideologically she was republican and took part in 1964's agitation.She went from village to village to motivate the women for mass agitation.She was admirer of Dr.Ambedkar,Guru Ravidass and Buddha.She always gave importance to child education.Once she sold her gold ornaments to pay school fee of her child.In short she spent her whole life to get rid of short comings and to fulfill her desires.

She was of 95 and left behind four sons and one daughter-Dev Raj,Ram Chand, Harmesh Jassal, Desh Raj and Baksho Devi.
Posted on April 2, 2011

Dear Editor,
Jai Bheem, My name is Pravin C Dumbhere living in NagpuR (Maharashtra) India. It was my first time visiting the website and was great experience. Your website is a great attempt to unite and connect people of our community. I want to join your team .
Pravin Dumbhere (Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel) Posted on March 4, 2011


Picture captions:

Left top-
Members of Bhikkhu Sangha ( Right to left) - Ven. Bhikkhu Tejwant (India), Ven. Bhikkhu Pannatissa & his junior monk ( both SriLanka) & Ven Bhikkhu Anomadarshi

Right Top-
Son Sangpal ( right) and daughter Reshma (left)

Bottom left-
John Leech MP, paying his homage

Bottom Right-
Southern Crematorium, Manchester 7th January, 2010,

(dictated over the phone)
C. Gautam, General Secretary, E: fabo@ambedkar.org.uk Tel : 0044 7956 918053
Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations,UK,
Buddha Vihara,12, Featherstone Road, Southall, Middx. UB2 5AA

It is a shocking news that Shekhar Bagul is no more with us. He passed away on 21st December 2010 and his funeral service took place at Southern Crematorium, Manchester on 7th January. His native place was Sakur (Taluka : Malegaon, Dis: Nasik, Maharashtra). His father's name was Namdev Bagul & mother's name was Reshmai. He had one elder brother called Ukha and younger brother's name is Gaba. His daughter Reshma & son Sangpal survive him.

Before he came to England in 1963 for further studies, he witnessed two historical events of Ambedkar mission : Revival of Buddhism ( Diksha Ceremony at Nagpur on 14th October 1956) and funeral of Babasaheb on 7th December same year). He was one of the pioneer of Buddhist movement in the UK. Before he moved to Manchester, he was on high position with the British Council. We greatly admire his financial and moral support towards various Ambedkarite & Buddhist organisations namely Ambedkar Memorial Committee GB based in Wolverhampton, Vaishali Buddha Vihara - Birmingham and Punjab Buddhist Society - UK.

The member of Sangha order include Ven. Bhikkhu Pannatissa & his junior monk ( both from SriLanka), Ven Bhikkhu Tejwant & Ven. Bhikkhu Anomadharshi both from India carried out the funeral service by conducting Buddhist prayer and chanting. C Gautam, General Secretary of Federation of Ambedkarite & Buddhist Organisations UK, paid homage to Babasevak as regard to his earlier association in the mission of Babasaheb. Ram Pal Rahi, President - Punjab Buddhist Society UK, John Leech, very young MP and a friend of Shekhar Bagul, Ratilal Chauhan from Sports Centre, also spoke. His son Sangpal Bagul expressed his thanks for all the participants at the service.

Last 10 years he was instrumental in helping to set up Ambedkar committee to organise Ambedkar Memorial Lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University. Among those who were present at the funeral service were : Prof. Martin Hewitt - Head of History Department & also Head of Ambedkar Committee, Dr Tony Adams - Member - Ambedkar Committee, Burjor Avari - from Academic Division & Member - Ambedkar Committee, Annapurna Waughray, Member - Ambedkar Committee & Senior Lecturer in Law department.

Last few years he was very much involved with Liberal Democrat party. Some of the members of the senior citizens club & Sports Centre, with whom he was actively involved, were also present the funeral service.
9 January, 2011

Dear All, Jai Bhim !

We are very saddened to learn today that Babasevak Shekhar Bagul passed away in the morning of 21st December in Manchester. He was 75. He was not only very staunch follower of Babasaheb, but also a pioneer of the Indian Buddhist movement in the UK. Before moving to Manchester he was on high position for sometime with British Council in London. We have lost a truly dedicated disciple of Lord Buddha and mission of Babasaheb Ambedkar. His detailed obituary will be followed after his funeral. Funeral details will be followed shortly.
Further details :Ven.Bhikkhu Tejwant : Tel - 01902 656665, pbs_2004@yahoo.co.uk (December 27, 2010)

C. Gautam,
General Secretary
Federation of Ambedkarite & Buddhist Organisations,UK
Buddha Vihara,
12, Featherstone Road, Southall, Middx. UB2 5AA
E: fabo@ambedkar.org.uk, cgautam@ambedkar.org
Tel : 0044 7956 918053, 07877 273815


1. The Bauddhacharya Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Buddhist Seminary, under construction at Fatehpur (Chhutmalpur) – Kalsia highway, Distt- Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 03rd August, 2010. 2. The above Seminary is being constructed to produce state-of-the art Dharma Gurus in the form of Bauddhacharyas. At present four persons are under training. The full course is of three years, conducted at every week and during holidays.3. A general mass takes part in its weekly Buddha Vandana programme on Sunday too. I was became Acharya on the above date in 2005. Therefore, on the wishes of the Buddhist Community, the celebration was held in which large gathering took part with zeal and joy. 4. Mission aims to train at least 500 Bauddhacharyas including gents and ladies. This is a holy and virtuous act. So, all people are requested to come forward to join the training programme at the earliest. Please remember, there is no any hampering in your Govt. service to complete this course. 5. The willing candidate must fulfill the below conditions : (I) Age : 18-50 years (II) Qualification : Graduation Or more (III) Non alcoholic/ Non smoker (IV) Must not be member of any organization 6. Shivirs are conducted in Buddhist Seminary and at the respective places of the individuals on weekly and monthly basis. 7. The programme was started with the poem written by Hon, ble RB Gautam, New Jersie, USA – TATHAGAT SAY PRARTHANA – and sung by Mrs. Sushila Bauddha, Mrs. Suman Gautam and Km. Seema Gautam. 8. All the Padadhikaries of the Mission – Mr. VK Gautam, Mr. P. Gautam, Mr. SK Gautam and Adv. RK Gautam – along with well wishers, were present and executed their duties in a nice and systematic way. 9. Mr. Rahul Priya Bauddha, MBA, Sales Development Manager bore all the expenditures of the programme. 10. Km Neelima Bauddha, a student of B.Com –III arranged to carry the nearby villagers to the spot by car. 11. At this occasion, Rev. Bauddhacharya DP Bauddha in his discourse said : (I) The Buddhism, rooted by Lord Buddha, nurtured by emperor Ashoka the great and revived by Baba Saheb Ambedkar, the Prophet of Buddhism is an art of- happy, prosperous and joyous living - across the world. (II) This is a noble way of life. Lord says – noble life is verily attainable during present life, not in past or future- and if a man could walk on a righteous way, he can achieve it during this present life. (III) And for this, the Happy One taught the Eight-Fold Path to humanity. In short it comprises four things: Sheel, Samadhi, Pragya and Right Livelihood. (IV) Keeping the time in view, Rev. Acharya ji stressed on Panchsheel only. He spoke thus :

1. The meaning of Maitri is – to love, to care and share. Love is life. So, you love your wife, kids, brothers and sisters. Respect and well behave with your parents and elders. 2. Be honest. No dishonesty, No work theft. Use your money for self development, Donate for society’s and ultimately nation’s development. 3. Peaceful atmosphere – At home, office and surroundings. Simplicity and faithful to your life partner. 4. Image – A true man. Be firm on your words and deeds. 5. Mind and Heart purity :
“If your heart is pure, your behaviour and relation with your family members will be good. If your behaviour is good, there will be peace in your home. If peace is in your home, peace will be in society. If peace in society, peace will be in your nation. If your nation is peaceful, peace will be in the world. And this universe would be a bliss for every creature to live in.

Bauddhacharya & Philosopher, Dhan Prakash Bauddha, President, Shakti Sadhana Mission, Dehradun “Bhavatu sabba mangalang”
Posted on August 31, 2010

Please click the link and watch movie on Michigan Gandhi statue protest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXHVVvKRtnY
You are invited to view Ganganithi's photo album: http://picasaweb.google.com/Ganganithi/2010102GandhiStatueProtestAtUOMFlintMIByAANA_AIM?

Forwarded by Kamlesh Ahir & posted on August 03, 2010
“I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.” Lord Buddha INDIAN BUDDHIST SOCIETY TORONTO, CANADA

You are cordially invited along with your family and friends to attend the celebration of Buddha Purnima
(Wesak Day). May this auspicious day fill your heart with happiness and peace of mind.

Date: June 12, 2010 Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Place: Toronto Maha Vihara 4698 Kingston Road (East of Morningside Rd) Scarborough

Chief Guest:
Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji (Punjab Buddhist Society UK)
Contact: 416-895-9454, 416-278-8456, 416-431-7323, 416-219-4196
Posted on June 01, 2010

R K Oshoraj

Posted on April 03, 2010
Hussan Lal Baudh
at the Karma Kagyu Linie, Thadenstr, Hamburg during his recent visit to the Germany." Posted on October 10, 2010



Despite challenging before the honorable high court Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh for interim relief in illegal action of the estate officer cantonment board Mhow by digging for underground sumptank nearby [adjoining land ] The Dr. Babasahab Ambedkar smarak at his birth place Mhow to raise illegal construction of fire brigade station which will definitely damage the monument hampering it’s strength , it’s beauty and it’s sacred importance , as per opinion of the architect consultant , collector and P.W.D. Indore .The estate officer cantonment board still continuing illegal construction speedily with ill intention.

So now it is felt necessary ,all the democratic agencies audio visual agencies ,print media agencies and all political leaders who believe Dr.Ambedkar deserve to be commemorate for centuries as he devoted his life for social justice and religious revolution and had succeeded in getting included socio-economic and political equal rights as fundamental rights in the constitution, they all should raise the voice country wide on street and in parliament as well.
I feel it is the moral duty of the all constitutionally elected public representatives to make the parliament to resolve in this parliament session to not to allow construction surrounding to safeguard the strength , beauty, and sacred importance of the monument. This monument is naturally surrounded by all religious temples. In the east swarn mandir a Jain temple in the west masjid and in the south Ram mandir and Sikh Gurudwara exists .As such this extreme north-east portion of the cantonment naturally situated as secular campus having all religion temples together. By enforcing mismatch development fundamental right of the secularism is being denied.

Recently it is heard that the eastate officer cantonment board has undertaken the development work for technical purposes in the open grounds of this religious campus , the extreme north east portion of the cantonment so that no pilgrims enter into or gather for religious deliberations. As per our knowledge this is the only place in India where all religion temples exist in a capus and surrounded to each other and secular deliberations held in open grounds since this land has given the world’s most secular socialist democrat Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar . Planned development plan of this area needs to be revised to suit sacred entity of this religious portion.

I am being a Buddhist Monk can only look forward to the media only, which is the most believable part of the democracy, always raises voice of the voiceless, I belief the media will ask all parliamentarians to raise this issue in this parliament session only.
"Bhavantu Sabba Mangalam"
[Bhante Sanghsheel]
(President Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Memorial Society, Mhow)

Posted on March 06, 2010

Place: 185, Bigge Street, Liverpool- 2170, Sydney.
Date: 21st February 2010 (Sunday). Time : 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

Inaugurator: Amit Adhale. Special Guest: Shyamlal,
Subject: Wheather Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj’s agenda was against to finish caste system?
Speaker: Harjit Salhan (President of Guru Ravi Dass Sabha),
Subject: Bahujan samaj’s brhaminikaran is done by Shivaji Maharaj’s brhaminikaran.
Speaker: N.A Gaikwad (B.Tech, MBA), Arjun Barde.
Sent by: "Baljinder Singh" Sydney
Posted on February 18, 2010

Master Malind

You are very glad to know “Malind Prakashan” is bringing out “Pritam Kav” Ambedkarite milestone in poetry
written by “Pritam Ramdaspuri” a famous Urdu Persian Ambedkarite poet. We appeal to all Ambedkarite and
organizations to purchase and distribute this book in public to spread the philosophy of Ambedkar and s
afeguard the human rights of downtroddens.to get this book please contact on below address:

Harmesh Jassal
Posted on January 10, 2010


Jalandhar: On the 633rd birth anniversary of Shri Guru Ravi Dass Ji, the book of Pritam Ramdaspuri was released by Avinash Chander chief parliamentary secretary heath department of Punjab in great function which was held at Bootan Mandi Jalandhar on January 30th 2010. Mr. Harmesh Jassal was honored by Shri Guru Ravi Dass Mandir Memorial Trust owing to edit and publishes “PRITAM KAV”. This book has got great reception and wide publicity in daily news papers.

Ambedkartimes.com congratulates our Ambedkarite Mr. Harmesh Jassal for publishing "Pritam Kav" and we also wish him the best for his future. We appeal to all Ambedkarites to purchase the book and spread the philosophy of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar.

Mr. Harmesh Jassal’s contact:

Posted on February 21, 2010

Happy New Year to the readers of the Ambedkartimes.com
May Lord Buddha bless all with good health, peace and success in 2010.

Raj Kumar Oshoraj Vice President , Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada


"Adv.Rahul Gade" Ll.M.,USA.

Now hear the unheard cries
of dalit women's plight
upper caste takes pride
humanity here despise
seeing the cruelty dies
of high caste females crucify
mercilessly their own gender
in the name of caste blunder
mutely supporting the plunder
of dalit women, who wonder
the silence of own gender
on the sight of feminity
in the board day light
paraded naked in their own vicinity
raped, ravished and trampled
no doubt upper caste feminity
is skin deep only
else they would have fought
for their feminine right
to live life free of fright
alas! they are caste blind
to see their mutual bind
feminists too are not so kind
to raise voice against the crime
however will burn candles
and raise issue nation wide
on death of upper caste women
died enjoying night party
such feminists who glee
in distributing pink panty
for women’s right to party
awfully ignores humiliating death
suffered by dalit women daily
story of dalit women is grim
suffers discrimination all time
as a female and a lower caste being
though struggling through adversities
if succeed to come out of the rim
aristocrat high caste vultures deem
her hopes nothing but dream
ever preying on her virtuosity
that dominates their caste superiority
arising dalit women suffers subtly
high caste people discriminating policy
based on caste as well gender inferiority

where majority prays and swears by female deity
but treat dalit women mere commodity
nation egotist in its democracy
fails to notice caste discrepancy
dalit women should now be their own saviors
pursue the legacy of Savitribai Phule and Dr. Ambedkar
be educated, be united and agitate

"Adv.Rahul Gade"


educated dalit, working in office elite,
his journey from rags to riches,
hardly matters for high caste there,
safeguarded through religious care,
see the dalit with crucifying glare,
wonder how could a dalit dare,
to overcome his sordid tale,
of breaking away his caste jail,
for them its not his education,
but simply unearned reservation,
well, they prefer to stay ignorant,
rather than be observant and agree,
to their sly ancestors religious vagary,
of keeping majority of population,
religiously away from education,
widely making negative propagation,
low caste deserve condemnation,
now in era of globalization,
they provide legal justification,
by granting on paper certain reservation,
but see the anarchy of socialization,
majority of dalit population,
struggling for handful reservation,
while minority ruling population
gets the rest as gratification,
the educated dalit wonder,
there are many like him who thunder,
for the dalit rights to be consider,
and its time to learn from past blunder,
individuals fight and meek surrender,
unless someone like dr. ambedkar,
been true dalit caretaker,
gather the courage again,
to teach the dalits how to gain,
social rights lost in vain,
perceiving false political fame.

Posted on January 06, 2010

Press Release
Fast unto death of Dr. Udit Raj and his followers enter fourth day Dr. Udit Raj's condition very critical, Doctors
Advised him to be hospitalized but he declined to do so.Full support extended to our demands by the
Parliamentary Forum of Dalit MPs MPs Shri P.L. Punia, Shri Raman Kishore and Shri Pradip Tamta
called on Dr.Udit Raj and extended full support to our demands.

18th December, 2009 at 1:30 PM

The fast unto death undertaken by Dr. Udit Raj and his followers on the demands of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations has entered the fourth day today. On the fourth day of the fast unto death, Dr. Udit Raj's condition has become very critical and his blood pressure has gone very low. Doctors have advised him to be hospitalized but he has declined to do so and said that no government representative has so far met him about our demands. So long as our demands are not acceded to, he will not get admitted to the hospital even though it may cost us our lives. Our main demands are - Reservation in in the Private Sector and Enacatment of the Reservation Act, Abolition of contract labour system in Government services, in the matter of recruitment from clerks to safai karamcharis, Caste certificates issued by one state may be held valid in all the States, Price rise may be checked, Reservation in Higher Judiciary and Army may be introduced, Filling up of the back-log vacancies may be expedited, Land to the landless and Reservation in Government contracts may be introduced immediately. Today's dharna is being organized by the Maharashtra unit of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations under the leadership of Prof. Indira Athawale and other leaders from Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

Today a meeting of the Parliamentary Forum of Dalit MPs from different parties was held at the Parliament Annexe. At the meeting, Chairman of the Committee of Dalit MPs, Shri R.K. Naik, wanted to know why Dr. Udit Raj had been forced to take this drastic step. He said that we should take urgent steps to save the precious life of Dr. Udit Raj and his followers. In today's meeting of the Committee of Dalit MPs, mainly two issues were discussed, one is the matter relating to the fast unto death of Dr. Udit Raj and his followers on the demands of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations and the other is relating to the proposed impeachment of the Chief Justice Karnataka High Court, Shri P.D. Dinakaran. All the members who were present in the meeting extended full support to our demands. This is clearly a victory on the issue of our demands. Congress Members of Parliament, Shri P.L. Punia, Shri Raman Kishore and Pradip Tamta called on Dr. Udit Raj and supported our demands. Shri P.L. Punia said that he would discuss the matter with Government and try to find out an amicable solution.

Why Dr. Udit Raj has gone on fast unto death?

Giving reasons for his decision to go on fast unto death, Dr. Udit Raj said that most of the demands for which the Confederation has been sitting on Dharna since 19.11.2009 had already been conceded by the govt. earlier. Reservation Bill was introduced in 2004 and one House of the Parliament passed it in February 2009 but certain anomalies has been found in the Bill. Instead of removing the anomalies and passing it the Bill was withdrawn. Secondly, the UPA govt. had committed to fill up the backlog vacancies but this was not done in its last tenure and a couple of days back the DOPT had issued a directive that it would not fill up vacancies. Thirdly, in the Common Minimum programme which was drawn up in 2004 by the UPA govt. it was said that it will endeavor to give reservation in Pvt. Sector. Some steps were taken in this regard also like constitution of a Committee of Ministers for this purpose which had six to seven meetings. Consequently some big business organizations like CII and FICCI came out with proposals to prepare one hundred dalit entrepreneurs per year, five hundred professionals in a year and to provide coaching facilities for ten thousand dalit students every year through existing universities etc. Due to apathy on the part of the govt. these organizations have retracted from their commitments.

Dr. Udit Raj asked that under these circumstances what was his fault and that of his followers who are sitting on fast unto death. Thus he was forced to take this drastic step. Besides the above mentioned demands there are other demands like Abolition of contract labour system in Government services in the matter of recruitment from clerks to safai karamcharis, Caste certificates issued by one state may be held valid in all the States, Price rise may be checked, Reservation in Higher Judiciary and Army may be introduced, Filling up of the back-log vacancies may be expedited, Land to the landless and Reservation in Government contracts may be introduced immediately.

(Sanjay Raj)
Media In-Charge 9654252076


A little while ago I came back from the dharna at Jantar Mantar led by Dr. Udit Raj and his associates. There were at least 50 people who were fasting unto death, supported by around 500 others in the panddal. Five MPs came over to Jantar Mantar in solidarity with the demands mentioned below. At the meeting of Parliamentary Forum of Dalit MPs from different parties was held at the Parliament Annex, they passed a resolution in support of the said demands.

1. Reservation in the private sector and enactments of the Reservation Act 2. In the Government services, contract labour system may be abolished in the matter of recruitment from clerks to safai karamcharis.3. Price rise may be checked.4. Caste certificates issued in one state may be held valid in all the States.5. Reservation in Higher Judiciary and Army.6. Filling up of the back-log vacancies.7. Land to the landless.8. Dr. Ambedkar’s statue may be displayed in all the NTPC projects at prominent places 9. Dependents of NTPC employees after their should be given employment in NTPC 10. In all the NTPC projects, there should be reservation for accommodation.

I believe all of these demands are of vital interest to Dalits and to our country. We must join hands with Dr. Udit Raj and his followers on these issues. Dalit activists and members of “All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations” from different states are taking turns in supporting Dr. Udit Raj and his compatriots. Last couple of days it was Maharashtra’s turn. Tomorrow it is supposed to be Delhi’s turn. Friends, let us show up in hundreds at Jantar Mantar in support of Dr. Udit Raj and his associates fasting for our sake.

Best regards,
Satinath Choudhary

Forwarded by "PRITHI PAUL BANGER" & Posted on December 19, 2009


Ambedkartimes pays floral tributes to beloved Sanjay Meshram
and sends condolences to his family and fellow missionaries.

Ambedkartimes.com shares its deep grief over the untimely passing away of Sanjay Meshram beloved younger brother of Ambedkarite Vishwanath Meshram on 3rd October 2009. Mr. Vishwanath Meshram ( vishmeshram@yahoo.ca ) left Calgary on 3rd Oct 2009 and will be in India for 5 - 6 weeks. 

Ambedkartimes pays floral tributes to beloved Sanjay Meshram and sends condolences to his family and fellow missionaries.

Prem Kumar Chumber
(Editor: www.ambedkartimes.com)
Posted on October 04, 2009

Bauddhacharya DP Bauddha

1. 27-28-09-2009 was also a milestone in Punjab history whenever 18th Buddha Vihar was inaugurated and the statue of Lord Buddha was installed there in.

2. The above Buddha Vihar is named as Mahamaya Buddha Vihar. It is situated at Ward No. 5, Guru Ravidass Nagar, Balachaur, Ropar ( Punjab).

3. The British Punjabi are great persons who have built this Vihar. The statue was donated by Thailand.

4. One local great man also donated 6 acres of land in nearby area on highway. Another grand Vihar would take shape soon.

5. The Shakti Sadhana Mission was invited by the organizer (Mr. Gurucharan Lal) so; our team happily witnessed the event.

May Lord Buddha bless you peace, prosperity and progress!
Posted on October 04, 2009


Ambedkartimes group sends its condolence to Hardev Pal Banger’s
family, relatives and friends & the members of Indian Buddhist
Society Toronto on their biggest loss.

Toronto:(RK Oshoraj):- Late Raj Kaur Banger mother of Mr. Hardev Pal Banger (General Secretary, Indian Buddhist Society Toronto) suddenly passed away on July 22nd, 2009 . She was 93 years of age and was in good health. We called her Maa with respect and she will be missed for ever.

In loving memory of Late Raj Kaur Banger ( December 4, 1915 - July 22, 2009) the funeral and cremation services are arranged with great respect and love by her family. Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji came from England to perform the Buddhist Religious Services.

Program: Friday July 31st 2009 :Balmoral Funeral Home Viewing: 6pm — 9pm , 2505 Eglinton Ave. East , Scarborough , ON .

Saturday August 1st 2009 : Balmoral Funeral Home Funeral Service: 9am—10:30am 2505 Eglinton Ave. East , Scarborough , ON .

Cremation: St. John’s Norway , 11am 256 Kingston Road , Toronto , ON .

Toronto Maha Vihara: Buddhist Religious Service by Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji 12pm — 2pm 4698 Kingston Road , Scarborough , ON

Contact:Hardev Banger (416) 431-7323 Mohan Verdi (416) 895-9454

(Posted on July 31, 2009)



I am very much sad to know the demise of general secretary of Indian Buddhist Society, Toronto, Canada Mr. Hardev Banger’s mother Mata Ji Raj Kaur Banger ( December 4 , 1915 - July 22 , 2009 ) from the www. Ambedkartimes.com and Mr. Raj Kumar Oshoraj of Canada . There is no substitute of mother. A mother’s children are portraits of herself.   Our mothers gave births to us and take care of us even at the fag end of their lives. That is why Punjab ’s Dalit folk singer Mr. Kuldip Manak recorded a song in Punjabi “Maan Hundi E Maan Dunia Walio ". Mr. Manak sent a natural message that the world must realize that there is no substitute of mother. His song was very familiar in Punjab in the seventh decade of 20th century. Our younger brother Mr. Ravi Parkash was so much impressed by this song that he used to sing this song in a very decent voice like Mr. Manak. We often at night requested him to sing that song. This song united us under our mother `s leadership after the death of our revered father Mr. Punjab Rai Chumber, M.A. (Eco), Diploma in Russian.

All the mothers love their children very much. Even at one stage they love their children even more than their husbands. This is due to their emotions that their children rested for nine months in their wombs. Many mothers die at the time of delivery. Every mother takes a risk to her life from the conception of her child to delivery. Every mother dares to give birth to another child! Our mothers are better than our Gods! Mothers gave births to Gods, Gurus, Saints, warriors, journalists, scientists and statesmen! That is why a revolutionary Indian thinker late Acharya Rajneesh said, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never exited before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."  

Once a warrior died in the battle field, his dead body was brought at home. All the relatives and friends were in shock and were weeping bitterly. But his wife was not weeping. This was very dangerous position for her life. A wise person suggested bringing her child. When she saw her child, she started weeping loudly. I imagine that even the mothers weep on their own deaths by thinking that who will care for her children and their fathers! That is why Buddha advised us, "    Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child ." 

We all are aggrieved on the sad demise of Mr. Hardev Banger’s mother and pay our last respect to her. Let us follow the path of our aboriginal Indian forefathers.

Posted on August 02, 2009

Buddhism won "The Best Religion In The World Award"

Linda Moulin

Buddhism won �The Best Religion In The World� award 15 Jul 2009 , Tribune de Geneve 

The Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) has bestowed "The Best Religion In the World" award this year on the Buddhist Community.

This special award was voted on by an international round table of more than 200 religious leaders from every part of the spiritual spectrum. It was fascinating to note that many religious leaders voted for Buddhism rather than their own religion although Buddhists actually make up a tiny minority of ICARUS membership. Here are the comments by four voting members:

Jonna Hult, Director of Research for ICARUS said "It wasn't a surprise to me that Buddhism won Best
Religion in the World, because we could find literally not one single instance of a war fought in the name of Buddhism, in contrast to every other religion that seems to keep a gun in the closet just in case God makes a mistake. We were hard pressed to even find a Buddhist that had ever been in an
army. These people practice what they preach to an extent we simply could not document with any other spiritual tradition." 

A Catholic Priest, Father Ted O'Shaughnessy said from Belfast , ”As much as I love the Catholic Church, it has always bothered me to no end that we preach love in our scripture yet then claim to know God's will when it comes to killing other humans. For that reason, I did have to cast my vote for the Buddhists."

A Muslim Cleric Tal Bin Wassad agreed from Pakistan via his translator. "While I am a devout Muslim, I can see how much anger and bloodshed is channeled into religious expression rather than dealt with on a personal level. The Buddhists have that figured out." Bin Wassad, the ICARUS voting member for Pakistan ’s Muslim community continued, "In fact, some of my best friends are Buddhist."

And Rabbi Shmuel Wasserstein said from Jerusalem , "Of course, I love Judaism, and I think it's the greatest religion in the world. But to be honest, I've been practicing Vipassana meditation every day before minyan (daily Jewish prayer) since 1993. So I get it."

However, there was one snag - ICARUS couldn't find anyone to give the award to. All the Buddhists they called kept saying they didn't want the award.

When asked why the Burmese Buddhist community refused the award, Buddhist monk Bhante Ghurata Hanta said from Burma , "We are grateful for the acknowledgement, but we give this award to all humanity, for Buddha nature lies within each of us." Groehlichen went on to say "We're going to keep calling around until we find a Buddhist who will accept it. We'll let you know when we do."

Forwarded by Raj Kumar Oshoraj (Posted on July 21, 2009 )

Manohar Birdi UK

Punjab Buddhist Society UK celebrated 2553 rd Buddha Purnima the birth, enlightenment and Mahaparinibbana of Lord Buddha and 118 th birth anniversary of Bodhisattva Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on 30 th May 2009 at Brickkiln Community Centre Wolverhampton. The programme was attended by members of Sangha from Milton Keynes peace Pagoda, Birmingham Buddhist Vihara, Buddha Vihara Temple from Kings Bromley, Litchfield. At 11am the food was offered to Ven. Sangha on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Harbans Lal Virdee from Southall who offered Dana. The function was started by lighting the candles by Mr. Raj Kumar from Canada . There after Ven. Monks gave Trisarna and Panchsheel to the devotees and did chanting.

Mrs. Kamlesh Ahir General Secretary, Indian Buddhist Society, Vancouver and Mr. Raj Kumar Oshoraj, Vice President of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada were the special guests. Local political stalwarts also attended the function. The prominent among them were Mr. Rob Marris MP, Cllr. Elias Mattu, and Cllr. John Reynolds. All these leaders expressed their views and praised the activities and programmes being undertaken by Punjab Buddhist society UK within the community. Cllr. Ravi Kumar Sunder S/O Mr. Banarsi Dass Sunder from Norway also attended this ceremony.  

A young poet from India read his poem in memory of Baba Sahib Ambedkar. After this Mr. Raj Kumar from Canada gave his speech. He highlighted the activities and programmes of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto. Recently this society celebrated Buddha Jayanti in House of Commons of Parliament of Canada in Ottawa . The function was a great success. He assured his full support to Punjab Buddhist Society UK and Takshila Maha Vihara Ludhiana. During his talk he recited a beautiful poem. After this another young boy sang a devotional song in praise of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Then came the turn of the speaker of the day. She is one of the rising stars in the mission, an inspiring personality, an icon for the ladies and young brigade and the general secretary of Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Mrs. Kamlesh Ahir. She gave a very impressive lecture and touched almost all the burning issues presently concerning the community. In her long and emotional speech she gave a call to unite under the banner of Buddhism as it is the only path to get rid of evil of caste system as shown by Baba sahib. She sang a melodious poem of missionary poet late Gurdass Ram Alam and Mr. Sohan Sehjal.

Mr. Chanan Chahal a veteran Ambedkarite, a missionary leader, an impressive speaker was honoured for his life time devotion, dedication and contribution for the spreading of Buddhism and Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar mission all over the world. Firstly he was honoured by Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society Bedford represented by Mr. Dhanpat Rattu, Hukam Chand Mehmi, Ram Pal Rahi and their families.  His services towards this society were high lighted by Mr. Arun Kumar. Later on he was awarded by FABO (Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations) Mr. Chahal is also the current president of FABO. Mr Gautam Chakravarty applauded the contribution of Mr. Chanan Chahal done towards FABO. After this he was honoured by Punjab Buddhist Society UK of which he is the founder member the current Vice President. Mr. Chahal thanked these organisations for giving him so much regard and honour. He gave a very impressive and emotional speech although his health was no so good.

In the end Ven. Chander Bodhi in his sermon thanked every body present in the function with special thanks to Mr. Chanan Chahal for his life time contribution for the cause of Dhamma and mission, Mrs. Kamlesh Ahir and Mr. Raj Kumar from Canada . The duty of stage secretary was performed efficiently by Ven. Sujan. Mr. Harbans Birdi and Manohar Birdi did the job of video recording. Mrs. Satya Birdi, Vidya Birdi, Parminder Saroy, Mrs. Chakravarty, Mrs. Bahal served food to the Sangha and Upasaks. Mrs. Vidya Midha collected donation and announced the list of donors. In the end Ven. Sangha gave the blessing the programme came to an end.

Posted on July 04, 2009      

First Time in Over 100Years

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada is first to set the history and celebrated
Lord Buddha’s 2553rd birth, enlightenment and passing away in Parliament of Canada on May 23, 2009.

Lord Buddha has been celebrated in House of Commons; Ottawa already by Buddhist organizations from around the world but Indian Buddhist Society Toronto is the first organization with the members of Indian origin to celebrate Lord Buddha first time since the people of Indian origin have arrived on Canadian soil for more than 100 years.

Bhikhu Chanderbodhi Ji, a world renowned only Punjabi speaking Buddhist Monk visited from England and performed Buddhist Religious prayer along with other Buddhist Monks from Buddhist Vihar (Temple) Ottawa. Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji expressed his gratitude for Lord Buddha; he also applauded participants for taking Lord Buddha’s message from the east of the world to all the way to the west in Canadian Parliament.

All participants felt proud to be part of these historic celebrations. It is worth mentioning that it was a joint celebration with the 118 th birthday celebrations of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the greatest revivalist of Buddhism in India after Emperor Ashoka. Dr. Ambedkar was also the great architect of Indian Constitution and a revolutionary social reformer. He is known globally for his struggle to fight against the social inequality in Indian society.

M.S. Bahal, an international missionary joined with his wife from England and shared his respects for Lord Buddha and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Kashmir Singh, a well known industrialist, based in Toronto, who is a long time supporter of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, was honorary Chief Guest for the program. He extended his support and encouraged the members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto to continue organizing such great programs.

Daulat Birdi, Baldev Singh, Sukhdev Thaper, Nasib Singh Ballu shared their feelings about Lord Buddha’s message. A great deal of Baba Saheb’s contribution to the society was also appreciated by the speakers along with his promise to spread Buddhism in India.

Parkash Rahul, President of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto thanked all the participants and extended his especial thanks to Mr. John Cannis, Member Parliament and his office staff to help arranging the program.

The Buddha is known all around the world for his teachings of Peace and Non-Violence which ultimately lead to universal brotherhood. Though his teachings are more than 2500 years old, the whole world does not only embrace them but striving to achieve them in today’s nuclear era. Mr. Raj Kumar Oshoraj vice president of India Buddhist Society Toronto (Canada) had the honor to facilitate the program.

Posted on June 17, 2009

Ad-Dharm -Navayana Buddhism

Editor's mail

What type of presence does Ad-Dharm have in America I am very interested in it, as I find the work of both Ravidas and Kabir to be inspiring. I also have great respect for Dr. Ambedkar's perspective on Buddhism. It is refreshing. How compatible is Ad-Dharm with Navayana Buddhism? I do think Ad-Dharm and Navayana Buddhism have a particularly refreshing quality, and being tied to the Dalit Culture, they represent the heart of India . I live in California , and we have plenty of Hinduism but virtually no liberating Dalit Spirituality which actively engages the world for positive change. What is in the southern California area ?

Michael Johnson

Editor's response

Thanks for visiting the website and having interest in the work of Guru Ravidass, Satguru Kabir, Dr. Ambedkar, Budhisim and Ad Dharm. Right now I can suggest you to read Eva-Maria Hardtmann, The Dalit Movement in India: Local Practices, Global Connections, Oxford University Pess, 2009, especially pp. 168-183. Once again thanks and please keep in touch.

Prem Chumber

Posted on May 14, 2009


Master Malind Kumar son of Mr. Harmesh Jassal (President Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society, Punjab) got 702/800 marks 88% in 8th grade. www.ambedkartimes.com congratulates Mrs. & Mr. Harmesh Jassal and their son Master Malind Kumar, who ranked in top twelve, captured first division in Punjab School Education Board Examination and also achieved eighty eight percent in his class. Once again, we congratulate him and his whole family and wish them best of luck for the future.

Prem Kumar Chumber
(Editor: www.ambedkartimes.com , www.ambedkartimes.org & Ambedkar Times)

Well wishers: Chanan Chahal, President-Federation of Ambedkarites and Buddhists Organisations (U.K.), Rattan Lal Sampla--President-Dr. Ambedkar Education Society (Birmingham), Anand Balley--Gen. Sec. Dr Ambedkar Mission (Canada), Sohan Lal Sampla—President (Europe Nations) Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society (Germany) , Raj Kumar Oshoraj (Indian Buddhist Society Toronto).

Posted on May 18, 2009

DP Bauddha Bauddhacharya & Philosopher, wish you all- A very happy Buddha Jayanti! ** Vesak Greetings from Joga & Kamla Chumber (UK), Happy Visakh Day From : H. L. Virdee**Happy Buddha Purnima to all from Harmesh Jassal, President of Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society & Assistant Gen. Sec. Punjab Buddhist Society*

Harmesh Jassal

Jalandhar: Dr B. R. Ambedkar Memorial Trust (Regd) Siddharth Nagar Jalandhar celebrated 2553rd Buddha Purnima (birth-enlightenment-redemption day) on 09 May, 2009 in Siddharth Nagar Buddha Vihara with dedication and motivation. On this auspicious occasion, Buddhist monks -- Bhante Shant Rakshak (Mumbai), Bhante Jagta Nand (Jalandhar), Bhante Pragya Bodhi ( Ludhiana ) and Bhante Abhay Putra (Bankok) preached life of Buddha and his mission. Mr. Lahori Ram Balley delivered his lecture on brotherhood among Buddhists. Free food, sweets, fruits distributed to everyone. Prominent personalities attended this function were Mr. Darshan Jassal ( England ), Harmesh Jassal, Prakash Jassal, Verinder Jassal, Darshan Bodhi, Brij Lal Gautam, Anand Gautam, Lok Mitra Rahul, Narinder Gautam, Kuldip Chand and Mrs. Ajit Balley. In the morning, a large procession took out from Siddharth Nagar Buddha Vihara to Dr. Ambedkar Chowk Jalandhar.

Posted on May 10, 2009

DP Bauddha Bauddhacharya & Philosopher, wish you all- A very happy Buddha Jayanti! ** Vesak Greetings from Joga & Kamla Chumber (UK), Happy Visakh Day From : H. L. Virdee**Happy Buddha Purnima to all from Harmesh Jassal, President of Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society & Assistant Gen. Sec. Punjab Buddhist Society*

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto , Canada
Educate (Buddham) Agitate (Dhammam) Organise (Sangham)- Dr. Ambedkar
“Think wrong and suffer. Think right and be happy.” Lord Buddha
Invitation to Attend a Joint Celebration of the two greatest sons of India
in: House of Commons, Ottawa , Canada, Date: May 23, 2009 (Saturday) Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

With the blessings of Lord Buddha, we are inviting you to attend the 2553 rd Maha Parinirvana Celebrations (Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away) of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha spread the message of non-violence and peace for the modern world decades ago.

We, the members of the Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada are making our humble attempt to spread the Lord Buddha’s same message in today’s nuclear world.

Also celebrating the 118 th Birth Anniversary of the greatest revivalist of Buddhism in modern India who embraced Buddhism with his half million followers in 1956. Dr. Ambedkar was also a human rights champion, a great social thinker and the architecture of the constitution of the largest democratic country of the world: India.

We will highly appreciate your presence at the celebrations. Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your presence, to make the necessary arrangements.

Parkash Rahul 416.278.8456, Mohan Verdi -416.895.9454, Hardev Banger - 416.431.7323, Raj Kumar - 416.219.4196

www.indianbuddhistsocietytoronto.org email: oshoraj@canada.com

Posted on April 28, 2009

Pictures on the conversion day in Maharashtra , India



Report by Ven. Tejwant

Punjab Buddhist Society UK successfully celebrated Kathina Robe offering ceremony on Saturday 8th November 2008 at The United Reformed Church Lea Road, Wolverhampton .

The Kathina ceremony started at the time of the Buddha about 2550 years ago. The rain retreat (Vassavasa) had just finished (Pavarana), when a group of 30 monks approached to pay their respects to the Buddha. Noticing their wet and muddy robes the lay people asked the Buddha if they could replace them. Through this the Kathina robe offering was inaugurated by the Buddha. However, Buddha agreed provided that the work was completed before the next full moon day, when the monks would return to their mendicant lifestyle. In this way a material need of the Sangha would be provided and the lay people would have an excellent opportunity to gain great merit. Since then it has become one of the significant ceremony in the Buddhist calendar. It is also a kind of form and example for getting together of Buddhist monk and lay devotees for the propagation of Buddhism which always depends on the mutual respect and support of the Sangha and laity. Its popularity was reflected in the very large number of people attending in Wolverhampton from different parts of the country and from different communities, Fourteen Venerable monks from India , Sri Lanka , Burma and Nepal were present.

The program was started by lighting of candle and incense by Mr. & Mrs. Chanan Chahal followed by giving five precepts and short chanting by the Ven. Bhikkhu Sangha. Ven. Dr. Ottara Nyana chief abbot of the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara outlined the significance of the Kathina Robe Offering ceremony. Ven. Sangharatan from Letchworth also explained the importance of Kathina.

Main program was started with the Kathina Robe procession. Main Kathina robe which offered by the Mr. & Mrs. Chanan Chahal and Family from Wales, whose generous sponsorship of the ceremony is gratefully acknowledged, and local people and guests from different parts of Britain and other countries offered robes and other materials to the venerable Sangha.

We express our deep gratitude and thanks to Venerable Dr. Ottara Nyana, the abbot of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara and other Ven. Monks for their continue support and help to the Society for its development. Mr. Rob Marris MP deserves our appreciations for making the effort to attend this function every year and for his encouraging words. Mr. Chanan Chahal vice president of PBSUK and Mr. Diwan Mohindra also gave an impressive talk. Mrs. Vidya Midha explained the success of free medical camp in Takshila Mahabuddha Vihara Ludhiana Punjab, India, which was organized by her. It was possible because of her strong determination and dedication. Many thanks for her generous activity.

On this auspicious day, Mr. Diwan Mohindra, a prominent member and supporter of Punjab Buddhist Society UK , was presented a letter of thanks by Mr. Rob Morris MP for his contribution to the society.

The treasurer of PBSUK Mr. Chaman Lal Chahal presented the financial report and also announced the list of donors. Hall and food was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Chanan Chahal and family from Wales . Ven Sujan Conducted the entire program very effectively. Our gratitude is due to Ven. Chander bodhi, the president of the PBS UK. The widespread support of this event and the rapid growth of the PBS owe much to his energy and whole-hearted commitment. Program was ended with thanks speech by Ven. Chander Bodhi and Ven Sangha gave blessing to all the participants.

With the power of triple gem, all your generosity in making an offering on this occasion and come together, may these merits bring you happiness, strength and wisdom.

Posted on December 20, 2008



ODRF 1ST Anniversary and Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji International Award Ceremony was organized on 25th October, 2008 at Chateau Granieri, 2522 West main street, Jefferson Ville PA 19401. Dr. Sakya Mohan and Ms. Savitha Duraisamy compeering the event, the program began with the lighting of the lamp and paying tribute to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other revolutionist by Ms. Shushma Thevar, the president, Temp Solutions Inc., USA, and Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative,159th district in Pennsylvania. After the lighting of the lamp Ms. the ODRF cultural team Prafulla Kamble, Josephine, Dhammamitra Vikas, Pratibha Kamble and Pramanand Rangari chanted Buddha Vandana. Dr. Sakya Mohan welcomed the dignitaries and the participant and greeted the Dignitaries with a bunch of flowers. The programme was lit up with the presence of personalities like Mr. Joe Hoeffel, commissioner, Montgomery County, Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, State representative, 159th district in Pennsylvania, Mr. Ron starr, Ms. Surabhi Garg, United States Indian political Action committee and representatives from various Indian and US Organizations and individuals.

Mr.Ashok, Ms. Neeta Bhole, Ms. Pratibha Kamble, Ms. Chitra, Mr. Praveen Lawande, Ms. Pallavi shinde, Mr. Pramanand Rangari and Master Akshay Thevar sang an awareness song on blind faith on different gods and goddesses and urged to believe in science and rational thinking. After which Mr. Praveen Lawande, Treasurer of ODRF presented the vision, mission and background history of ODRF. ODRF aims at paving the way for sustainable development by ensuring universal education, access to basic health care services, creating equal opportunities and advocating human rights issues of the most exploited communities. Keeping all these principles as the centre, seven committed youth who in carrying the legacy of Dr. Ambedkar, Phule, Shahuji Maharaj and Kanshiramji, joined hands to pay back to the society by starting ODRF in the year 2007 under the dynamic leadership of Mrs Sushama and Mr Michael Thevar.
It was time to turn our attention to the activities of ODRF from 2007. Ms. Nicola D' Souza did a power point presentation on the ODRF activities. In India ODRF concentrated on the following programmes:

· Sponsorships of the higher education of deserving students.
· Emergency Relief fund for an injured volunteer
· Support of various human rights activities of individuals & other
· Non-profits

Cleanliness drive in the USA
• Distribution of school supplies and distribution of Toys
• Coordination with international agencies to sensitize, promote  and implement  the affirmative action policies
• Sensitizing the international community against caste discrimination in India and educating the state representatives, congressmen and senators in USA to fight against caste discrimination in India through international community pressure.
• Social awakening through the celebration of the birth and death anniversaries of Buddha, Dr Ambedkar, Periyar and other great revolutionaries when Mr. Joe Hoeffel, Commissioner, Montgomery county addressed the gathering he said "I am impressed with the activities of ODRF and Mr. Mike for the commitment and goodwill for the   social cause. ODRF is fighting against caste system in India and working for the cause of the oppressed" he concluded his speech by saying "we want to make a change so fight for what we believe".

Master Akshay Thevar received a standing ovation for his speech on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and America. In his speech, he stated that there is a strong link between Dr. Babashaheb Ambedkar and USA. He studied in Columbia University from 1913 to 1916 this was the time when he came in contact with the world most famous personalities like Prof. John Deway, James Shotwell, Edwin Seligman and James Harvey Robinson. These people created a great impact on Dr. Ambedkar in many ways like teaching him democracy, Anthropology,economics, civil rights and pragmatism. Mr. Pramanand Rangari, one of the board members of ODRF shared his experience. He said that Temp Solutions Inc. is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. He added that he is grateful to Temp Solutions for giving him an opportunity to Work in US\A and gain international expertise in the field of mental health, to develop professionally and ensure that we should pay back to society with the available resources.

Mr. Dinesh Dalvi the treasurer of ODRF started his sharing with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, "KEEP HOPE ALIVE". ODRF lives by these words, be it the school bag distribution or toys distribution… or fighting for social justice undertaken by ODRF, it has always succeeded in installing hope for better future based on liberty, equality and fraternity. Actions speak louder than words. ODRF activities speak thousand words.
Pratibha Kamble, a perfect example of how temp Solutions Inc. is committed to its cause. A dalit girl from India shared her experience of coming to USA. "I had never dreamed that I will be going to USA and work in a very reputed Health Care Organization. This was simply because of one reason that I completed my entire education in my mother tongue that due to lack of exposure to speak and write in English.  Mr. Michael sir has been in constant contact with me and my family and became the source of motivation to improve my communication skills and it is only because front of you. This is a big change in my life that I came to USA and away from my parents. After my arrived in Pennsylvania Mr. Michael sir and family as treated me like their own sister and never let me feel that I was alone".

A man who could never be forgotten and who is the source of example for many youngsters and the man with the mission of paying back to the society shared his views on ODRF and other activities. He started his speech by paying tribute to the great personalities like Gautama Buddha, Saint Ravidass, Saint Ghasidass, Mahatma Jyothiba Phule, Shahuji Maharaj, EVR Periyar Ramaswamy Naikar, Narayana Guru, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Manyawar Kanshiramji and from the USA Martin Luther King Jr, JF Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and all other warriors who have dedicated their lives to bring equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. Dalits are the most oppressed communities of Indian society along with Tribal communities. 250 Million Dalits in India and more than 300 Million in south Asia are victims of 3000 year old Hindu caste system. The fundamentalist caste forces in India and world over who are against giving equal rights to Dalits are great threat to global Human Rights concerns. Martin Luther King Jr, rightly said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". The globalization and liberalization also opened up societies for human rights scrutinizes. Then he drew the attention of the members to the future plans of ODRF    

He concluded his speech by saying "we will be made to believe that change need to happen, we want to live as human beings and will also need to recognize others as human beings. And incorporating the proactive policies to regain the economic rights to Dalits would be a small but significant step towards larger goal."
ODRF initiated the awards in the name of Manyawar Kanshiramji and Bhante Sangharakshita who played a major role after Dr Ambedkar to carry forward his mission. The awards will be given to the activists engaged in sociopolitical and Dhamma movement.

Manyawar   Kanshiramji was born on March 15th 1934 in a Ramdasiya Sikh Community in Khavaspur Village of Ropad District in Punjab, INDIA. During 1960's while working as a scientist in Pune, he was exposed to the bad breath of Hindu Social order i.e. atrocious caste system. This was the turning point of his life and he travelled all over the country to awaken the educated employees who got benefitted due to the affirmative action policy but failed to serve the community. He decided that he will never get married, never acquire any property, and never attend any ceremonial function, marriage function or a party. He also decided that he will devote and dedicate the rest of his life to achieve the goals of Shahu – Phule – Ambedkarite movement.

During his life journey of 72 years, he founded many organizations to achieve the unfulfilled dreams of Dr Ambedkar like BAMCEF, DS4, Buddhist Research Centre, and Bahujan Samaj Party. It was the vision and sacrifice of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Sahib that Bahujan Samaj Party could capture the power in Uttar Pradesh 4 times. It was his commitment, dedication and vision that today a woman from oppressed community 'Bahan Mayawati' is the Chief Minister of India's Largest State, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Ambedkar told his people that "politics is the master key by which you can open any locks". Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji brought the Socio-Political revolution in India and united People from SC, ST, OBC & Converted minorities which constitutes 85% of India's population to become the rulers in India. He could not see his dream fulfilled as he died on 9th Oct 2006 due to long illness. But, his million of followers are working day & night to fulfill his dream of capturing India's Parliament in 2009 general elections.
Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji's prevented millions of people turning into 'Uncle Tom' using pay back to society strategy. He changed the dimensions of politics in India which was the monopoly of dominant castes.

        Taking the inspirations from life of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji ODRF decided to honor personalities worldwide who contributed towards upliftment of marginalized people. To appreciate and recognize the contributions of such personalities, ODRF started an award 'Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji International award' from the year 2008.
This year Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative, 159th district in Pensylvenia and Dipak Panzade with Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji award for their contribution in sociopolitical movement in India and abroad.  Mr. Thaddeus is very committed towards the cause of social justice & human rights. He is the voice of millions of oppressed people in India & USA. It was Mr. Kirkland who lobbied in Pennsylvania assembly to condemn the Caste discrimination in India. This contribution of Mr. Kirkland directly linked oppressed people in India with African-Americans, and given a new hope that one day 'the world will be free from all kind of discriminations. Accepting the award Mr. Thaddeus Kirkland expressed his solidarity with the cause against caste system. He also promised to spread awareness on the Indian caste system among the international communities.
Mr. Dipak Panzade, a silent but committed activist and ODRF Volunteer works day and night to spread the ideology of Dr. Ambedkar. He is involved with several activities in the community to empower dalits, Tribals and other weaker sections of the Indian Society. The function ended with the positive note from Ms. Surabhi Garg, United States Indian political Action committee said that this is a new beginning and let this new beginning continue to work for the cause of the marginalized communities. After the speech of Ms. Surabhi Garg the cultural team came up with a song in Marathi meanwhile the participants started enjoying the dinner. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Satyajit Somvanshi

Posted on November 10, 2008

Prakash Ambedkar, Grandson of Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Opened Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre for Public

Dr. S. L. Virdi Advocate

October 19, 2008 have gone down as red letter day in Punjab as Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain U.K. created a new history by opening Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre Punjab on Behram-Mahilpur Road (Banga).  The Resource Centre has been inaugurated on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar's 52nd Dhamma Kranti by Hon'ble Prakash Ambedkar, Grandson of Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar. On this occasion Mr. Prakash Ambedkar Ex M.P said that the Resource Centre is an ambitious Project for the purpose of Spreading and propagating Buddhist and Dr. Ambedkar's Mission effectively in Punjab for the realization of Dr. Ambedkar’s dream. I hope it will be useful for the General public.

On this occasion Ven. Jagatanand unveiled the portrait of Ven. Maha Somboon, Mr. Raj Paul, President of the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee Great Britain and General Secretary Mrs. Kamla Chumber jointly opened  the D. R. Jassal Community Centre, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, President of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee Punjab and general Secretary Mr. Manjit Kainth unveiled the portrait of Mr. D. R. Jassal, Mr. Kuldeep Singh Wouhura, MBE and Director of East End Foods UK opened the Diwan Singh Library and Mrs. Wouhura unveied the portrait of Mr. Diwan Singh and Mr. S. R. Ladhar, Commissioner Jalandhar Division unveiled the Bust of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Unveiling the bust of Dr. Ambedkar, Commissioner Jalandhar Division Sh. S. R. Ladhar IAS said, "Dr. Ambedkar was the champion of Human Rights and he will be ever remembered for his struggle for the rights of Dalits, Minorities and Women." Eastend Company U.K's Director, Mr. K. S. Vohra inaugrating the Library on the name of Barrister Diwan Singh said that it will be useful for the students and research scholars.

Prominent writer Dr. S. L. Virdi Advocate said that whenever the man will be hungry, there will be a war. Peace cannot be established without equality. 'World want Buddha, not Yudha.' Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar reviving Buddhism in India created a new history. It is the Buddha who says, "Manukh Apna Deepak Aap Hai."

Committee's President Mr. Raj Kumar Paul declared that this multi-purpose complex will be a unique and outstanding, one of its kind in Punjab. It has been designed to undertake a variety of activities. The aim of the centre will be to provide facilities to accommodate the social, religious and educational needs of the people. In addition to these facilities, it consists of Maha Somboon Buddha Vihara, D. R. Jassal Community Centre, Diwan Singh Library, Dr. Ambedkar Memorial computer Centre. It will also include a skill centre undertaking skills including learning Sewing, Sports and Dispensary. At times seminars will also take place covering issues against the use of drugs, alcohol abuse and will hold health camps on eyes etc. Two eye camp had taken place prior to the opening of the Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre Punjab.
    Mr. Paul also said that it will also endeavour to provide support and resources to other organisations in this field, working to spread the mission of Dr. Ambedkar in a positive way. Due to the efforts of Dr. Ambedkar, our people are now able to live like human beings, and it is our duty to take forward his message amongst those who are still longing for their freedom and liberation.

Our deepest thanks to "Maha-danies, Mr. Darshan Ram Jassal for donating ONE CRCORE, Mr. Diwan Singh for donating one lakh Pounds, Mr. and Mrs. Amar Chand Sandhi and family for donating one acre of land for the mission of Dr. Ambedkar."
Special thanks to the sponsors. Mr. Tek Raj Jassal and Mrs. Neru Jassal and Mr. Makhan Singh Virdi and Mrs. Ravinder Kaur NIGHT INN BANQUETING SUITE (UK) for giving food. Mr. Dev Lal Suman and Mrs. Bakhsho Suman for publicity and advertisement. Mr. Chaman Lal Jakhu and Mrs. Banso Jakhu for tent and chairs plus sound system.

The function concluded with a clarion call to all manav-mukhi (Human-Oriented) literatures to both write and fight for Dalit upliftment, liberation of the chained 'Manav' with view to ushering in an era of social justice, casteless and classless society. Dr. Tarsem Sagar, Dr. N.R. Paul, Adv. Sanjeev Bhaura, Adv. K.R.Bhatti, Dr. Jagdish Kumar, Dr. Kataria, Prof. Davinder Sharma, Madam Banso Devi, Xen. S.R. Mehmi, Xen.P.K.Besla, Er.Jagdish Virdi, Er.Jaswant Rai, K.K.Boudhi, S.L. Bagla, Dr. Sukhwinder Kumar, R.C. Sangar, Managar S.R.Kalsi, Managar Jagjit Singh, Master Chaman Lal, Master Harbhajn Sampla, Sohan Sehjal, Sat Pal Sahlon Editor Adbi Mehak, Nirmal Bhatii Editor Vigiank Soch, Mr.Balbir Sandhi Cashiar, Varinder Jassal Vice Cashiar, Hargopal Kataria Press Secretary, Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee Punjab, Roshan Bharti, Khushwinder Kumar U.K.and 8 to10 thousand people participated in the function.

Posted on November 08, 2008

Farewell of the Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Backward Communities & Converted Minorities, Selected for Jobs in USA


Tempsolutions Inc. USA an equal opportunity Employer recruited 30 candidates on H1b visa from SC, ST, OBC and converted minority communities from rural India . The farewell ceremony of these candidates was held on September, 5th and 6th 2008 at Hotel Sun N Sand Juhu Mumbai. The chief Guests for this function were Mr. Mangesh Dahiwale, Director, International Relations TBMSG India, Mr. Uttam Khobragade IAS, G. M. and Managing Director BEST Mumbai, Dr Harsh Deep Kamble IAS GM Khadi Gramodyog Government of Maharashtra, Mr. Hari Narke Member Secretary Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj Writings and Publications Committee Government of Maharashtra ( India ).


Posted on October 17, 2008

Family Get Together of ODRF  USA
on Saturday 25th October 2008

The First Anniversary cum Family Get Together of Omni Development Relief USA is organised at Jeffersonvillae PA 19401 USA on Saturday 25th October 2008.ODRF is a registered Charitable Non Profit Organisation in State of Pensylvenia under 501(C)3.This organisation is working on the ideology of the vishwaratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.In order to Pay Back to the Society the members of ODRF contribute time,money and Mind regularly.The activities of ODRF includes creating awareness  against caste discrimination,supporting organisations working for the upliftment of dalits,Tribals,Backward and converted minority communities,to spread the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and follow the principles of equality,liberty and fraternity.

Venue : chateau Granieri, 2522 west main street, Jeffersonvillae PA 19401 ------Time : 7pm - 10 pm
The Chief guests for this function are Mr. Joe Hoeffl, Commissioner Montgomery PA USA ,
Dr  Ajay Gondane,Deputy Counselor general Indian embassy New York USA
          The details about ODRF can be found on http://www.odrf.org/

Posted on October 17, 2008

Buddhism- Reflections on Dr. Ambedkar's
embracing of Buddhism in 1956

By Jai Birdi

October 14 th marked the 52 nd anniversary of the Dr. Ambedkar’s formally embracing Buddhism, a religion for the socially engaged individuals who are interested in making a more humane and egalitarian world.  In Vancouver , this occasion was reflected on by students of Buddhism at the Langara College , Chetna Association of Canada, and the Indian Buddhist Society members.  To lead the discussion, the documentary film by Dr. David Blundell (Arising Light) was screened. 

In his introduction, Dr. Larry Devries of the Langara College called October 14 th a pivotal point in the history of religions in India where close to a million people joined Dr. Ambedkar and embraced Buddhism- a neo-Buddhism- symbolizing self-respect and self-assertion.   Dr. Blundell is currently completing the feature film on the life of Dr. Ambedkar and it is expected to be released within a couple of years.

Engaged Buddhism is a global phenomenon that takes on many different forms.  Prominent members of the movement include B.R. Ambedkar, who brought Buddhism to the "untouchables" of India ; Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen master, known for his activism against the war in Vietnam ; and A.T. Ariyaratne, founder of the Sarvodaya Shramadana rural development movement in Sri Lanka .  This phenonomenon, has now influenced the various self respect movements in India and abroad and has influenced many to establish and assert their own identity.
"This is indeed a very positive development that will keep the caravan of social transformation moving forward", said Paramjit Kainth, asst. secretary of Chetna Association of Canada, who also attended the seminar along with Surinder Ranga, Jai Birdi, Gurmit Singh Sathi, Kamlesh Ahir, and Sutey Parkash Ahir.

Posted on October 17, 2008


Venerable Chander Bodhi (Punjab Buddhist Society UK)

After several centuries, first time in Panjab, Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Ludhiana welcomes twenty five monks from all around India and Sri Lanka who will be staying there for Vassa / Warsha Vas ( Rainy Season).

 Vassa is an ancient Buddhist tradition which was established by Lord Buddha for monks to stop traveling and stay at one place during the rainy season of three months. During their stay they meditate and practice dhamma in solitude. In ancient Panjab from Lord Buddha's times, hundreds of monks were use to visit Panjab and preach  Dhamma. We are looking through rose-colored glasses and succeeding steadily to revive this centuries old Buddhist tradition in Panjab. The credit goes to all who supported the development of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara in Panjab.

Posted on August 02, 2008

ABS Temple at Sacramento
423 Glide Avenue, W. Sacramento , CA 95691
Tel: (916) 371 8535 Fax: (916) 372-7650

ABS Temple 2008 Vas Pinkam Series

This year Annual Vas Pinkam series organized by the temple will begin on 19 July 2008 with the observance of Rainy Season by the resident monks of the temple. Traditionally, members and the monks of all Theravada temples in the world mark the three months of Vas Season by practicing Dhamma more seriously than other times of the year. We cordially invite all members and friends of the ABS Temple to participate wholeheartedly in all of the following religious activities and be benefited by them. Merit you accumulate will help you for happy and prosperous lives here and hereafter. Following is the schedule for the three months of Vas Season:

19 July 2008 : Invitation to monks to observe Rainy Season by members (7:30PM), 19 July 2008-24 October 2008 : Daily and weekly ceremonies at the temple, 25 Oct. 2008 : Traditional Pirith Chanting ceremony (6:30–11:00PM), 26 Oct. 2008 : Kathina Ceremony and Sanghika Maha Dana (10:30 AM– 3:00PM)

VAS DANA: We encourage each family to offer ‘Vas Dana’ one or more times during the three months. Please call the temple and sign up to provide Dana on days convenient to you. If you may be busy during the daytime you can offer the cooked Dana or raw materials in the previous evening.

SPONSORING A WEEKEND PUJA: In memory of deceased family member or in marking a special day such as a birthday or anniversary you can sponsor a weekend service. A sponsor is expected to provide items needed for the BuddhaPuja such as flowers, candles, soft drinks and a small donation to help cover electricity cost, etc. Sponsors are encouraged to invite their friends and family to attend the service, as much as possible. All others are invited to join by attending on time. For the convenience of all we try to be as punctual as possible.

KATHINA SPONSOR: This year Vatey & Huot Tran and their family of Brentwood , California are privileged to sponsor the Kathina Ceremony. Sponsoring a Kathina Ceremony is regarded as one of the most meritorious deeds that bring abundance of fruits in Samsara. If you wish to sponsor a Kathina in a future year please reserve your date in advance by contacting Ven. Shantha, the abbot of the temple.

If you have any question regarding any of the above activities please call the temple. We wish you good health and happiness with the blessings of the Triple Gem.

With Metta,
The Monks and The Dayake Sabha (ABS Temple at Sacramento)

ABS Temple 2008 Vas Pinkam Series

Weekend Special Service Schedule, 7:30 – 8:30 P.M.

7:00AM – 7:30 AM Daily Morning Service and Meditation

11:00AM–12:15 PM: Daily Food Offering to Buddha and monks (Whenever Possible), 7:30PM–8.30PM: Daily Buddha Puja and Blessings (Pirith Chanting), 7:30PM – 8.30PM: Weekly Saturday BuddhaPuja, Chanting of BojjhangaSuttas by members together with the monks for better health of family and friends, 7:30PM – 8.30PM : Full Moon Day - Short Puja and 40 minutes Dhamma Deasana in Singhalese

SPONSORING A WEEKEND PUJA: In memory of deceased family member, to bless your ailing parents, in marking a special day of the family such as someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or without any particular reason you can sponsor a weekend service. A sponsor is expected to provide things needed for the BuddhaPuja such as flowers, candles, soft drinks and a small donation to help cover the electricity cost, etc.Sponsors are encouraged to invite their friends and relatives to attend service. This way sponsors can provide them an opportunity to accumulate merit for their own benefit. Only if you wish you may bring some end-of-the-service refreshments for the participants.

Please help organizers by calling the temple and reserve a weekend suitable for you by July 19 th. There may be more than one sponsor in a weekend. All others are invited to just attend and participate every Saturday evening that they are free.

Posted on July 14, 2008


“Vast-learning, perfect handicraft, a highly trained and pleasant speech, this is the Art of Living”

Dear Devotee and friends of dhamma I’m very delighted to acknowledging you that its 2 nd time we are Celebrating Dhammacakkapavattana or Ashara day in our monastery. I would like to invite you and family member to participate this auspicious Ashara full moon or Dhamma day.

Day, Date & Place:

Saturday, July 19, 2008 , 850 Tapscott Rd. Unite# 49 Scarborough , Ontario M1X1N4


6.30pm Welcome dignity guests. 7pm offering candle light & flowers to Lord Buddha. 7.15pm homage to the Buddha & five precepts and Alokha puja. 7.30pm Sutra recitation by venerable monks. (pali) 7.45pm. The Dhamma talk by Venerable Ratanasiri President of Toronto mahavihara. 8pm short speech by dignity guest. 8.30pm Dhamma talk and conclusion by ven. Gayanosri (resident monk) 9pm dinner for all guest and devotee 9.30pm other activities

With joy and compassion,
The most Venerable Gayanosri Shraman Abbot: Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto

Posted on July 11, 2008

2552nd Buddha Jayanti Celebrated
in New Jersey (USA)

Report by:
Raj KumarKamble
New Jersey: Followers of Dr. Ambedkar in the east coast region celebrated the 2552 nd anniversary of Lord Buddha’s triple gem – the Birth, the enlightenment and the Mahaparinirvana on Saturday, 28 th June 2008. The event was organized on Saturday, 28 June 2008 in Amantran Indian Cuisine in Toms River , New Jersey . Participants travelled from Canada , Texas , Virginia , Boston , Connecticut , Delaware , Pennsylvania and New York/New Jersey .

The event started with the Trisharan, Panchsheel recited by the V’able Obasha, the Resident Buddhist monk at Bangladesh Buddhist Association, New Jersey and V’able Subhuti, Resident Buddhist monk at Chinese Buddhist Temple, China Town, New York. The chief guest of the celebrations was Dr. Gondane, Deputy Consul General of India in New York . The Ambedkarite activists from different parts of U.S.A briefly presented their developmental work in India .

The added attraction of the event was the “ Buddha Jayanti Quiz 2008, New Jersey” The hallmark of the Ambedkarite festivals is the quizzes which are aimed to provide opportunity to acquire in depth knowledge of Ambedkarism, Buddhism and the movement. The attractive prizes are given to make these quizzes attractive.

Yet another salient feature of the event was a short one act drama performed by the well known U.S based film and television actor, Mr. R. N. Rao. He performed his famous, “ Gandhi’s children of God and me”. This drama exposes the myth which is so shockingly prevails in North America that it is Mahatma Gandhi who is the savoir of untouchables in India . The play sends the clear message that it is Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who single handedly and against all the hurdles put up by Mahatma Gandhi in the emancipation of untouchables in India has transformed the lives of 250 million untouchables and Tribals in India. Mr. Rao has already performed the dramatic reading of this play titled above at (1) Mid-Manhattan Library (2) Queens Library and at the prestigious (3) Dramatist Guild @ Time Square. This drama has also received the official entry in the one man show festival at LA TEA THEATER. The performance at the Buddha Jayanti celebration was the fourth in U.S.A.

The program ended with dinner, prize distribution of the quiz and the after dinner games for children. The regional activists of Dr. Ambedkar International Mission , U.S.A (AIM) put in lot of efforts to make this event a grand success.

Posted on July 06, 2008

Buddha Purnima Celebrated at Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto
(Est. under Ambedkar Mission Toronto)

Report by Anand Balley

‘’The sun shines by day. The moon is radiant by night. Armoured shines the warrior king. Meditating the Brahmans shines. But all day and night the Buddha shine in glory”

The Dhammapada Buddha Purnima Celebrations that highlight prayer meets sermons and religious discourse. Temple wears a festive look and is decorated with colorful flag and flowers. The celebration starts with offering flowers, candles light to lord Buddha. This ceremony prepared by Dhamma Sunday school Students. Abbot of Indian Buddhist Temple Ven.Gayanosri and Ven. Rathanasiri Thero performed Buddha Puja also give short speech on Buddha Teaching.

Buddha Jayanti enlightened the world .Devotees participated in pancasil & attha sila with a Buddha puja concelebrated by the highly Respectable Monk .Buddhism uphold peace and happiness by mean of education and practice of morality, tranquility and wisdom. Through the grace of the Buddha may all sentient being be blessed with peace, happiness and prosperity forever?

Guest speaker, Prof Ronki Ram (India) explained what is Dhamma (from Buddha and his Dhamma)Written by Dr. Ambedkar,’’ Buddha said Dhamma is to maintain Purity of life ,there are three forms of purity….Purity of body, Purity of speech, Purity of mind.’’ Traditional songs were sung by Sister chanchal Mall ( Calgary).

Jai Birdi ( Vancouver) Buddhism is the peaceful and scientific practical religion and very use full for daily life. Ashok Sandhu ( Toronto) gave his thought about Buddhism .He shared some Buddhist Definition. Darshan Chaudhary (President Ambedkar Mission Toronto) said that follow Buddha Dhamma path teaching is the only way to show our dedication and devotion to our Messiah.

Abbot of Indian Buddhist Temple Ven.Gayanosri gave award to all Dhamma Sunday school students and asks all the parents to bring kids to Dhamma School.

Anand Balley thanked to all , make Buddha Jayanti celebration success full and will look forward to get help in the future programme. Also requested to all members and supporters to put their moral and financial support to enlarge the Indian Buddhist temple and Dr. Ambedkar community centre in Toronto.

Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com (June 26, 2008)

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto Celebrated Buddha Jayanti

Report by: Raj Kumar Oshoraj

Toronto:- June 07, 2008, Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada did set another milestone by celebrating Buddha Jayanti in Toronto with the largest gathering ever. Indian Buddhist Society Toronto is the first Indian Buddhist organization who is fully dedicated in spreading teachings of Buddha throughout the year by celebrating Buddhist festivities and organizing Buddhist seminars. Their sister organization Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Canada is also making every possible effort to accomplish the same with their collaboration.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada’s undivided attention to it’s one of the main objectives to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings are deriving results. As a result of hard work, and committed support of our community and other local Buddhist organizations’ encouragement, Baba Sahib’s dream to see India as a Buddhist country along with educating Indians living abroad is flourishing day by day.

Buddha Jayanti celebrations were organized in a banquet hall setup in Toronto and Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji (Resident Monk, Punjab Buddhist Society UK) was the chief guest of the program along with special guest Mr. M.S. Bahal (Trustee, Punjab Buddhist Society UK, International Co-ordinator, BAMCEF India) and Mrs. Kamlesh Ahir (General Secretary, Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver).

Program started as usual with Buddhist Prayers performed by monks. Along with Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji participating monks were: Resident Monk of Toronto Maha Vihara Toronto and Resident Monk of West End Meditation Centre Mississauga ( Toronto) and other monks.

Stage was flooded with colors of monks’ cheevers (robes) in maroon and orange. Colors were stamping the sangha’s presence in Lord Buddha’s Mahaparinirvan celebrations. All monks chanted Buddha’s blessings for the audience present to celebrate Buddha Jayanti in the beginning of the program and also before they left. Bhante Rathanasiri appreciated Indian Buddhist Society Toronto and its management team for organizing such unique program first time in the history of Toronto by an Indian organization. Hall was full with Lord Buddha’s statues and banners which impressed Bhante Rathnasiri and the audience. He pin pointed the importance of Buddha’s teachings in our daily life.

Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji pulled everyone’s attention with his sermon on incidents of Lord Buddha’s life and teachings. Lord Buddha removed sufferings of humanity; he added and pointed up that we must improve our knowledge and understanding about Buddhism. Bhante Ji applauded all religions in the service of humanity and declared that Buddhism respects all religions equally which filled the hall with the clapping of the audience. Buddhism can help one to live life with awareness which will help to be happy and free from sufferings, he concluded.

Kamlesh Ahir praised Buddhism as Indian Religion. She stressed the fact that Buddhism is based on awareness and knowledge and was original religion of Indian Moolnivasi. Since she is known to take up stand for social equality; she proved it in her speech by focusing on Buddha’s teachings on social equality specifically about women’s rights. She applauded Buddha for being the first one to allow equal rights to women in the society of his times in India. She also elucidated what is taught by other religions today; most of it was preached by Lord Buddha over 2500 years ago. Kamlesh also amazed everyone with her melodious voice by singing religious Buddhist songs.

M.S. Bahal focused on sending the message across to the community that religion is an essential factor of life and one got to have religious identity. He commended Baba Sahib for his hard work and his decision to embrace Buddhism: India’s own religion. Being an International Co-coordinator of BAMCEF, he travels a lot and he shared his overwhelming experience of how Buddhism is flourishing in India and abroad.

Local speakers: Dr. Kewal Kailay, Baldev Singh, Sukhdev Thaper, Nirmal Sallan and Darbara Singh also shared their thoughts on Buddhism and appreciated hard work of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada. Also, local artists shared their poems to entertain the audience. Two Guru Ravidas Sabhas Toronto and one Bhagwan Valmik Sabha Toronto also participated in the celebrations among some individuals from various organizations.

I had the honor to facilitate the program.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada thanks one and all for participating in 2552nd Buddha Jayanti celebrations and to make this program a historical success with financial and moral support. Our special thanks to Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor: www.ambedkartimes.com) for promoting Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s mission and Lord Buddha’s teaching on his website.

May all living beings be happy and Lord Buddha’s blessings shower on all!

Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com (June 22, 2008)

Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha
of Urban Estate
Celebrated Buddha Jayanti


Report by Dr. S. L. Virdi

Phagwara: Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha, Urban Estate, Phagwara, Punjab Celebrated Buddha Jayanti at Shri Guru Ravidass Bhawan and Dr. Baba Sahib B. R. Ambedkar Cultural and Literary Centre. Sh. S. R. Ladhar, IAS, Commissioner, Jalandhar Division (Chief Guest), Sh. Amarjit Paul, SDM Phagwara, Sohan Lal Banga Owner, Apollo Construction Company, UAE, Dr. S. L. Virdi Advocate, Babu Ji Aadesh Bharat Kranti, Gurbachan Lal, Sohan Sehjal, Jagdish Virdi, Prem Nath Saroya, XCN Pawan Kumar, Mrs. Banga, Mrs. Satpal Chopra, Mr. Ghansham, XCN Satnam Mehmi, Bank Manager Ramji Das Bansal, Harbhajan Suman, Bhikshuni Poornima and Bhikshu Sangha delievered lectures on the occasion.

The photographs are as follows: Shri Guru Ravidass Bhawan and Dr. Baba Sahib B. R. Ambedkar Cultural and Literary Centre, Urban Estate, Phagwara, Members of the Sabha receiving the Chief Guest, Sh. S. R. Ladhar, Commissioner, Jalandhar Division, Sh. S.R .Ladhar, IAS, Commissioner, Jalandhar Division, Sh. Amarjit Paul, SDM Phagwara, Sohan Lal Banga, Dr. S.L. Virdi Advocate, Babu Ji Aadesh Bharat Kranti, Gurbachan Lal, Sohan Sehjal, Jagdish Virdi, Prem Nath Saroya, XCN Pawan Kumar, Mrs. Banga, Mrs. Satpal Chopra, Mr. Ghansham, XCN Satnam Mehmi, Ramji Das Bansal, Bhikshuni Poornima and Bhikshu Sangha and audience.

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Indian Buddhist Society Toronto ,

Celebrating Buddha Jayanti On June 07

Chief Guest: Chander Bodhi

Special Guest:
M. S. Bahal

Special Guest: Kamlesh Ahir

Chief Organizer
R. K. Oshoraj

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto , Canada Celebrating Buddha Jayanti

2552 nd Maha Parinirvan Divas (Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of Lord Buddha)

You are all humbly invited to participate in the program and gain Lord Buddha’s blessings.

Day, Date, Time & Place: Saturday, June 7, 2008 Time:  6:30pm – 11:00pm

Moti Mahal Banquet Hall, 7850 Woodbine Ave, Markham, Ontario, Phone: 905 - 943 - 9300 

        Organizers:Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada & Shri Guru Ravidas International Human Rights Organization

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Ambedkartimes congratulates all its worthy writers, readers and well wishers on Lord Buddha's 2552nd Jayanti and wish you all happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor)


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Vesak Greetings:

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada congratulates all on the auspicious day of 2552 nd Vesak ( May 19, 2008 ) and wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada

Vesak Greetings:

Punjab Buddhist Society UK wishing you all A Happy Vesak for 2008

Punjab Buddhist Society UK

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto , Canada

Celebrating Buddha Jayanti

2552 nd Maha Parinirvan Divas

(Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of Lord Buddha)

You are all humbly invited to participate in the program and gain Lord Buddha's blessings.

Day, Date, Time & Place

June 7, 2008 (Saturday) Time:  6:30pm – 11:00pm

Moti Mahal Banquet Hall, 7850 Woodbine Ave, Markham, Ontario, Phone: 905 - 943 - 9300 


Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada &

Shri Guru Ravidas International Human Rights Organization

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Punjab Buddhist Society UK

Invites you all for the celebration of 2552nd The Buddha Purnima on Saturday 24th May 200810 am - 3 pm at the United Reform Church Lea Road, Wolverhampton , WV3 0LN

Dear all members and supporters,

May I have the pleasure to invite you on the occasion of celebrating Buddha Purnima by Punjab Buddhist Society UK. The function will be held on Saturday, 24 th May, 2008 at the United Reform Church, Lea Road, Wolverhampton.

The day of Vesak or Baisakha Puja is the day of worshiping or merit making for the Buddhist all over the world.  On this sacred day Buddhist commemorate three great events, the birth of the Buddha, his enlightenment and his Mahaparinibbana or passing away on same day of full moon day of this month. Vesak day is also known as Buddha Jayanti in India and Nepal, where the Buddha was born and Buddhism originated. Buddha Jayanti means paying homage to the Buddha or celebration of these three great events concerning with the Buddha.

In 1999 the United Nation’s General assembly adopted the resolution for the international recognition of the day of Vesak (Buddha Jayanti) as proposed by 34 countries. Since, UN celebrates this day annually at its head office in New York and other regional centers all over the world.

Presently, no only the Buddhist but other faiths also celebrate this day with great joy by practicing moral ways and purify the mind, which is the way 9Buddhamarga) to achieve real happiness and peace within.

On this auspicious day of Buddha Jayanti every human being should take an oath to cultivate good, purifies the mind for real happiness and peace and thus pay homage to the Buddha by practicing it. May this holy day brings you good thoughts ad good deeds always.

With Metta,

Ven. Chander Bodhi

Punjab Buddhist Society UK

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On Saturday, May 17th, Bodhi Monastery will celebrate the international Buddhist holiday of Vesak, the day commemorating the birth, Enlightenment, and Parinirvana (passing away) of Lord Buddha. The Vesak program begins at 9:50 a.m. with a devotional service that will include a traditional ceremony of 'bathing the Buddha.' A ladle is used to pour water over a statue of the baby Buddha while a special chant is recited. One is to bathe the Buddha with reverence and a purified mind with the inspiration to realize our own Buddha nature.

For those of you who are ready to become Buddhist lay disciples, Ven. Jen-chun and Ven. Bodhi will conduct a formal Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels Ceremony in the afternoon.

A special pot-luck buffet luncheon will be served. Please bring a dish if you can, but it is not necessary. You are welcome to come for all or just part of the program.Vesak Program - May 17th, 2008, 9:50 am - Bathing of the Buddha/Devotional Service, 10:30 am - Lecture by Ven. Jen-chun, 11:20 am - Lunch and Rest Period, 12:45 pm - Lecture by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi 1:30 pm - (Tea Break)1:45 pm - Going for Refuge and Undertaking Five Precepts Ceremony 2:30 pm - Dedication of merits (10 minutes), Bodhi Monastery ( 67 Lawrence Road Lafayette, NJ) http://bodhimonaste ry.net/
Forwarded by
Bodhiratna P.P. Lakshman
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Special report on the Seminar at Amritsar

“Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism in India "

TS 001.jpg

(Ambedkartimes, News Bureau Chandigarh)

Amritsar:- The Department of History, under the Chairmanship of Prof. Sukhwant Singh, of the Guru Nanak Dev University ( Amritsar ) Punjab organised the 'Sardar Mahan Singh Dhesi Annual Memorial Lecture' on March 31, 2008 . The lecture, “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and the Revival of Buddhism in India ", was delivered by Dr. J. K. Sharma, Professor of Indian History at Panjab University Chandigarh .  

The 'Mahan Singh Dhesi Annual Memorial Lecture'is instituted under the Dhesian Heritage Endowment established at Guru Nanak Dev University by Prof. (Retd.) Dr. Autar Singh Dhesi in the memory of his grandfather S. Mahan Singh Dhesi. S. Mahan Singh Dhesi lived in California from 1902 to 1945. One of the earlier Punjabi settlers in California , he worked continuously for the social and educational uplift of the diasporas and did a lot of developmental work in Doaba region of Punjab . In his well attended lecture Prof. J. K. Sharma touched upon some of aspects of the philosophy and struggle of Bharat Ratan Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in minute details. He also discussed how it facilitated in the revival of Navayan Buddhism in India for the emancipation and empowerment of the Dalits in particular and the freedom of the country in general. The lecture was well covered by almost all the regional news agencies and papers.

Dr. S. S. Chahal, Director of Research Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, presided over the lecture. In his presidential remark Dr. Chahal appreciated the initiative taken by Prof. Autar Singh Dhesi for instituting the annual lecture in the memory of his grandfather. He also highlighted the important role played by Dr. Ambedkar for the democratic reconstruction of Indian society.

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Auspicious Magha Puja celebrated in the

Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto on 18 February 2008

Venerable Gayanosri Shraman

“Not to do any evil action, to cultivate good, to purify one's mind, ----this is the Teaching of the blessed one (Buddha).

It was 2 nd time very successfully celebrated the Holy Magha Puja in the Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto. May be some people think that this magha full moon is very new for the northern Indian’s or some others part of Indian, and some of them they still don’t know why its important or what the main rule of the Lord Buddha this full moon day. I have to acknowledge all of you here that this Magha full moon day Lord Buddha was in the Veluvana (Bamboo grove) Modern Rajagiri Bihar state in India, and He did first time apply the Vinaya or Moralities for monks or ordained sangha and lay devotee. The Buddha Himself and His 1,250 assembled noble enlightens disciples. Its call Buddhist first constitution & assembled day and Lord Buddha give every one similar right for socially and spiritually this occasion. This Magha day the baskets of law established in the world no others any particular religious, kingdom, and groups did this kind of rules for their Asram or institution and states for equal right for every human being. The Buddha was giving once right to speak, right to study or practice, and right to have full liberties and freedom their own life. And when we read the book of the Karl marks, his “The Capitalism” he also adopted Buddha’s theory in his book for same valuation or equality for the every one in this human society. “ Liberty is not personal! But it’s social, “We are human and have right for freedom & liberty but here we have to follow the rule’s, otherwise we may will be harm others in our irresponsibility and its will bring in our life sinful or grievous. The rules or principle control us from every kind of evil action so Lord Buddha tell all human being have to follow the vinaya or rules if they want to be in peace and for final goal of Nirvana or end of suffering.

At morning in Magha day programs was started 9am chanting and candlelight and flowers 10.30 Buddha Puja and fives or eight precepts started by the Most Venerable Udopilli Wimala Bodhi from Toronto Maha Vihara (Sri Lanka), 11.00am Translate the pali sutras to in English and Hindi by Ven. Gayanosri . 11.30am Pinda Danna for monks & lay devotees whose take eight precepts 12pm lunches for our special guest and layperson.

12.30 pm sermons about the day of Magha for whole Buddhist and non-Buddhists world importunacy.

Finally I would like to very Thanks to Mrs. Bhatia and John to participate in our Temple and my other devotee and supporters who make donation in to the foods banks money and many different type of can foods needy people, Thanks to Mr. Gian Kaura &family, Mr. Malkiet, & Usha Heer, Mr. Hemant Chakravorti & family, Mr. Rakesh Sallan & family, Mr. Ram Lubhaya & family, Mr. Anand balley & Family, Mr. Mohinder Sallan & family, Mr. Piara Rahul & family. Mr. H. R. Chauhan & family. Mr. Mark Vadare & Family, Mr. Kamal Barua & Family. Mr. Ajit lear& Family, Mr. Raj Heer & family and others. All of your donation or contributions are for great meaning for the Temple and Foods Banks who really need for their life and build up a new happiest world in the human society and in the observing noble doctrine, purification mind and go for final destiny of Nirvana.

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I on behalf of Chumber Family and <ambedkartimes.com> share sympathies with Shri Khushi Ram Ji & his family on the untimely demise of Mrs. Bhagwnati (Shri Khushi Ram’s wife & my real Aunt (Tayi Ji)). Mrs. Bhagwati shocked us last evening of March 04, 2008 by leaving us from this world with a cancer. She’s always been really great to everyone and she also visited with her husband, Shri Khushi Ram (President of Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver (Canada) & Ex Joint Chief Controller of Import & Export, Director of Andhra Bank, Deputy Secretary of UPSC, Justice, Member of Regional Recruitment/Selection Board of State Bank Group etc) the Chumber family (Prem Kumar Chumber) in California (U.S.A) in 2003. She was very helpful, generous and a very sweet person to everyone. This is a big loss for the Chumber family and as well as for her family and the community. We pray that her soul will rest in peace.

Mr. Khushi Ram Ji can be reached at 604-433-5599

Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor, www.ambedkartimes.com)

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On behalf of Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Canada we extend our condolences on the death of Mrs. Bhagwnati wife of our President Mr. Khushi Ram. It is a big loss for the family and to our community. We pray to Lord Buddha to bless Mrs. Bhagwanti's soul and help her family to deal with this tragedy. 

S. P. Ahir (Gen. Sec.) & Kamlesh Ahir (Cashier)
(Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Canada)

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On behalf of Indian Buddhist Society of Toronto, Canada we extend our condolences on the death of Mrs. Bhagwnati wife of Mr. Khushi Ram (President, Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver). We share the loss of Mrs. Bhagwnati with her family and pray to Lord Buddha to bless her soul with peace and help the family to bear their loss. As we all know she was a great lady and very supportive of community service. Her death is not a loss to her family only but also a loss to our community. 

Raj Kumar Oshoraj (416-219-4196)
Vice President (Indian Buddhist Society of Toronto, Canada)

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On behalf of Ambedkar Mission  Toronto, we extend our condolences on the death of Mrs. Bhagwnati wife of Mr. Khushi Ram (President, Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver). We share the loss of Mrs. Bhagwnati with her family and pray to Lord Buddha to bless her soul with peace and help the family to bear their loss. 
Anand Balley
Ambedkar Mission Toronto (Canada)

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We extend our condolences on the death of Mrs. Bhagwanti w/o Mr. Khushi Ram Ji. We share loss of Mrs. Bhagwanti with her family and relatives. As we know she was a great lady in the society. Her death is not only a loss to her family but also a loss to Indian Buddhist community.


Prem Kaul & family. (Toronto, Canada)


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We are very sad to know the untimely demise of your Tayi Ji (Aunt) through www.ambedkartimes.com and we feel its very unbearable loss to Mr. Khushi Ram family/Chumber families and our community also. We express our sympathies with you and Uncle Mr. Khushi Ram & his family and pray to Sahib Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji to bless her soul with peace in HIS BEGUMPURA SEHAR and help the Mr. Khushi Ram family/Chumber families to bear their loss. 

Satnam Singh Chumber & Family ( California, USA)

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Dear Chumber Ji,

Jai Bheem,


It is very sad to know the untimely demise of Tayi Ji MRS. BHAGWANTI wife of Shri Khushi Ram Chumber and your real Aunt (Tayi Ji)). I feel it is an unbearable loss and I pray to Akal Purkh to give the Chumber family to bear the loss.


Ronki Ram (Dr.),

Dept. of Political Science, Panjab University , Chandigarh ( India )


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It is very sad to know the untimely demise of MRS. BHAGWANTI wife of Shri Khushi Ram Chumber and your real Aunt (Tayi Ji)). I feel it is an unbearable loss and I pray to God to give the Chumber family to bear the loss and pray to God that her soul rest in peace.

D. R. BHATTI (Toronto, Canada)

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Respected Khushi Ram Ji,

It was a great shock to learn the sad demise of Mrs. Bhagwnati Ji. She was a very y pious lady and well respected in the community. Such great personality's loss is a great loss to the community in general and very special to the Chumber Family. In this hour of grief we share your sorrows and pray that her soul rests in peace and you get the strength to bear the loss. Jai Bheem

Dr. Suresh Badhan (President) & Dr. Usha Badhan (Secretary)

and all other members of Harbans Kaur Memorial Charitable Trust, New Delhi (India)

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Thank you very much to all of you who expressed

sympathies on the demise of Bhagwnati

Thank you very much to all for your expression of sincere sympathies in the great loss that Mr. Khushi Ram/Chumber families have suffered in the death of Mrs. Bhagwnati. I on my own behalf and on the behalf of Mr. Khushi Ram/Chumber families really appreciates the sentiments expressed by you all. It’s a great consolation to know that there are great community leaders/societies like you in this world that share other’s irreparable loss.

We pray to Sahib Shri Guru Ravidass Ji to bless her soul with peace in HIS BEGUMPURA SEHAR and help suffered the Chumber families to bear their great great loss.  Kaumi Udarian (Jalandhar) & www.ambedkartimes.com also really appreciate your sentiments.

C. L. Chumber (Chief Editor: Kaumi Uadarian, Jalandhar)

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These are some memorable pictures when Mrs. Bhagwnati visited Chumber family in California with her husband Mr. Khushi Ram for the last time in 2003.

Mrs. Bhagwnati sitting with her husband Mr. Khushi Ram and Mrs. Bhagwnati sitting with her husband and Prem Kumar Chumber and his family in California (USA).

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Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee GB
Celebrated Kathina Festival 2007

Some pictures from Kathina Festival 2007 by Kamla Chumber

Mrs. Kamla Chumber (General Secretary) Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee GB

London : Member of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee GB, Mr. Atma Ram Jakhu and Mrs. Vidya Jakhu with the family members offered Kathina Offering of Robes to the Sangha on Sunday 11th November, at the Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Centre, Upper Zoar Street, Pennfields, WV3 OJH. It was an overall success due mainly to all, and we thank all who participated on the auspicious day members, supporters and family.

We hope to see you all next year. Next year Kathina will be offered by Mr. & Mrs. Shadi Lal Sallan and family & once again thanks to all.

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Shri Guru Ravidas Temple Burlington (Toronto) Canada

Welcomes to Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji

Bhante Ji will deliver a religious sermon for the sangat of Guru Ghar On Sunday October 28, 2007. All are invited to come to Shri Guru Ravidas Temple Burlington (Toronto) Canada.

Courtesy of: Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada                                              

Posted on October 25, 2007

Punjab Buddhist Society Punjab, India Celebrating Kathina at
Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
On November 25, 2007, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Ludhiana: Participating Buddhist Monks: Bhante Bodhi Pallo (Aurangabad, India), Bhante Devind (U.P., India), Sponsoring upasaks: D.D. Ahir (Telford, England), Rattan Lal Sampla (Germany), S.L. Ghinda (Scotland), also supported by: Punjab Buddhist Society UK (England) Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada

Posted on November 21, 2007


Kathina ceremony performed at
Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto on Nov. 24

Toronto: - Kathina Robe offering is one of the most meritorious activities in Buddhism. All monks must have to observe the Vassa, living at one monastery for three months during rainy season. The monks who fulfill the Vassa retreat without breaking and performed Pavarana at the end are able to accept Kathina Robe. There are two ceremonies in Kathina offering. One is the Kathina robe is offered to Bhikkhu Sangha as a whole and second, the Sangha selects an individual Monk to offer the Kathina robe. This year at the Indian Buddhist Temple Establish under Ambedkar Mission Toronto monks has successfully completed the vassa.

Mr. & Mrs. Banta Ram Jakhu sponsored this year Kathina ceremony event with his family. All other family friends and members supported the ceremony by helping them. Program was started at 11:00 AM by performing the Buddha Puja. Bhante Gyanosri, Resident Monk of the Temple, Ven. U. Wimala (Mahadhamik Burmese Temple), Ven. Vireak Phom (Cambodian Temple) and Ven. Nil Choeun (Combodian Temple) performed this ceremony. After the Puja, all the devotees offered lunch to the monks. All other devotees enjoyed the lunch when the Ven Monks finished their lunch. Ven. Ahangama Rathanasiri Thero, Ven. Udupihille Wimalabuddhi, Ven. Tissa Nalaka of Toronto Mahavihara Society joined the ceremony at 01:30 PM. Traditional robe offering ceremony was performed and Bhante Rathanasiri Thero explained the significance of this event, which is celebrated only once a year. All the Monks present performed prayer and chanting on this occasion. Communities form Bangla Desh, Indonesia, Balmik Sabha and Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Ontario also participated in the ceremony. Anand Balley General Secretary Thank to all Family and Dhamma Friend

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Indian Buddhist Society Toronto

Sets to create History in Toronto with Gurudwaras
(Guru Ravidas Temples)

R. K. Oshoraj

Toronto:- During Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji’s recent trip to Canada; Indian Buddhist Society Toronto arranged Bhante Ji’s visit for two Guru Ravidas Temples in Toronto: one in Toronto and the other one in Burlington (Toronto) which creates history for the first time that a Buddhist Monk shared religious excerpts with the gurudwara sangat (audience).

Bhante Ji’s pravachan (sermon) was warmly received by the audience in both gurudwaras. One of the many similarities was touched by Bhante Ji to prove the common religious message of Buddha and Shri Guru Ravidass Ji’s Gurbani about the welfare of all (Sarvjan Hitaye, Sarvjan Sukhaye and Sarbat Da Bhalaa). Sangat was heartily appreciative of Bhante Ji for taking time from his short and busy schedule to spend some time with them in the gurudwara.

Presidents of both Guru Ravidas Temples in Toronto are two real brothers: Mr. Ram Sandhi and Mr. Harmesh Sandhi. Both presidents received Bhanteji with great devotion and respect. Sangat of both gurudwaras respected Bhante Ji as a religious symbol of Buddhism and paid their respects. We also appreciate the efforts of Bhai Shaminder Singh Ji of Guru Ghar Burlington (Toronto) to make it happen for Burlington Shri Guru Ravidass Guru Ghar.

The management committee of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto is indebted to both management committees of gurudwaras for joining hands to create history by having a Buddhist Monk first time in the Gurudwaras to share the common religious message for the welfare of the humanity.

Posted on November 15, 2007

Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony
Successfully celebrated in UK

Ven. S. M. Sujano

Punjab Buddhist Society UK successfully celebrated Kathina Robe offering ceremony Sunday 4th November 2007 at its centre 83 Lea Road and Shri Guru Ravidassi Community Centre, Wolverhampton along with interfaith cultural programme presented by Thai Community from London.

Kathina ceremony was started at the time of the Buddha about 2550 years ago. Since then it’s became one of the significant ceremony in the Buddhist calendar. It is also a kind of form and example for getting together of Buddhist monk and lay devotes for the propagation of Buddhism, which is always depended on the mutual respect and support of the sangha and laity. Its popularity was reflected in the very large number of people attending in Wolverhampton from different parts of the country and from different communities, i.e. Thai and Burmese communities. Fourteen Venerable monks from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma and Nepal were presented. Especially heartening was the presence of members of interfaith group; the Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim have given us a positive feedback and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

The programme began with the observation of five precepts followed by short chanting by the venerable sangha after which all the devotees, headed by Mr. and Mrs Harbans Lal Virdee from Southall London, offered lunch to the sangha.

Main programme was started with the Kathina Robe procession followed by a classical song ‘Jot se Jot milao (let’s light the candle together?)’ by ‘Wolverhampton Ladies Meiffil group’ and all members are invited to light the lamps. After which Ven. Phrakhru Panyasudhammawithet (known as Phramaha Laow) chief abbot of the Buddha Vihara temple Kings Bromley, Staffordshire outlined the significance of the Kathina Robe Offering ceremony. He explained that the rain retreat (Vassavasa) had just finished (Pavarana), when a group of 30 monks approached to pay there respects to the Buddha notiching their wet and muddy robes the lay people asked the Buddha if they could replace them. Through this the Kathina robe offering was inaugurated by the Buddha. However, Buddha agreed provided that the work was completed before the next full moon day, when the monks would return to their mendicant lifestyle. In this way a material need of the sangha would be provided and the lay people would have an excellent opportunity to gain great merit. Main Kathina robe which offered by the Mr. & Mrs Virdee family, whose generous sponsorship of the ceremony is gratefully acknowledged, and local people and guests from different parts of Britain and other countries offered robes and other materials to the venerable sangha. Thai community leaded by Mrs Tanya Laurence and Mrs. Bee Constable brought Kathina Tree from London and offered to venerable sangha. They were also supporting and working hard for the success of this celebration since many months. On behalf of PBSUK many thanks to them all!!!

Along the speakers was venerable Dr. W. Kassapa Mahathera, the abbot of Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara and president of the international Buddhist Relief Organization to whom we express deep gratitude and thanks for his support and help for flourishing of society. Many thanks also to Rob Marris MP for making the effort to attend, for his encouraging words and for donating a robe to the venerable sangha. And also thanks to Cllr. Elias Mattu and Cllr. John Reynolds for making the effort to attend the function and offering the robes to the monks. Mr. Chanan Chahal vice president of PBSUK and Mr. Malkiat Singh Bahal also gave short information concerning Buddhist situation in India and PBS UK’s success to establish monk’s training centre (Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara/Seema) in Ludhiana Punjab, India. They also invite all the members and supporters of PBSUK to come forward and continue their support and help for the development of Buddhadhamma in India as the wish of ‘Baba Saheb Ambedkar’ to make India into Buddhist country as it was.

This year’s programme became more colourful with the children’s presentations and Thai entertainments. All the audience were attracted and kept deep concentration on Miss Shachi Ashok Chakravorti from London’s recitation of such a wonderful Buddhist chanting, followed by loving kindness (Metta Bhavana) chanting by Master Shrey Ashok Chakravorti. Audience were also enjoyed flute music played by Miss Anisha Payne from Wolverhampton and Miss Kimaya Midha read her poetry, which was especially composed for this ceremony. All the participants were greatly entertained with Thai group’s singing and dancing, which was leaded by Mrs Dao. We are also grateful and thanks to her for bringing sound system for our ceremony too. And also thanks to Mrs Bee for being moderator for this session. Our gratitude is due to Ven. Chander bodhi, the president of the PBS UK. The widespread support of this event and the rapid growth of the PBS owe much to his energy and whole-hearted commitment.

Further, with a hearty thanks to all individuals, organizations and associations whose endeavours contribution to such a memorable day. The programme was conducted by Ven. Sujan a resident monk at PBSUK. With the power of triple gem, all your generosity in making an offering on this occasion come together and May these merits bring you happiness, strength and wisdom.

Posted on November 07, 2007


Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada

Organized a Seminar on Buddhism in Toronto

Report by: R. K. Oshoraj

On October 27, 2007, A Buddhist Seminar was organized by Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada to raise funds for Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Ludhiana, Panjab, India.

Seminar was presided over by well known Punjabi Buddhist Monk Venerable Chander Bodhi Ji of Punjab Buddhist Society UK.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto is the first organization to dare to invite thoughts on the most sentimental and emotional topic of religion in today’s age which most of the organizations hesitate to touch. Thoughts on various aspects of religion were shared by speakers and Bhante Ji explained the importance of religion in everyday life; in specific to Buddhism. Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s thoughts on religion were also shared by speakers. General consensus agreed to have a need of religion for the individuals and the society regardless of which part of the globe they habitat.

First time in Toronto’s history, it was a unique seminar on Buddhism by the Indian Buddhists. Audience was encouraged to ask questions to clarify the information with the speakers after their speech. Basically, it was an interactive seminar. The credit goes to the supporters and the team members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada to put together such a tremendous event.

Program was organized in Pine Valley Banquet Hall in Toronto. Hall was decorated with flowers, the banners of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto and portraits of Lord Buddha along with statues of various colors and sizes. Several candles of different fragrances were lit in the hall before observing tri-sharan and panch-sheel. Program started with Buddhist Prayer performed by Bhante Chander Bodhi Ji.

Various local organizations participated in the program and supported financially. Lots of members of other organizations volunteered for help. Indian Buddhist Society Toronto appreciates their compassionate support.

Various well known local personalities shared their views in the seminar. They were: Mr. Kashmir Singh, Dr. Kewal Kailay, Mr. Darbara Singh, Mr. Jagir Bance, Mr. Sukhdev Thaper, Mr. Nirmal Sallan and Mr. Dev Bhatti.

Dr. Kewal Kailay shared his thoughts on what is a religion, why do we need a religion and what is important in a religion. He was of the opinion that a religion must possess equality and fraternity for its followers. People must flourish in their religion and become caring citizens over time in the society.

Mr. Darbara Singh, with a great compassion, shared his thoughts on Buddhism. He also dared all to learn and practice religion at their own. Mr. Singh spoke from his heart and with self experience of Dhamma. I must mention here that Mr. Singh was always a religious person though he commended the way of Buddhism which taught him how to practice Dhamma. His thoughts were very inspiring and he concluded his speech by declaring himself to be a practicing Buddhist.

Mr. Jagir Bance expressed his thoughts on social equality and wanted to see a casteless society all around the world. He appreciated efforts of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto to organize such programs where community gets a chance to sit together and discuss common issues.

Mr. Nirmal Sallan also emphasized to follow Baba Sahib’s way to help improve the social status of our community and appreciated chance to share his thoughts in such program. Mr. Sukhdev Thaper and Mr. Dev Bhatti also shared their views.

Mr. Kashmir Singh made his efforts to participate in the program even thought he had other engagements as well. As usual, he inspired all to work hard and make all your dreams come true either those are financial, social or religious since we live in the part of the world where no dream is impossible to achieve.

All speakers were not afraid of presenting their thoughts openly about religion. They all agreed that each individual does need a religion that treats everyone equal and fair. Religion must help an individual to become a better citizen of the society it lives in. Religion also gives an identity to its followers.

Bhante Chander Bodhi Ji concluded the program. Of course, he gave his Dhamma Talk on Buddhism. He inspired all to live a blissful life where ever we are and that will help us and others around us to have a blissful life too. Bhante Ji also expressed to have the right understanding of the religious scriptures. There are times when we are explained different meanings of the religious scriptures by different people and it’s in everyone’s interest to have the right understanding of the religion/dhamma. We must try to understand the Dhamma message of Lord Buddha which is for the welfare of the whole humanity not for any individual alone (Sarvjan Hitay Sarvjan Sukhay).

Mr. Parkash Rahul (President: Indian Buddhist Society Toronto) thanked the audience for their financial support and presence. On behalf of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, he gave commitment to organize more programs in the future to spread Buddhism and Baba Sahib’s message to make India a Buddhist country. Snacks and soft drinks were served throughout the program and a delicious vegetarian dinner was also served in a beautifully decorated banquet hall.

I had the honor to facilitate the seminar.

Posted on November 03, 2007


Ven. Sangharathana & Ven. Vicitta &

Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of
Great Britain


Invite you to Celebrate

 Kathina Day Offering of Robes to the Sangha

On: Sunday 11 thNovember Time: 10-30am to 4.00pm

At the: Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Centre, Upper Zoar Street , Pennfields, Wolverhampton , WV3 OJH

In Buddhist tradition, a full moon day in July marks the beginning of the rainy season. This season is also known as Wassana Reetu or Wassana Kala. During this period, the Buddhist Laity invite Venerable Monks to stay at a dwelling (usually a Buddha Vihara) for three months to preach the Dhamma. The laity attend to the general needs of the Venerable Monks and listen to the Dhamma on a daily basis. The rainy season lasts for three months and comes to end on full moon day in October. This marks the beginning of Kathina when the laity offer the Sacred Cheevra (orange robe) to the Venerable Monks. Kathina comes to end on full moon day in November.

Kathina Ceremony to be conducted by Ven. Dr. Sri Sumana from London. Everyone is cordially invited to attend this programme with friends, families and relatives. Kathina Offering this year will be offered by Mr Atma Ram Jakhu and Mrs Vidya Jakhu along with their family, devotee friends, relatives, members and supporters, at the Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Centre. Those who wish to offer Robes to the Sangha (Venerable Monks) may contact Mr Tarsem Kaul in advance on Mobile 07800815296 or 01902 650125. Each Robe costing £25.00 each. Those who wish to offer food to the Sangha, please arrive at the Buddha Vihara before 11.00am .


10-45am Lighting Candles, Joss-sticks, Puja, Five Precepts, 11-00am Chanting, 11-30am Offering lunch to Sangha, 12-00am Lunch for lay-devotees, 1-00pm Offering of Kathina Robes, by Mr A R Jakhu and Lay- Devotees, 2-00pm Dhamma sermon by Venerable Monks, 3-00pm Dhamma sermon by Lay Devotees, 3-45pm Blessings and close with tea and refreshments.

For further information please contact Buddha Vihara on 01902 715094 or Mrs. Kamla Chumber on 07817483471

Posted on Nov. 1, 2007


Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain, Wolverhampton, U.K

Invites you to Celeberate Kathina-Mela on Sunday 25th Nov. 2007,

Being organized at
Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Center, Punjab
Ambedkar Nagar, Mahilpur Road, Near Vill.Soond (Nawan Sahr)

Kathina is a sacred Festival of Buddhist. The Buddhist Monks restart their social journeys for enlightening the humanity after a stay of three month rainy season in Buddha Vihara. The Cheevars are donated on this event to Buddhist Monks by the philanthropists. In Region of Doaba in Heart of Buddhist Land Punjab, Kathina Festival is being organized for the first time in the history of Punjab.

Sponsored by

First President of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain, Wolverhampton, U.K. Mr. Darshan Lal Jassal, who donating more than One Crore rupees to Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre, Punjab, Mr. Roop Lal Jassal UK, Sarwan Dass Jassal and family.


Panchsheel Flag Ceremony: 10-30 a.m Sermons by monks: 11-00 to 12-30
Lunch: 12-30 to 1-30 Kathina Ceremony: 2-00 to 4-00 p.m

Participating Buddhist Clergy and Scholars

1. Bhikhu Farha Maha Sambhoon, U.K. 2. Bhikhu Anand Dev Mahathero, U.P. 3. Bhikhu Yash Kashpayan, U.P. 4. Bhikhu Jagta Nand, Punjab. 5. Bhikhu Gian Rattan Thero, Agra. 6. All India Bhikhu Maha Sangh. 7. Hon'ble D. C. Ahir, Delhi, 8. Dr. S. L. Virdi Advocate 9. Dr. Seva Singh (Retd.Professor) Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar

Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre, Punjab, (Under Construction Project for the welfare of Society)

Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre under construction by Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain will provide following benefits and facilities to the society at large: 1. Man is suffering due to ignorance.School, Technical and Vocational Education and Library for enlightening the society. 2. Dispensary, Anti-Drug ediction and Eye Camps for better health. 3. Computer and Sewing Education for end of unemployment. 4. Community Centre for Social Functions and Seminars. 5. Endeavors for the fulfillment of noble vision of making India Pro Buddhist and Mission of Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar.


Raj Kumar Paul, President; Ram Parkash Jakhu, Cashier, and Members, (Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain) Wolverhampton,U.K.

Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre (Working Group), Ph: - Centre: 01823 288599, Committee: 00441902715094,


Posted on Oct. 17, 2007


Kathina celebration by Punjab Buddhist Society UK
On Nov. 4th 2007
Shri Guru Ravidass Community Center,
Dudly Road, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton (UK)

Kathina Robe offering is one of the most meritorious activities in Buddhism. All monks must have to observe the Vassa, living at one monastery for three months during rainy season. The monks who fulfil the Vassa retreat without breaking and performed Pavarana at the end are able to accept Kathina Robe. There are two ceremonies in Kathina offering. One is the Kathina robe is offered to Bhikkhu Sangha as a whole and second, the Sangha selects an individual Monk to offer the Kathina robe. This year at the centre of PBSUK three monks has successfully completed the vassa.

Every year, Punjab Buddhist Society UK celebrates this Kathina Ceremony with joy and happy. The society invites all communities and organizations; English, Indian, Thai, Burmese etc to join on this auspicious occasion of Kathina Robe offering.

Thus, all are humbly invited to participate on this meritorious Kathina Robe offering ceremony. Everyone can make offering as you like or if you would like to make any special offerings please contact to: Mr. Harbans Lal Virdee at: 02085 752348 / 07956918053, Ven. Chander Bodhi at: 01902 656665 / 07733412317, This year’s main Kathina Robe is sponsored by Mr. Harbans Lal, Mrs. Sumitra Virdee and Family from Southall at 11:00 am Gathering at the centre, Observation of Sila, 11:30 am Offering Lunch to Venerable Monks, 12:00 am Lunch for lay devotees, 1:00 pm Dhamma talks on Kathina in English/Hindi/Punjabi, 2:00 pm Offering Kathina Robes and Pha Pa to the Venerable Sangha, 3:15 pm Cultural programme (Thai and Indian communities), 4.15 pm Vote of Thanks by Ven. Chander Bodhi, Blessing and Anumodana, Tea and

Refreshment programme.
Punjab Buddhist Society UK also invites you all to participate the Kathina Ceremony Culture show and fund raising activities On Sunday 4th November 2007, 11am -5 pm at Shri Guru Ravi Dass Community Centre,181 - Dudley Road, Wolverhampton WV2 3RD On the occasion Thai Massage Wish Fulfilling Tree (Lucky Tree) Entrance, Food And Refreshment (Free of charge) Lots others Classical Music (Wolverhampton Ladies Meiffil group and other) Kathina Robe Offerings Entrance, Food and Refreshment Offered by Mr.& Mrs. Harbans Lal Virdee, Southall family

Posted on October 22, 2007


Special Dhamma Talk On the occasion of
51 Years of Dhamma Diksha Diwas

83 Lea Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 0LN
On Sunday 21st October 2007
Time 5.00 – 7.30pm

Most Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir

Dear Friends in the dhamma,
Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a great unparallel political, social and religious leader of the modern India; Chief architect of Indian constitution, influential reformation of Indian modern society and introduction of Buddhism to India by embracing Buddhism along with thousands of people. To remark the 51st years of his conversion to Buddhism Punjab Buddhist Society UK is organizing this Dhamma talk.

On behalf of all the members of the PUNJAB BUDDHIST SOCIETY UK would like to invite you to a very special BUDDHAMARGA gathering at the vihara on the above date. We will be privileged to be addressed by a very distinguished teacher of Buddhist Philosophy and meditation on a subject relevant to all of us.

5.00pm Buddha Puja - observation of five precepts, 5.30pm Katannu Puja – offering of flowers, 5.45pm Introduction of Baba Sahib and Introduction of 22 vows, 6.00pm How to be a good Buddhist in modern world? By Ven. Jnanapurnik, 6.45pm Question & Answer session, 7.15pm Vote of Thanks and Blessings, 7.30pm Refreshment and end of programme

‘My social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words: LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY. My philosophy has roots in religion and not in POLITICAL SCIENCE. I have derived them from the teachings of my master, THE BUDDHA.’ -

Short biography of Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir

Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir was born in Nepal on 21st November 1939, and became a novice at the age of 16 years. At the age of 23, he obtained a degree in Buddhist teaching in Burma and has been teaching the Buddha dhamma ever since. Ven. Sayadaw is currently the chief abbot of Vishwa Shanti Vihara, the Novice training centre in Kathmandu.

For more information please contact:
Ven. Chander Bodhi 01902 656665, Or E-mail to:punjab_buddhist_society@yahoo.co.uk

Posted on Oct. 17, 2007


ABS Temple Sacramento
Invites for Annual Kathina Ceremony
(Robe Offering Ceremony) on October 20-21, 2007

Since the time of the Buddha, each year at the end of the three-month of Rainy Retreat (Vas), the monks and lay community of each Theravada Buddhist Temple gather to celebrate the making of merit in the previous three months. The significant part of the ceremony is the offering of a specially prepared robe to the Maha Sangha. It is also the day to shower the Temple with gifts and supplies to be used by the monks throughout the following year. This ceremony is performed only once a year at each Theravada temple in the world. It is a truly joyful occasion, one that gives devotees the opportunity to make offerings and to improve the richness of the relationship between the lay people and the Sangha. This year about fifteen monks and nuns have been invited to celebrate the Kathina Ceremony with ABS members and friends.

Saturday evening, October 20: The most auspicious part of the evening is the Ceremonial Chanting of the specially selected teachings of the Buddha. This will include the Dhammacakka Sutta (First Sermon of the Buddha) and the Atanatiya Sutta recited by monks in age-old traditional melody. Special Chanting Chamber (Mandapa) will be erected as a symbol of veneration to Dhamma. Listeners are expected to focus on the sound silently throughout the recitation. The ceremony is organized mainly to bring good health and prosperity to all those who help the temple and their loved ones. Please be at the temple before 6:00 P.M.

Sunday, October 21: Kathina Celebration begins very early in the morning when lay followers bring the material needed to prepare the Kathina Robe and offer it to Sangha. The cloth is carefully cut and sewn by the lay followers with the help of the monks. The finished Kathina Robe will be ready by mid-day to be offered. This robe together with other gift articles prepared by lay followers will be ceremonially offered to the Sangha immediately after lunch. Lunch will be served to everyone. If you are attending from afar please plan to arrive at the temple before 10:30 A.M.

The main sponsor of Kathina Ceremony this year is Mr. & Mrs. Bouttry Janetvilay and their family of Richmond, California. Traditionally, sponsoring a Kathina Ceremony is regarded as a great privilege and as one of the most meritorious deeds that lay followers can perform. If you wish to sponsor a Kathina in the future year, please contact Ven. Shantha, the abbot of the temple, for registration.

The monks and the Dayaka Sabha (body of members) of ABS Temple warmly invite you, your family and friends to attend the ceremony on both Saturday and Sunday to benefit from the activities.May the Triple Gem shower blessings upon you for good health and happiness.

Monks and the Dayaka Sabha
ABS Temple at Sacramento, Tel: (916) 371 8535

Kathina Ceremony Schedule

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007

06:00 P.M. Buddha Pooja, 06:30 P.M. Refreshment for every one, 07:00 P.M. Ceremonial Pirith chanting, 10:15P.M. Distribution of Pirith Water and Threads

Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007

05:30 A.M. Bringing the material to make the Kathina Robe, 07:00 A.M. Buddha Pooja and morning Dana/Meal to monks, 10:45 A.M. Buddha Pooja, 11:30 A.M. Offering Dana to Sangha and Lunch for Everyone, 11:50 A.M. Lunch for all Participants, 01: 00 P.M. Offering the Kathina Robe, 01:45 P.M. Conclusion and Tea Time, 02:00 PM Helping clean-up the temple by all Dayakas

To participate in the food offering, please contact one of the following organizers: Ramani (916-332 9515), Jayantha (916-375-1780), Kamini (196-372-6629), Gayatri (209-832-3818) Kathina Ceremony day can be called the Annual Dana day. Dana, generosity is the most fundamental practice of the Buddhist life. By maintaining a temple and supporting Sangha all of you are participating in Dhamma Dana, the gift (Dana) that excels all other gifts. Temple is a place where many people find solace whether they are happy or sad. Even your small contribution to maintain the temple and carryout its services will help ease the financial burden of those who regularly contribute. Kathina Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to contribute generously and be benefited by it here and hereafter.

Posted on October 11, 2007


Ven. S. M. Sujano
PBSUK, Wolver Hampton

Buddhism is a western term for Buddha Dhamma (Stk: Buddha dharma), which means the teachings of the awakened one. Buddha is not a name of particular person but a title to one who awakened or enlightened one. Today, Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It is a religion to about over 400 million people around the world. It has its history about over 2500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened at the age of 35. His enlightenment was the beginning of Buddha Dhamma or the religion known as the Buddhism. Today Buddhism become popular in west for a number of reasons; a way life and answers to many problems of modern materialistic age. Founder of Buddhism was not the God, nor he claim to be. He was neither the son of God nor the messenger of the God. He was a human being, who cultivates himself and attained enlightenment. He taught a path to enlightenment from his own experience.

The prince Siddhartha Gotama was born about 2600 years ago (six century B.C.) in Kapilavatthu of modern Nepal. He, at the age of 29 renounced the palace after a luxurious and sensual life for search the way to salvation of life. He went to different teachers and practice different ascetics methods for nearly six years but couldn’t attain enlightenment. Finally, he discovered the middle way of life and became Enlighten at the age of 35 and known as the Buddha. He introduced this middle way (majjimapatipada) for the happiness and benefit of the many. Later, it is known as the Buddhism.
He, the Buddha preached the doctrines for 45 years in various ways and different places. His main massage or teachings are The Four Noble Truths (Catu Ariya Sacca), Dependent Origination (Paticca Samuppada), and Three Characteristics (Tilakkhana) and so on. But the heart of Buddha’s teachings is the Four Noble Truths. The Buddha says in Hatthipadopama Sutta or the discourse of Elephant’s foot that Four Noble Truths is includes all his doctrines like every animal’s foots are including in elephant’s foot. Therefore, all his teachings which are known as Dhamma are based on this Four Noble Truths. Moreover, he says that if one wants to teach Dhamma or Buddhism to others he should teach to understand this Doctrine of Four Noble Truths.
“One thing only does the Tathagata teach, namely suffering and the cessation of suffering.” (Sutta Nipata)
His whole teachings were compiled and called Tipitaka (skt. Tripitaka) , the three baskets of doctrines. It was first compiled after the three months of Buddha’s entered Parinibbana at the age of 80 and in time to time Buddhist councils were held in order to purify and checked. The Tripitaka consists of Vinaya pitaka, a code of conducts; Sutta pitaka, a set of discourses; and Abhidhamma pitaka, a set of higher doctrines or Buddhist psychology. This Tripitaka is known as the Theravada Buddhist scripture or Pali Buddhist scripture. Therefore, Theravada Buddhism based on this scripture; Tripitaka.
‘Weather I (the Buddha) arises in this world or not the Dhamma is exists in the World.’(Dhammaniyama Sutta) says the Buddha. Therefore, Buddhism is not based or accepts its doctrines on trust. Everyone is invited to try them out, to experiment with them. No matter what is in the scripture or with hearsay or with tradition or with logical or with the thought ‘he/she is our teacher etc. study it with right views and keeps in practice. If it is work in practice and profitable then should practice them and abide in them. (Kesaputtiya Sutta). Because of this freedom of dogma Buddhism is accepted in every culture, tradition and countries of the world.
“Striving should be done by you. The Tathagtas are only teachers.” (Dhp. 276)
Therefore, there are three ways of education according to the Buddhism; Pariyatti = Study, preparatory, Patipatti = Practice, real practice and Pativeda = realization, Result, called Tisikkha (Skt. Trisikksya). Right understand is needed for right practice. So, pariyatti or study here means to development of right view and right understanding of the way of practices. The whole scripture is taken in this stage or road map for practice. Buddha never demanded that anyone accepts its teachings on trust or in terms of blind faith. ‘Come and See’ if beneficial keep practice it. So, Right View is bases for the development of right practice and right practice is bases for achievement of ultimate happiness; Nibbana Dhamma.
The understanding of real Buddha dhamma is realization through practice. The term practice is called meditation or Bhavana in Buddhism. Bhavana here means mental cultivation of wholesome deeds. According to Buddhism, Bhavanamaya panna or the knowledge that is gain from the development or cultivation is true knowledge and leads to end of all kinds of sufferings. In other word ‘Buddhism was discovered from meditation and should be known deeply only by practice meditation’. Therefore, in this respect right understanding on practice or meditation is crucial in Buddhism. Right meditation leads to understand of the real teachings of the Buddha. That is why meditation is important in Buddhism.
The Buddha’s whole mission was started from the Isipatana Migadaya Vana, a deer park, where he preached his first sermon called Dhamma-cakkappavatana Sutta. Reportedly, in this discourse, he gave out line of Buddhist view or core Buddhist teaching. The first sermon is explained the way of freedom from universal suffering or the Buddha teaches only two doctrines that are the existence of suffering and the cessation of the sufferings. This discourse mainly focused on ‘The Four Noble Truth and the Middle Path; the way to overcome from sufferings and free from the two extremes.
The Buddha had taught for 45 years is “One thing only does the Tathagata (Buddha) teach, that is suffering and the cessation of suffering”.
Further, the Buddha’s “Dhamma is good in the beginning good in the middle and good in the end.” (Suttapitaka)”.
May you all be happy and peace…


Niagara Falls is around 12000 years old natural wonder of Canada and it is at the border of America and Canada. Niagara Falls is located about 130 kilometers to the west of Toronto on Niagara River . Over one million bathtubs of water flowing every minute in these falls. What an exciting place to be at, when the temperature is above normal in summer!

Members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada went to see Niagara Falls last weekend and also visited Ten Thousand Buddha Temple to receive Lord Buddha's blessings. As the name of the temple states number of Buddhas; in fact, there are ten thousand statues of Lord Buddha in various postures and sizes in the temple. Each floor of seven story temple repesents seven life stages of Lord Buddha. We encourage everyone to visit this temple when ever you are in Niagara Falls.

Posted on August 01, 2007



Punjab Buddhist Society UK

Asalha puja day or known as either Sangha day or Dhammacakkappavatana day is another important day of Buddhism was celebrated at 83 Lea Road , Wolverhampton on 30 July 2007 at evening.

A number of devotees were attended to the function. The function started from observing five precepts from Ven. Chander Bodhi, a president of PBS UK . Ven. Sujan, Ven. Tejwant were present. Ven. Tejwant introduced brief introduction of Asalha purnima and concept of ultimate happiness of nibbana. Ven. Chander Bodhi also gave a Dhamma Talks on introduction, important and necessary of Asalha Puja day in Buddhism and for the modern soceity. Further, he explained the lay people's duties on this particular day too. The function was end with short meditation and blessings from the monks and refreshment for all.

Forwarded by Mr. R. K. OSHORAJ **************** Posted on August 01, 2007

Some pictures from Asahra Day celebration


(Inviting Monk for Raining Season Retreat)


The auspicious lunar full Moon day of Ashara or Dhamma cakkapavattana day was celebrated in the Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto (Established Under:AmbedkarMission) Saturday 28th, 2007 by the aggregate Buddhist community. It was started from the morning 10.30am Buddha Puja or worship of wisdom than all lay devotee received the five and eight precepts 11.35 lunch for monk and special precepts holder 1pm a Dhamma discourse about explanation about meaningful the of the day, at 4pm the exhibition the Buddhist books, picture and handicraft and kids program; in evening lantern festival or light puja. The Most venerable A. Rathanasiri president of Toronto Mahavihara . Venerable Vimalabodhi principal of Buddhist Sunday school Toronto mahavihara and venerable Tissamaharamaye Nalaka was joins the evening chanting or Dhamma sermon.

At First Venerable Vimala Bodhi Theo gives the five noble precepts to all lay devotees.

The Venerable Rathanasiri’s Dhamma talk about why the Ashara is important for the all human being who want to be a happiness or peaceful life and the Lord Buddha was give this day His first sermon in Sernath (dissipating) with five ascetics and others village people 2551 years ago and foundation of Buddhism. Ven. Rathanasiri also talks about the Dana (merit), as we are human being than we have to make merit to the songha or help to the society and share with needy people our wealth and good concept. Sila (precepts) Morality it is need for the all people Buddhist or Non-Buddhist Lord Buddha was a first law maker in the world history or this theory adopted by others religious groups or a country constitutions, because without morality the people are can’t save their own self and others so the law have to be practice by every one for build a great civilization and save to others from the evil activity. vabana (Meditation). It is most important a part of human life, the meditation or mind development people are they do or have to do many thing in their every day life, likewise job, Business, and care of their own family and relatives and this all thing make the people are craziness in their mind restlessly. So they forget the their main aim or what they want to do for rest of life: this meditation make all self development and increasingly a rest or Spiritually life which one make people sympathy or compassion to others and avoid harming to others, this tree thing have to practice all people’s. And Ven. Rathanasiri was advised to all Indian Devotee to participate in the temple on Sunday for listen Dhamma from the monk or bring their Kids temple for study about Buddhism or principal daily Buddhist life Vinaya and Sutra. And Venerable Gayanosri Shraman abbot of the Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto give the well come and thanks for their co-operation all Buddhist community who are all supporting the Temple and its first Canadian History that the establish the Indian Buddhist Temple and (Patipada) its mean regularly practicing the Dhamma Vinaya or make the all Buddhist important day whatever Lord Buddha was teaches for us. And I hope or belief that in future Indo-Canadian Buddhist or Non-Buddhist are support for the new building foundation.

Anand Balley (Gen. Sec) Ambedkar Mission Thanks to all the Participants and Honor the Gust from Vancouver Mr.Narinder Bangar with (Dr.Ambedkar Jiwan and Mission Written by Shri L.R.Balley).

The Lunar full moon Ashara or Dhammacakkapavattana day will bring all human being an aspiration and righteousness in life.

Venerable gayanosri Sharaman

Abbot of Indian Buddhist temple Toronto

Email: Gayanosri@yahoo.com . ibttoronto@yahoo.com , Phone 416-609-8953

N.B:- If you need any kind of information about the Temple than please contact us without hesitation.


22 Vows administered by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar
on 14th Oct. 1956 at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur (India)

1. I shall not consider Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as God nor shall I worship them. 2. I shall not consider Ram and Krishna as God nor shall I worship them. 3. I shall not believe in Gouri-Ganesh and other Gods and goddesses of Hindu Religion nor shall I worship them. 4. I don’t have faith incarnation of God. 5. I believe that, Buddha is incarnation of Vishnu, is a false and malicious propaganda. 6. I shall not perform shraddha, nor shall I give pind-dan. 7. I shall not practice anything which is against and different from Buddha’s Dhamma. 8. I will not perform any rituals to be performed by Brahmins. 9. I believe that all human beings are equal. 10. I shall make efforts to establish equality. 11. I shall follow the Eightfold path as told by the Buddha. 12. I shall practice ten Paramitas as told by the Buddha. 13. I shall have compassion and living kindness for all living beings and protect them. 14. I shall not steal. 15. I shall not tell lies. 16. I shall not commit any sexual misconduct. 17. I shall not consume liquor/intoxicants. 18. I shall lead a life based on Buddhist Principle of wisdom, Precepts, and compassion. 19. I denounce Hindu religion which is Harmful for my development as a human being and which has treated human being unequal lowly and I accept Buddha’s Dhamma. 20. I am convinced that Buddha’s Dhamma is Saddhamma. 21. I believe that I am taking new birth. 22. I commit that henceforth I shall act as per Buddha’s principles and teachings.


How Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada did come in existence?
Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Vice President
Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada
E-mail: Oshoraj@canada.com
Phone: 416-219-4196

There were East Indian organizations registered in Toronto since the early seventies but their objectives and motives were other than spreading Buddhism in Canada.

Even the groups who claimed to follow Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar’s philosophy did not move a step further to promote Buddhism. They were always hesitant to go public and promote Indian Buddhism. For whatever reasons, they were trying hard to keep a low profile to promote Indian Buddhism. Some exchange of ideologies took place among the followers of Baba Sahib but the present members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada took the responsibility at their shoulders to fulfill Baba Sahib’s dream to promote Buddhism among Indians and non-Indians.

It goes back to almost seven years when Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thero visited Toronto to raise funds for the establishment of the Vihara in Bombay. Bhadant Rahula Bodhi is a renowned name in the Buddhist world. He is the founder President and Trustee of the Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission Bombay, India. Bhanteji Rahul Bodhi stayed in Toronto for a week and we were fortunate to spend some time with him along with other Buddhists: Parkash Rahul, Mohan Virdee, Late Jit Lal Jhamat, Gurbax Rai and Hardev Bungar.

Bhanteji was very confident to raise enough funds to build a Vihara in Bombay at his own. It was very motivating for us. We were asking Bhanteji when he is going to build a Vihara in Punjab. Every time Bhanteji told us about building Vihara in Bombay we kept asking repeatedly that when he is planning to build a Vihara in Punjab. We think when he could not keep it up with our repeated questions, he said, “Raj, so far, I have not seen anybody so persistent and keen on building a Vihara in Punjab and I promise you that after I complete my project in Bombay, my next project will be for Punjab.”

Years gone by and Bhante Rahul Bodhi Ji got busy with his project in Bombay and I did not have any contacts with him. As there is a saying that where there is a will there is a way. Beyond our expectations, a monk visited Toronto and I was again informed about his arrival. By now, I had no intentions or hope of a vihara’s establishment in Punjab and I went to meet the visiting monk along with other members.

To everyone’s surprise, this monk was speaking Punjabi and was building a Vihara in England but not in Punjab. I kept quiet and I was not very confident about talking to him about building a Vihara in Punjab. I listened to everything he was saying religiously and a vision of a Vihara for Punjab was still in my mind.

Three years later, same monk came to Canada again and who is well known among us today and his name is Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji from England. This time the purpose of his visit was to raise funds to build a Vihara in Punjab. After learning this from Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji, we were all very excited and blissful.

It was like a dream come true for us, while living in Canada and supporting a monk to build a Buddha Vihara in Punjab. Without any delays, we started getting together with our active workers to raise funds for the Vihara to be built in Kadian, Ludhiana, Punjab. We worked with Punjab Buddhist Society UK until the completion of the Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Kadian, Ludhiana in Punjab. It is quite remarkable to mention here that Bhante Rahula Bodhi also delivered his promise and gave his over hundred percent support to complete Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara.

During the completion of Vihara in Punjab, Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji saw a fire was burning in us to light more souls to connect with Lord Buddha’s teachings. He suggested that we should have a banner of our own to continue working to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings. We continued supporting our brothers and sisters of Punjab Buddhist Society UK and in Punjab and also like the idea to continue working to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings to fulfill Baba Sahib’s dream at the same time.

As a result, an organization was registered under the name of ‘Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada.

June 16, 2007, was the first Buddha Jayanti celebrated by Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada. We also participated with Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Canada this year to celebrate Buddha Jayanti. Within a year, two Indian Buddhist Societies were registered in Canada and both work for the very same cause to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings of non-violence, peace and fraternity among Punjabis, Indians and around the world.

Ours is very young organization, but we have members with well versed experience. Members of the Indian Buddhist Society Toronto are very committed and dedicated. They are crystal clear about the objectives of the organization and the direction they want to excel in future.

First time in the history of Canada our Indian Buddhist Society Toronto shared the message of Lord Buddha’s Dhamma in Punjabi media and celebrated Buddha Jayanti. Ours is also the first organization to go in Punjabi media to spread the message of Lord Buddha in Canada continuously for several weeks before the celebrations of Buddha Jayanti.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada will continue aiming high with the support of our well wishers and noble people around the globe.

Posted on July 30, 2007



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Indian Buddhist Society Toronto appreciates all of you for participating in the celebrations to keep Baba Sahib's dream live of our people practicing and promoting the message of Lord Buddha on non-violence and peace in our community and throughout the world.

Buddhist Monks performed prayer which followed by chanting blessings of Lord Budha by six monks for the audience. Venerable Saranpala Ji from West End Buddhist Centre, Mississauga lead monks during the opening ceremony of the program. The presence of the monks was heart felt by the audience. All monks were wearing same color cholas/robes and the stage was looking covered with maroon color, lots of Dhamma Flags and a huge banner of Lord Buddha on one side of the stage. Buddha Jayanti celebrations were very visual just by entering the hall. There were more than one Buddha statues along with candles, flowers and sences on a nicely decorated table in white. Also, there was a Baba Sahib's portrait in the feet of Lord Buddha's statues.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, invited Mr. Mohan Gill from California, USA and Mr. M.S. Bahal well known community workers who are making all efforts to spread Buddha's message among our community and as well as to the rest of the world community. They are both honest and committed workers to take Baba Sahib's paigaam/message to everyone as well.

I must mention here, that, not like some other so called missionaries in our community, both of them came to attend our celebrations at their own expense and time. Their such committment shows that they are the true messangers of Dhamma and Baba Sahib's mission. I hope it teahces a lesson to some of the other missionaries who most of the time keep their personal interest in front of everthing else and are never ready to do anything at their expense.

Mr. Mohan Gill stressed the fact that Buddhism is a need of our today's society locally, nationally and internationally. We can not establish our casteless society without Buddhism not only in India but also in abroad. He also gave assurance that our people can live a life of dignity and respect by joining Buddhism. He appreciated the contributions of Baba Sahib for our community to help us to find a religion like Buddhism.

Mr. Gill also shared his contibution of an ongoing fight againt casteism that is very well spread out of India as well. He concluded his speech by recommending to follow Buddhism a wayout of casteism that was also recommended by our savior and the pioneer revivalist of Buddhism in India, Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Mr. Kashmir Singh a well known industrialist and a great community worker participated in the program. He encouraged the audience to work hard, have good life and support your children to achieve higher education and be successful in their lives. He presented himself as a living example and also commended his parents to give him education which is a reason for his success in his life. Mr. Singh concluded that as parents we must help our children to be successful.

Mr. Darbara Singh was shared his experience of practicing Buddhist Meditation. He also declared that he has a totally different understanding of life since he started following Buddhism. He concluded his speech by recommending each and every one in the audience to practice Buddhist Meditation and experience by themself.

Miss Neesha Kumar also gave a detailed information about Lord Buddha's life and teachings.

Mr. Mark Varade shared his learning about Buddhism and he was very passionate about Lord Buddha's teachings.

Mrs. Juthika Barua entertained audience with Buddhist songs and she was accompanied by Mr. Baldev Singh who played Tabla with her.

Mr. M.S. Bahal (England) an internationally well known honest, dedicated and credible personality who always makes himself avilable for our community at his own time and expense shared his great interactions with people at all levels during his community work. He is a frequent flyer to different countries to participate a great deal of our community prgrams. We appreciate his presence and his speech was well received by the audience. He shared his practical experiences of his life and clearly proved the point why he commends Baba Sahib and his mission. He also stressed the fact that a religion must provide Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and that's why only Buddhism was recommended by Baba Sahib. Buddhism includes all these qualities and it is the best religion for our people.

Mr. Bahal concluded his speech with a great symbolic story which taught to be loyal, honest and caring about your community. Story also indicated to be direct and helpfull to each other while serving Baba Sahib's mission and practicing Buddhism.

India Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada will continue spreading Lord Buddha's message of non-violence and peace among communities in today's nuclear world. Indian Buddhist Society will also spread this message by going in local Indian media especially in Punjabi media. Thanks to all who participated and supported the program.


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