Article by upper Castes

Dear Editor,

Do you publish articles in your site written by upper castes also?

Dr.Vivek Kumar, Asstt. Professor
Centre for the Study of Social Systems,
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi - 110 06

Posted on September 11, 2007

Representing our community

Brother Prem Chumber you are doing hard work to representing our community in the world.

Thanks and best wishes.

Param Kainth
Vancouver (Canada)

Posted on September 10, 2007



This is Sucha Ram's son, I am sure that you know my father. You're website is a great contribution to the online world. It shows the current leaders of today and how they are working towards making a better future for the next generation. I would request that we look at the current young leaders in our community that are the stars of tomorrow. This list could include athletes, political leaders, or students that are working hard to bring prosperity to our community. I believe education that will help our community compete with the others and will help complete Dr. Ambedkar's dream. Although we have come to United State of America and have been educated, let us not forget our brothers and sisters in India. I hope start trusts and foundations that we can bring help to these individuals become educated. The education is a tool that will break the chains of Indian Society; business looks at the degrees one hold and their education. Resumes do not ask for Castes; please encourage our leaders to push forth this movement. Thanks for working so hard on this website and keep up the great work. I wish you all the best and the staff. With best regards.

Jaspreet Dehar

Posted on Sept. 5th, 2007 (07:04 AM)


Dear Prem Kumar Chumber,

Thanks for posting my report on California Visit and notes on '' one year copletition. Pictures look great. I can tell now that you have the touch of professionalism that pulls readers attention.  All pictures of California Visit are great.

R.K. Oshoraj

POSTED ON September 4, 2007


Dear Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber,

I would like to congratulate on behalf of the Shri Guru Ravidass Temple and the Sacramento Community for your First Year Anniversary of  You have showed great determination and hard work for keeping the web site up to date and filled with very valuable information.  Your time and effort has not gone unnoticed in the Community and has been a excellent resource for all.  The website site has shown great success and complements your professionalism to journalism and your dedication to your beliefs. 

Many have said great things about and it has been my pleasure to say that I personally know you and how much of an excellent addition you are for the voice of our Community.  You have set a excellent example on how to establish a voice for our Community and I believe many more will follow.

Thank you for enabling our Community another voice in the digital arena and providing the inspiration for others.

Best wishes for many years to come,

Kewal Krishan Bolina

Shri Guru Ravidass Temple,
Linda, California (USA)

Posted on Sept. 4th, 2007


This is Love deep Jhamat, or as u would know me, Dharam Paul Jhamat's oldest son. I really like your site because it shows us how the great B.R. Ambedkar has helped our whole community by showing us the way to overcome huge obstacles. It also teaches many of us kids who have spent our whole lives in America about who we are and what we can do if we try. I just have one request for u uncle Ji and that is if u could post the wedding pictures of Balvir Boparai on your site again, so we could see them again.



Posted on Sept. 4th, 2007

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, congratulates on successful completion of first year of website website is connecting our community globally.

Personally, I was able to read more about our great scholar, writer, political thinker and great personality Dr. Ronki Ram’s very impressive articles based on his unique and intensive research.

A website must have lots of required user friendly features like easy search function, new and easy to read online content, changed color of visited links, acceptable font size for most of the users, page titles for easy navigation, no pop up information that interrupts readers, answer to users’ questions, pictures and graphs for self explanation of information, being aware about users requirements, providing credible content and well organized content to sustain current readers and invite new to the site.

All above features are evident in that makes this site more frequently visited site for our new community activities and for important information.

We had the pleasure to share our activities with viewers of this site across the globe that had us motivated to continue our mission and to keep each and everyone informed.

If we were to suggest anything for this site; we would suggest that Mr. Chumber must keep his site updated with new and credible content.

All articles and information should be checked for its authentication. Information received should be verified prior to posting on the site. An improved quality of pictures will impress viewers and keep them bringing back. Also, continue inviting suggestions on an on going basis for the site.

Finally, we commend Mr. Prem Kumar Clumber’s laborious work, dedication and commitment that are making it happen for all of us.

His committed dedication to host the site is highly appreciated and we wish him great success, good health and good luck for future.

May Lord Buddha shower him with happiness, peace and prosperity!

Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Vice President
Indian Buddhist Society
Toronto (Canada)


Azad Jalandhary

Congratulates to
on its very first anniversary

Dear Shri Chumber Sahib,

I hereby send my heartiest congratulations on one year completion of your You have diploma in journalism and also happen to be the editor of Quami Udarian Jalandhar and some other local news and magazine. I am glad that you have dedicated this web-site to Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia as well as Bhagwan Valmiki Ji, Shri Guru Ravi Dass Ji, Sat Guru Kabir Sahib Ji and Sat Guru Baba Nam Dev Ji.

You have done remarkable job by publishing supplements on Gurpurb of Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Shri Guru Ravi Dass Ji and also about Ghadri Baba Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia Ji (A founder of Ad-Dharm Mandal Punjab). Please continue this great work. I am sure that one day the community will definitely appreciate you & your work to make this web-site. I wish you a great success.

With best wishes,

Azad Jalandhary
Shiromani Kavi
(California, USA)


Ambedkar Mission Toronto (Canada)

Congratulates to

I would like to congratulate Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber, editor of for putting together an excellent website where we all can network. His dedication to this website is stupendous and in the end producing a website we are proud of him.

Mr.Chumber is doing our whole community a favor by hosting this website. He is a very charismatic and dedicated person who is leading our community into the modern world and the future. He is also selfless and does this for the community, not for himself and he is a perfect example for our community.

I believe that to better ourselves, we have to look deep within us and find out who we are. We can try to be like someone but we can not and this is why to better ourselves we should look for the answers in our past and present so we can change the future of our community and make the leaders of tomorrow even better. He began the process to changing our community for the better and we should all take part and help change our community for the better.

Mr. Chumber, all the best with your website and all the services it offers and keep up the superb work you have done! Once again we wish you all the best and we will support you whenever needed.


Anand Balley
Ambedkar Mission (Toronto)





India’s 60th Independence Day  The float of Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the first of its kind in the world history, Dr. Ambedkar was architect of Indian Constitution and Social Reformer. As followers of Dr. Ambedkar we are very happy and proud of Shri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha (New York).

May the ones are blessed who devoted their time and financial support at this event. Baba sahib is well known patriot Personality in American History. By doing this kind of events will highlight Baba Sahib in today’s American Eyes.

 As once said, we are very thank full for such originations those who, put their intensive time and efforts to keep our Saviour Baba Sahib Ambedkar.

          Mission alive. Ambedkar Mission (Toronto) extends their support to Shri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha to do more and more historic events.

In appreciation we would like to thank the (Prem Chumber) for keeping us updated.

 In the Mission,

Anand Balley,
(General Secretary)
Ambedkar Mission. (
Toronto, Canada)




Dear Mr.Chumber,

I am contacting you on behalf of Organization for Minorities of India. We are sponsoring an event which will occur at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in which retired Army Colonel GB Singh will speak about Gandhi's blatant racism toward dark-skinned peoples, exposing the myth behind the popular view of Gandhi; a myth so well preserved that the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta contains a statue of the racist-minded Mohandas Gandhi. We believe that this will be an informative event not only for African Americans but for Dalits as well.

If you know of a way to inform any Dalits living in the Atlanta area about this event your forwarding of this information to them or letting us know how to do this would be very much appreciated!

About Col. Singh - Col. G.B. Singh is a retired U.S. Army medical officer. He has been stationed in many parts of the world, including twice in South Korea. He is also a professional student of Indian politics, Hinduism, and the life and teachings of Gandhi. His latest book, "Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity" (Prometheus Books, 2004), explores little known facets of Gandhi's life, placing particular focus on his many years in South Africa.

About OFMI - The Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI) was created to educate people about the history and current role of the major religious and cultural Indian minorities, which include Buddhists, Christians, Dalits, Muslims, and Sikhs. Our goal is also to encourage dialogue and understanding between Indian and non-Indian minorities.

About the event: The event will be held at the martin Luther King Jr. Center on Sunday, August 26th from 2pm-5pm. Everyone that is available to attend is welcome.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Zach Fuller





Our special thanks to Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha New York and to all Punjabis who took first historic step to highlight Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in India's 60th Independence Day Parade in New York

NRI Punjabis have played a lead role in spreading and promoting Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's mission around the world for over fifty years. They have always offered their services and finances voluntarily for the community support.

I must mention here that the main organizers and financers of Baba Sahib's float were our Punjabi brothers and sisters of New York along with other Indians. We extend our support from around the world to encourage them to do more such historic events. 

We are proud of our community members who dedicate their time and money to spread Baba Sahib's Mission of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Today, we are proud of all who organized Baba Sahib's float for the parade. Our special thanks to Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha and all Punjabi brothers and sisters for their support and financial help that made it  happen.  

Also, we appreciate AMBEDKARTIMES.COM for posting beautiful pictures of the float.

In mission,
Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada




I chanced to hit the website-found it a veritable treasure of much needed background info on the historic travails & triumphs of the community. Recently had read Dr Ronki Ram's article in Tehelka on Dera sacha Sauda-it was indeed revealing for its Dalit Dimensions Dr Ram's article on Ad Dharm Movement on the site is of encyclopedic reference It is really gracious & thoughtful of u to report the passing away of Judge I D Pawar , a veteran of the community Hope the high quality of material on the site wd be scrupulously maintained. All the best wishes,

Baal Anand  




Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Vice President,

Indian Buddhist Society, Toronto (Canada)


I would like all of you to join me to commend an honest and hard working personality of our community who is known by all of you for the past years and I am sure you will all agree about his dedicated hard work.

He is one and the only Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber, Editor,

Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber is doing a commendable job by hosting website with a great dedication. He is an example of integrity, honesty and loyalty. We must learn a lesson from him to serve our community without any personal benefits.

Our community certainly can benefit by having such personalities who are honest and dedicated, however, there are some people who pretend to be the community workers and expect money in return of their services. Some of them think, after a while, community will forget about their false promises and they can come and try to get more money without explaining what they have done with the money they took years and years ago. They call themselves to be working in the service of the community but in actual, they are surviving on the pity of their own community.

How our community is surviving; it is because of the people who are quite the opposite and Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber is one of them. He spends his own money, time and efforts to serve the community. He works very hard days in and days out without any personal benefit and without the expectations of any financial help of others.

I personally assure you and also I think I can take the liberty on behalf of all those people who have used your website services over the years without any cost, all will stand by you if you ever needed any support.

Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber, all the best for your community services and keep up the good work.

May Lord Buddha bless him with peace and good health!

=============================== appreciates Mr. R. K. Oshoraj's kind words about the website and the editor. We will definately do best with having support from our valuable viewrs.Once again thanks to Mr. R.K. Oshoraj.





Saurav Arya

Jai bhim!

It was nice talking with you! Needless to say, you have done an excellent job by putting up It is hightime to start social networking at mass scale. Internet has been a great boon to dalit movement  and now Dalit NRIs,Intellects and Students  are in touch  with  eachother. I have been involved in social networking with fellow ambedkarites since 2004. When I was in second year of my undergraduation in IIT Kharagpur, i was quite excited to see yahoogroups like : dalits-international, BudhistCircle, apnaIIT etc. After graduation,in 2006 I got recruited by Danieli ( and started working as a Purchasing Engineer in Danieli Headquarters,Buttrio,Italy.

In last few years, I made some effort to strengthen our media.I believe that unless we wont have an alternative media,it wont be possible to achieve social  and economic  equality. We  have  yahoo and google groups,  websites  and now its time to have  TV channels,  movies ,  magazines,  rock bands... Presently I am writing a book : 'Dalits and Media' and previously i had made some videos and composed few songs against caste and racial discrimination.I would like to team up with those who are interested in making short movies and documentaries for social cause.
Saurav Arya
Mob -+39 3346140628

Jai Bheem! Website looks great and very professional, as you know Papaji left for India July 8th. I have asked him to put bussiness size add in hindi and punjabi in Bheem Patrika so more people will know about the website. Behalf of our family we would like to thank you for all the coverage. Please let me know if i could be of any assitance.
Anand Balley


Jai Bheem! I realy like the new face of website. Just keep it up. We all the followers of Baba Sahib very proud of yours hard work. Once again thank you so much.

Des Raj Bangar



I am very pleased to say and appreciate on your hard work for the propagation and spreading of Baba Saheb's mission. All your works and presentation is excellent. However, recent changes seems bit confused and couldn't see the new immidiately as does before. Therefore, I would like you suggest, would you make it easy as before? Which will be very beneficial to all.
Wish you all the best...
Ven. Sujan

Thank you all.

 This design is temporary & the new one should be coming pretty soon.


Posted on July 17, 2007



Editor, Bheem Patrika (Jalandhar)

I got affectionate treatment, respect, and patronage from all our well-wishers during my visit to Canada Sabha Toronto, Ambedkar Mission (Toronto) and for their warm welcome and successful Ambedkar Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, Sant Shiromani Satguru Kabir Sahib Commemorated  Celebration. during the months of May and June 2007. I would like to thank Sri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Ontario, Bhagwan Maharishi Valmik

In particular, Messrs Kashmira Singh, Jagiri Bance, Prem Chumber (Editor, Malkiet Heer, Ramesh Dhanda, Banta Ram Jakhu, Raj Heer, Jaswant Sandhu, Sukhdev Thapar, Ashok Sandhu, Charan Dass Leer, Gain Kura, Mohinder Sallan, Rakesh Sallan, Harmesh Sandhi, Sunil Raju, and their families and Ven. Gyanosri of Indian Buddhist Temple .Ven.Ratna Sri of Toronto Mahavihar (Sri Lanka) Buddha’s Light International Association.

In my absence, there have been lot of atrocities on the Scheduled Caste (Dalits) and they have been criminally assaulted, once again in Talhan, Nurmahal and many other places. Therefore, for the protection, guidance of the poor particularly the Dalits, we need your moral and financial assistance, not for any individual, but for the organization which are in the field and working very honestly and efficiently.

I thank all of them and assure them that I will, as always, prove to the mark for the confidence reposed in me.

Yours in the mission




Thank you very much for posting the Buddhist Celebration for Canada & World Peace 2007  news on  website. I highly appreciate your efforts. Keep this good work up. 

Thanks again!

Malkiat Heer



Thank you so much for talking to me today.  I am the person Deep from Fresno that spoke to you.  You gave me a lot of useful information.  I was wondering also if you could possibly even put an advertisement about our conference in your paper.  Also if you can think of some young men and women that may be interested in helping us organize our workshops and come as guest speakers we would be very thankful.  You can get more information about our sanstha at -- we are also compiling a survey about the frequency of caste in America.  We would love to share the results with you after we receive them.  Thanks again and please feel free to contact us at 559-647-4700.  Thank you so much.

Rab Raakha,


You have created a wonderful website with a lot of information. Millions of people (Dalits and non Dalits) will benefit from this website. It is particularly beneficial to the researchers. We need authentic information about our history and movement. 

Keep up the good work.

With warm regards

Arun Kumar


Excellent information

It always give me immense pleasure while writing to you. I was a little busy in some personal works during last one month or so. I have been, almost everyday, going through the site. Its praise worthy to state that excellent information through articles and comments have been placed on the site on some recent events concerning Dalits, taken place in India and accross the world.

warm regrds,

Rajinder Kashyap


Buddha Bless

There is no word to say Thank you. Buddha bless you all for good work for the Dhamma. I will be visiting US from June 23 to July 31, 2007. I will be attending BMM Convention 2007 in Seattle US on June 28, 2007.

With Much Metta,
Nishikant Waghmare



Jai Mulnivasi

I feel your work, effort and contribution to pay back to the society is priceless. Please carry on donot listen to other as our people have never lerned to appreciate of their owns.

The effect and impact of your contribution will go a long way we must learn to wait for out come.Thanks for putting up this site, there are thousand and thousands who are benefitting from your contribution..

Yours in Mission
M S Bahal


Chardhi kala

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you very much for inserting our ad on the web site.  I pray for Chardhi kala of you and your family and hope you will continue rending your kind services to our community.

 Jai Bheem! Jai Bharat!!

 Bansi Bangar
President, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha (C.V.) Fresno (California)


Excellent article

Excellent articles on Dalit consciousness in Punjab including Babu Mangu Ram. It is pity that the people sitting in the Gurudwaras are not interested to know about
their great history. They have their mind set and don't want to change it. I have
personal experience with so many people like this. Any how we got to keep on
knocking, one day they might realise the reality. Keep up the good work.

With best wishes and warmest regards,

Arun Kumar



Greetings to Prof. Ronki Ram

Dear All,

We must pay sincere homage to our great leader, emancipator and savior Babasaheb. I also convey my greetings to Prof. Ronki Ram for his article on Babasaheb and nationalism.  Baba Saheb was the true nationalist in every action. He has the courage and ability to single-handedly oppose the national leaders of his time as also the English rulers

Jai Bheem

Surrender Kumar

Wonderful experiance

Thank you for sharing this great celebration! ! I am sure you had a wonderful experiance and shared thoughts with all ambedkarite in Guru Ravi Dass Temple visit. I wish all brothers and sisters a happy 116th Annivarsary of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Mohan Nirala


  Dear Ambedkarites,

Here is my visit to Guru Ravi Dass Temple to celebrate the 116th Birth Annivarsary of our "Father of  Modern India Dr.B.R.Ambedkar"  Many thanks to and the editor Prem Chumber. Prem Ji is a Ambedkarite journalist and a strong activist to uplift the dalits in India. Ref: home page article with pictures.




It was really nice and pleasant to speak to you on last Saturday. I am so happy that someone so committed is consolidating the views on the issues concerning Dalits and placing before the world. Let's keep this momentum going forward.  I was encouraging to know that such a huge hits have been received by the site in short time. Let's keep this contact going and build up an awareness campaign in this direction. The site is hosting quality material on the issues concerning dalits and these needs to be preserved in form of some hard copy somewhere for coming generations of readers. Please think it over.

A wild idea keep coming to my mind about having our own TV channel and communication media training institution in India to highlight the issues and problems of Dalits across the country. This will serve an important communication tool to bring out the issues to the forefront.  You may have seen that various religious sectors are having have their own channels in India. Let's think on these lines and throw this ides open to Dalit businessmen. Think it over.

I am attaching an appeal made by me to hundreds of Dalit brothers in our area. You may find it interesting. As continuation to this appeal, thousands of dalits will attend Floral Tribute and awareness programme at Dinanagar, Gurdaspur in Punjab

Warm regards,

Rajinder Kashyap




Jai Bheem

The Black Buddhist Community in America wishes to thank Mr. V.T.Rajshekar for his unending service to humanity.As you list the many achievements of Dalit Voice please mention the thousands of Black Americans who are today being awakening to the message of Dalit Voice. Through Dalit Voice as well as Mr. V.T. Rajshekar's other numerous publications we are inspired to join the struggle for Dalit rights and to inform our people in America all about our brothers and sisters in the east. Please pass-on our congratulations and heart-felt thank you to Mr. V.T. Rajshekar and Dalit Voice for the influence he is today having around the world.

Paul Guthrie
Black Buddhist Community in America 


Jai Mulnivasi.

I am very happy that our people are now discovering their own identity ,History and Heritage.There is lots of new literature is coming out to support out new identity. One thing I can Add this Identity of Mulnivasi, Jai Bheem are ours selection not given by our oppressors. Baba Sahib had never given his approval for the use of  word Dalit.

M. S. Bahal


Namo Buddhai !

How are you? I talk to Mr. Mohan Gill in California frequently and we always talk about you too. Keep
up the good work and your website is very appealing. 

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto and Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver are going to celebrate Buddha
Jayanti in June. Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji is coming from England to join both programs. Here are the dates:

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto:              June 16, 2007
Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver:        June 24, 2007

I hope you don't mind if I can send you more details for your web posting after we decide the venue. 

In dhamma,
With metta,

Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Indian Buddhist Society Toronto



Sat sri akal ji!

First of all many many  congratulations  for Ur website I have seen all pages of your website
and I am very much impressed to see your great work & you has well done. May God bless you.Today  i
am very happy to see that my friends are doing very well in abroad.
Thanks and congratulations once again Chumber ji i miss you too much, some times i memorize all old
days when we were stay whole day together.
Take care.
P.S. Walia   

Thanks for your email. As you know we are organising free medical camps and intend to arrange more in the rural areas of Punjab. Without the help and cooperation of the people like you our venture is not possible.I shall be grateful if you can publicise this cause on your website. Thanks in anticipation.
In the mission of our forefathers,

Arun Kumar
Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford, UK
25 Hartwell Drive, Kempston, Bedford, UK,
MK42 8US
Dear Dr. Ronki Ram 
Thanks. You have done a good job and rendered an appreciative service to the community in writing about the 
DERA BALLAN. The Dera could be a centre of Social emancipation, if we work towards that end.
With regards,
 (Ramesh Chander)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Dear Ramesh Ji,
 Thanks for kind words. You can find more articles on Dalit Movement in Punjab on <>.
Ronki Ram (Dr.),


Dear Dr. Ronki Ram,

 Thanks. I will certainly access the website and benefit from your articles.

 With regards,

(Ramesh Chander)

Jai Bheem! Namo Buddhai !!
I am very glad to know that your are starting two more website in Punjabi and Hindi, both will be very useful to non english Indian and laymen all over the world.I am with you  to propogate ambedkarism ,buddhism,humanism and scientific temper.

Yours in mission
 with metta
Harmesh Jassal 


First of all, thank you Dr. Ronki Ram Ji for detailing the efforts of Dera  Ballan. It is crystal clear that the effort of this dera has done a great job in uplifting our community. All of us must appreciate this effort. Second, as you mentioned, both sants from Dera often paid many visits to US and helped sangat of this country prosperous of their lives. During one of their visit, in one of our monthly program that is conducted by Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Bay Area SanFrancisco in Newark California, request was made to them. I, being current board member of this sabha, and Ex general secretary, served for last 7 years, and also general secretary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Aid Society Fremont CA for last 16 years, requested the saints to help us make the birth place of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji ( Shri Govardhan Puri Banaras), OUR GOLDEN TEMPLE. I have said the same thing during my visit to Govardhan Puri last year to the person incharge of the temple under leadership of Dera Ballan. My friend, holy place of Our Guru Ji belong to him and all of us, not to any particular person, segment or community. This is my sincere request, WEMUST WORSHIP THIS PLACE and consider this our GOLDEN TEMPLE as our GURU, our SAVIOR is from this place. Please Please let the word fly - SHRI GOVARDHAN PURI must be OUR GOLDEN TEMPLE. LET US HAVE THIS PLACE ISSUE THE CHARTERS TO ALL OVER THE WORD. It is my promise, I will follow it. Sincere Follower of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Ji.


Randhir Suman, MBA, ME, BS, BE
General Secretary (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Aid Society Fremont CA)

Granth "SAT SAHIB"

We are very thankful for your valuable reply on phone and publication of my email related to our Granth "SAT SAHIB" on your reputed websites. Actually my father Amarjit Bangar writer of SAT SAHIB is admitted in hospital for gall bladder surgery. And when you contact on my father mobile he was not able to talk with you due to his sickness. But i assure you whenever he feels fit after surgery he must contact you.Anyway Sir, Please also display the book image along with the detail of book you published on your website. JPG image of book is attached along with this mail.I'm regular viewer of websites related with guru Ravidass ji & Baba Sahib Dr.Ambedkar. In few weeks I’m also going to publish my own website related with the bani of Satgur Ravidass Ji. Sir you can also provide me any literature related with satguru Ravidass ji/Dr.Ambedkar which you think that should be published in my website. I feel glad if you appreciate my opinion in future.


Dr. Brijes


I have visited the website: I have read all articles on this website. I really enjoyed reading the articles that are based on the information about our great community. There are a lot of things on Dr. Ambedkar and other similar leaders such as Babu Kanshi Ram and Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia that helped our community along all the rough times throughout the history. There are some articles that explain the cruelty that the men and women of our community had to go through to make tomorrow better for the next generation. Other articles include information on Dr. Ronki Ram, and Mr. S. L. Virdi. This website is very informational on topics of historical people and events that made our community survive all the hard times in history. This is a very good website where you could go onto and find research information on historical events that happened to probably our grandparents or your relatives. This website is very helpful and you will surly enjoy visiting it.



What a wonderful life it is… some day have a happy and some moments unhappy. How far have we traveled using this body as a vehicle or a boat in this entire world? Second by second, minute after minutes, hour after hours, day after days, week and weeks, month aftermonths and year after year… we are traveling for thepeace andhappy. Searching for the happylife and prosperity in life… The more we traveledand search forit… the more we are trapping on this entire net of samsaraand facingwith the suffering. The distance covered by traveling is muchless than the distanceleft ahead.Many years have simply goneWithout making any notice or guiding us where to go, what to do and where to stay overnights, which direction is to make a choice to step further from one station to
another.I have seen this world and the mighty ocean and people roaming and living without aims of life!Live just for they were born into this world.I think, I do not need their quotations to show off asa proof – whether one livesin majestic palace or platform – the feeling is same – no one could everalter it.

So, I say to you all as a friendly message of thisyear, “Go ahead to meet the leftover distance of life.”May your journey of homeless life be as smooth as of a walking person on the Silk Road !

 I wish you a veryhappy new year!



Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Healthy, and
Prosperous Happy New Year 2007
With Regards,

Anand Balley


Let the New Year be the sign of  happiness,understand, harmony and 
I wish you would be successful in your career and joyful in
your life.

Manohar Lal 


Jai  Bheem!   Namo  Buddhai !!                

We are going step by step towards the dawn of year 2007.Till then we are also screening the past to develop strong base for the future. Here's wishing you a wonderful start at the onset of a  BRAND NEW YEAR....That unfolds joy,cheer,peace and prosperity,and fulfils all your aspirations that you have for this year.


Harmesh Jassal
N. K. Amarpali
Malind Kumar

Jai Bheem Namo Buddha

Behalf of Ambedkar Mission Members and Supporters we would like to thank you for all the support you have given to the mission,Your website is always viewed by all mission members and supporters its lways very informative. This is another way to spread Dhamma and Baba Sahib Mission, Keep up the good work.

With Regards,

Anand Balley.

Respected Dr.Ronki Ram ji,

Jai Bheem, I read your valueable article.That article provided so much information for us the followers of
Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar.We all proud of you.Satguru Ravi Dass Maharaj Ji keep you in Chardi Kala.


Jai Bhim.

The protests which recently broke out have caused lossof some of our 'BHIM SAINIKS.' these 'SHAHIDS' would be a constantly source of inspiration in carrying our BHIM RATH  forward. Never the less, we should salute the families who have created these great sons. But, at the same time, WE should also come out with some relief to these families. I think we should identify the sufferedfamilies and give them the helping hand. I request peoplein position to think and act over the issue.

Jai Bhim

Dr. Ajay Ovhal


This is Nachhater Kumar Bhadhur's brother from UK,  Actually I wanted to say  thanks for this website. I found it really good and useful  to read it and I felt really  appreciated , you have worked really hard in the community, therefore I  wanted to say thanks once again.

Nachhater Kumar, UK


I am Chandan's brother from india. How r u? I saw ur web site Site looks so nice. Please tell me, If I can do anything for this site. 




Jai bheem!   Namo Buddhai!!

I am very happy to know that you have started noble work through  ambedkar times . com .i have read whole files on net . you should carry on this noble work with great enthusiasm. i am always at yours service. i am happy to cooperate .if any service for me let me know .don't hegitate.

                          I had already despatched some material to you .you can use as you  wish .after receipt kindly acknowlege me through e mail. one small letter for you pls think and act accordingly.from last year  we are organising free medical camp on Guru Ravi Das's birthday.this year we are also organising a free medical camp .Please update  and make appeal for financial help because this all will be done with the  help of people . you can judge our work from news papers clipings and promote  in future  for the sake of upliftment of dwontroddens.                    

                   Once again i cogratulate you and i wish to fulfill your dreams. 




We were all shocked and very sad to hear about the death of Mr.Kanshi Ram Ji sudden death has deeply hurt us.His family, his admirers and especially members of the Dalit Samaj, “In the passing away of Saheb Kanshi Ram ji India has lost Man who changed the face of Dalit politics in the country and spread of the Dalit movement throughout the country . His inspiring life is a story of hard work and positive attitude over social and Political achievements.

Mr.Kanshi Ram ji always remembered as Dalit Samaj Remembered "Baba saheb Dr.Ambedkar "Behalf of Ambedkar Mission Toronto (Canada) our condolences to his family and to all Dalits Samaj.

Yours in the Mission
Anand Balley
(Gen.Sec Ambedkar Mission Toronto .)


We loss Mr.Kanshi Ram Ji, this is such a big loss for the Dalit Community.He was the founder of DS4 recently call BSP.After Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Ji if some one took hand of Dalit Community,that was the big heart person Mr.Kanshi Ram Ji.We all from Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Rio Linda,Sacramento(Califormia) with deeply condole. Now its time to us unite & walk on the path of Mr.Kanshi Ram Ji & comlete his rest of work.
Hans Raj Kajla
Secretary, Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Sacramento (California)

BSP FOUNDER Kanshi Ram passed away in New Delhi on Monday
after suffering a cerebral stroke.
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 22:21:22 -0700

The passing away of BSP Founder is a major loss to India- and to theelectoral process that led to the formation of coalition governments for thepast several years. His contributions to the Dalit consciousness will be cherished by the future generations to come.Mr. Kanshi Ram had declarted previously that he would adopt Buddhism in October 2006 to coincide with the Dr. Ambedkar's 50th anniversary of conversion. His passing away in October is very symbolic- and respresentshis attaining true state of Nirvana.

With deep condolensces,
Jai Paul Birdi
Chetna Association of Canada, president

Jai Bheem!

I like your Website.

Hope to see you in Fremont on Nov 10th.
Attached Report of the Ambedkar project.

See you.




I saw your website It is very impressive. Congratu;ations! I send you all my
best wishes.I am forwarding herewith Dr Rahul Deepankar's impressions of his visit to Deeksha Bhumi.


        Dr Rahul Deepankar on his visit to Deeksha Bhumi

I tried to persuade Dr Rahul Deepankar to participate in the meeting of minds in Washington D.C. on Oct 21, 2006. As it was impossible for him to get away from Chicago, he was kind enough to send me at my request some of his his impressions for our information. I am forwarding them herewith.

His impressions make me feel how ignorant we are about so many things about dalit issues, especially Ambedkarism and Buddhism,  when we sit down to dicuss them. How enlightening it would be, if we were to do so in the presence of Ven. Shurei Sasai of Nagpur, Prof Thorat and Dr Mungekar of Delhi, Christopher Queen of Harvard, and Dr Rahul Depankar of Chicago! Perhaps it would remain a dream. It should however be possible to take note of some of the points which have emerged, namely, (i) media black-out of a mega event, (b) Modi's cunning strategy in Gujarat to make Buddhism as part of Hinduism, (c) College of Buddhist Studies set up by Ven. Shurei Sasai at Manser, (d) Women's Inter College set up Dr Deepankar in his village in Bulandshahr (e) Christianity and Ravidas movement as alternatives to escape from BSO. Here are Dr Deepankar's views in his own words.


Oct 20, 2006



Dear Mr. Lakshman;

As I had discussed with you last evening, I had great experience during my travel in India and I visited Mumbai, Nagpur, Agra, Aligarh, and of course, my village. We had a large press conference in Mumbai to emphasize our opposition to and rejection of Modi’s action in Gujrat. I must emphasize that Jain Community has also expressed their anger and rejection of the idea that Jainism and Buddhism are being declared as same as Hinduism in the recent legislation passed by Gujrat Assembly.

I was in Nagpur for a week and had life changing experience during Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Deeksha Bhumi. I have so many observations and memories of my visit that I intended to give a detailed write up, however, due to paucity of the time and overwhelming work routine upon my return, I have not been able to accomplish that. A few of my main observations are as following…

In 2 ½ days on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, I witnessed approximately 3 million visitors to Deeksha Bhumi, however, except for few local newspapers, there was complete blackout by national print and electronic media.The entire celebration there was a palpable and visible environment of deep civility and fraternity among all visitors. Despite 3 million people visiting, there was not even a single incidence of any conflict or misconduct.There was no part of the Country that was not represented inthe gathering.Local Police had completely handed over the entire job of orderand discipline to volunteers of Samata Sainik Dal coming from various parts of the country. It was a matter of pride and great satisfaction to see the smooth functioning.

October 1st  there was a march conducted by Monks under leadership of Bhante Sessai. It is established that about 25 thousand Monks participated.I had the opportunity to interact with a few dozen international Buddhist leaders who came to join Bhante Sessai and the march. I’m greatly impressed by the work and devotions that Bhante Sessai has provided to the Buddhist movement in India. In my view, he is the most important and accomplished leader to advance Buddhism in India after Baba Saheb. On 3rd of October, he inaugurated the College of Buddhist Studies at Manser near Nagpur. It is a large 2-story college building with all the needed facilities. Many friends from U.K. were part of the inauguration and I presume they may have contributed towards creation of the above facility.There were dozens of conferences held during this week. Notably, Mr. Camble from Canada organized a successful international meet on the 28th and 29th of September and there was a 3-day retreat of training and discourses related to Buddhism at Naglok. I was impressed with their compound and tradition of bringing Buddhist training to thousands of Neobuddist from all over the country every year. Ravidasi movement in Overall, I see a great momentum of Buddhism revival in the country. I do believe that organized evangelical Christianity and traditional  Punjab create alternative venues to escape B.S.O.

I am unable to write all that is in my mind at present, but hope to put it together sometime in future. I’m also sending a few pictures and later on I will send you many more prints when they are ready. Wishing you all the best of health and spirits.

Yours in Dhamma,

Rahul Deepankar



Dear Mr. Lakshman;

I must add the following to my letter because of their importance. Professor Chris Queen from Harvard traveled with me from Nagpur to Dehli, Agra, Aligarh and of course, my village. He spent 8 days with girls at Deepankar Kanya Intercollege and stayed overnight in the village. He also was quite impressed with social and psychological changes that he noted in Agra. Elsewhere he and I also delivered lectures at Aligarh Muslim University on Siryed Ahmed Khan, a weeklong annual lecture series. In Dehli I met Professor Thorat and Dr. Mungekar. They are committed Ambedkarites and they both are contributing a great deal in extracting help from the government for the downtrodden masses on India and I found their efforts in advancing Buddhism very impressive.

Yours in Dhamma,

Rahul Deepankar

 Special thanks to Mr.P.P.Lakshman who sent above matter & also sepcial thanks to Dr.Rahul Deepankar who did visit to Deeksha Bhumi, Nagpur (Maharashtra) India, during very special & grand event CONVERTION GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR CELEBRATION.                                    

Note: Any one can send us special & true report on  CONVERTION GOLDEN JUBLILEE YEAR CELEBRATION &  we shall publish with great pleasure.( P.K.Chumber )

Jai bhim !
Thanks a lot for the wonderful help by publishing the great news to
I am always with you in mission. Thanks again for a great help
With regards,
Virender Singh Gill


Congratulations to all dedicated members of Punjab Buddhist Society of UK and others for officially inaugurated Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara @ Ludhiana. This project will enhance the propagation of Buddhismin Punjab , surrounding areas and fresh the memories of ancient Takhsila Buddhist University now in Pakistan.This Buddha Vihara is also a great gift to people of Punjab/India in the  50th year or revival of Buddhism in India by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

In Dhammam

Yash Mehay

Indian Buddhist Society of Canada


With regards,
Virender Singh Gill

     Jai Valmik Ji,

Dear Virendeer,

                         With sense of pride, congratulations to all for this great win. That is spiritual  win for all Valmiki community . Also it is a big win for self-respect in our daily lives. Please send full report in this case.

With many regards,