Special dhamma talk of

Buddhamarga in Wolverhampton


Ven. S.M. Sujano (Residence PBSUK)

   On 2nd September 2007, Punjab Buddhist Society UK has organized dhamma talk programme on How to apply Buddhist meditation in daily life’. This is a part of ‘Buddhamarga’ regular dhamma discussion session at the centre. This talk was given by Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir, Aggamahasaddhamma jotikadhaja vipassanachariya from Nepal.

   The programme was started by the lighting the candles in front of the Buddha by Cllr. D. D. Ahir, society’s senior adviser. All the participants observed five precepts from ven. Sayadaw. Ven. Sujan, a resident monk on behalf of society welcomed all the participants and give short background of the buddhamarga session and hand over ven. Sayadaw to deliver his massage to all.

   The talk was started with the importance and value of being born as human being in this world. Having such precious life, one should not forget owns’ target to achieve ultimate happiness by training mind not to associating with harming other, adulteries, intoxication etc. one who established in morality, could develop mental peace and clam. In daily life we are facing many different difficulties and tangled with it. The more we try to release, tangled more due lack of understanding of mental condition.

   Ven. Sayadaw gave clear vision of over coming from these difficulties by understanding the nature of mind by observing and developing awareness. Awareness on each and every object that one is getting from senses. Just observing as they truly are and letting it go. Further, to develop this awareness, one has to fully understand the concept of Eight Fold Noble Path and try to establish on it. Shortly, Eight Noble Path is known as ‘the Middle Path’, which is Right understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration. The eight Fold Noble path can be categorised into three principles; morality, concentration and wisdom. Clear understanding on these three principles is the guidance for developing or applying the dhamma in daily life.

   Ven sayadaw has discussed more on Sila or precepts, which is the foundation for developing concentration or meditation. Meditation is the practice of awareness or process of paying attention and focusing your awareness. Awareness will help you to gain or recovery your energy. It will help you to relax, understand the nature of changing phenomenan and understand the life as they truly are. However, he pointed out strongly that with our strong dedication and commitment, meditation won’t help and won’t work at all. Practice and practice will help to deal with daily life difficulties.

   One hour’s talk was greatly appreciated and responded by the audience. Audience were eagerly joined the question & answer session. Audience were multi-nationals; British, Indian British, Indian, Nepalese, Bangladesi etc. After the Q/A session ven. Sujan invited everyone to participate ‘buddhamarga’ dhamma discussion programme on every third Sunday of the month in evening time and thanked to all the participants. At the end of the programme ven. Chander Bodhi, a chief monk of the centre and patron/president of Punjab Buddhist Society UK gave a vote of thanks to all for participating at the function and inviting all the members to join next programme and ven. Sangha gave blessings. The programme was ended by light refreshment. Every participants were enjoyed the talk and full of joy and happy in the taste of dhamma. They also gave wonderful feed back for organizing such activity every month. Further, members have suggested publishing this talk on CD or as a booklet. If anyone would like to voluntarily join on this project or would like to support please contact to ven. Chander Bodhi at the centre.

Short biography of Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir

   Ven. Sayadaw Jnanapurnik was born in Nepal on Nov 21, 1939, and renounced at the early age of 16. At the age of 23, he obtained a degree in Buddhist teaching in Burma and has been teaching the Buddha dhamma ever since.

   A gifted linguist Ven. Sayadaw is reputed to know seven major languages of the world. Thus, it was no surprise when he became Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw, one of the famous Buddhist meditation teacher’s interpreter in the early 70’s and in the course of his duty, he traveled widely in the west teaching the dhamma and vipassana meditation. Ven. Sayadaw is currently the chief abbot of Vishwa Shanti Vihara in Kathmandu.

p.s. special thanks to Ven. U Nagasena for bringing Ven. Sayadaw to the centre and thanks to ven. Tejwant and Mr. Martin for the preparation.

May all beings be happy and peace….

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 Pictures 1, 3, 4, 5 of  Niagara Falls & picture 2 of Ten Thousand Buddha Temple.

Photos and report by:

Raj Kumar Oshoraj


Niagara Falls is around 12000 years old natural wonder of Canada and it is at the border of America and Canada. Niagara Falls  is located about 130 kilometers to the west of Toronto on Niagara River . Over one  million bathtubs of water flowing every minute in these falls. What an exciting place to be at, when the temperature is above normal in summer!


Members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada went to see  Niagara Falls last weekend and also visited Ten Thousand Buddha Temple to receive Lord Buddha's blessings. As the name of the temple states number of Buddhas; in fact, there are ten thousand statues of Lord Buddha in various postures and sizes in the temple. Each floor of seven story temple repesents seven life stages of Lord Buddha. We encourage everyone to visit this temple when ever you are in Niagara Falls.


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 Punjab Buddhist Society UK

Asalha puja day or known as either Sangha day or Dhammacakkappavatana day is another important day of Buddhism was celebrated at 83 Lea Road , Wolverhampton on 30 July 2007 at evening.

A number of devotees were attended to the function. The function started from observing five precepts from Ven. Chander Bodhi, a president of PBS UK . Ven. Sujan, Ven. Tejwant were present. Ven. Tejwant introduced brief introduction of Asalha purnima and concept of ultimate happiness of nibbana. Ven. Chander Bodhi also gave a Dhamma Talks on introduction, important and necessary of Asalha Puja day in Buddhism and for the modern soceity. Further, he explained the lay people's duties on this particular day too. The function was end with short meditation and blessings from the monks and refreshment for all. 

Forwarded by Mr. R. K. OSHORAJ      ****************     Posted on August 01, 2007


Some pictures from Asahra Day celebration


(Inviting Monk for Raining Season Retreat)


 The auspicious lunar full Moon day of Ashara or Dhamma cakkapavattana day was celebrated in the Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto (Established Under:AmbedkarMission) Saturday 28th, 2007 by the aggregate Buddhist community. It was started from the morning 10.30am Buddha Puja or worship of wisdom than all lay devotee received the five and eight precepts 11.35 lunch for monk and special precepts holder 1pm a Dhamma discourse about explanation about meaningful the of the day, at 4pm the exhibition the Buddhist books, picture and handicraft and kids program; in evening lantern festival or light puja. The Most venerable A. Rathanasiri president of Toronto Mahavihara . Venerable Vimalabodhi principal of Buddhist Sunday school Toronto mahavihara and venerable Tissamaharamaye Nalaka was joins the evening chanting or Dhamma sermon.

At First Venerable Vimala Bodhi Theo gives the five noble precepts to all lay devotees.

The Venerable Rathanasiri’s Dhamma talk about why the Ashara is important for the all human being who want to be a happiness or peaceful life and the Lord Buddha was give this day His first sermon in Sernath (dissipating) with five ascetics and others village people 2551 years ago and foundation of Buddhism. Ven. Rathanasiri also talks about the Dana (merit), as we are human being than we have to make merit to the songha or help to the society and share with needy people our wealth and good concept.  Sila (precepts) Morality it is need for the all people Buddhist or Non-Buddhist Lord Buddha was a first law maker in the world history or this theory adopted by others religious groups or a country constitutions, because without morality the people are can’t save their own self and others so the law have to be practice by every one for build   a great civilization and save to others from the evil activity. vabana (Meditation).  It is most important a part of human life, the meditation or mind development people are they do or have to do many thing in their every day life, likewise job, Business, and care of their own family and relatives and this all thing make the people are craziness in their mind restlessly. So they forget the their main aim or what they want to do for rest of life: this meditation make all self development and increasingly a rest or Spiritually life which one make people sympathy or compassion to others and avoid harming to others, this tree thing have to practice all people’s. And Ven. Rathanasiri was advised to all Indian Devotee to participate in the temple on Sunday for listen Dhamma from the monk or bring their Kids temple for study about Buddhism or principal daily Buddhist life Vinaya and Sutra. And Venerable Gayanosri Shraman abbot of the Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto give the well come and thanks for their co-operation all Buddhist community who are all supporting the Temple and its first Canadian History that the establish the Indian Buddhist Temple and (Patipada) its mean regularly practicing the Dhamma Vinaya  or make the all Buddhist important day whatever Lord Buddha was teaches for us. And I hope or belief that in future Indo-Canadian Buddhist or Non-Buddhist are support for the new building foundation.

Anand Balley (Gen. Sec) Ambedkar Mission Thanks to all the Participants and Honor the Gust from Vancouver Mr.Narinder Bangar with (Dr.Ambedkar Jiwan and Mission Written by Shri L.R.Balley).  

The Lunar full moon Ashara or Dhammacakkapavattana day will bring all human being an aspiration and righteousness in life.

Venerable gayanosri Sharaman

Abbot of Indian Buddhist temple Toronto

Email: Gayanosri@yahoo.com . ibttoronto@yahoo.com , Phone 416-609-8953

N.B:- If you need any kind of information about the Temple than please contact us without hesitation.



Raj Kumar Oshoraj
Vice President
Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada
E-mail:  Oshoraj@canada.com
Phone: 416-219-4196

 How Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada did come in existence?

 There were East Indian organizations registered in Toronto since the early seventies but their objectives and motives were other than spreading Buddhism in Canada.

 Even the groups who claimed to follow Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar’s philosophy did not move a step further to promote Buddhism. They were always hesitant to go public and promote Indian Buddhism. For whatever reasons, they were trying hard to keep a low profile to promote Indian Buddhism. Some exchange of ideologies took place among the followers of Baba Sahib but the present members of Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada took the responsibility at their shoulders to fulfill Baba Sahib’s dream to promote Buddhism among Indians and non-Indians.

 It goes back to almost seven years when Venerable Bhadant Rahula Bodhi Maha Thero visited Toronto to raise funds for the establishment of the Vihara in Bombay. Bhadant Rahula Bodhi is a renowned name in the Buddhist world. He is the founder President and Trustee of the Bhikkhu Sangha's United Buddhist Mission Bombay, India. Bhanteji Rahul Bodhi stayed in Toronto for a week and we were fortunate to spend some time with him along with other Buddhists: Parkash Rahul, Mohan Virdee, Late Jit Lal Jhamat, Gurbax Rai and Hardev Bungar.

 Bhanteji was very confident to raise enough funds to build a Vihara in Bombay at his own. It was very motivating for us. We were asking Bhanteji when he is going to build a Vihara in Punjab. Every time Bhanteji told us about building Vihara in Bombay we kept asking repeatedly that when he is planning to build a Vihara in Punjab. We think when he could not keep it up with our repeated questions, he said, “Raj, so far, I have not seen anybody so persistent and keen on building a Vihara in Punjab and I promise you that after I complete my project in Bombay, my next project will be for Punjab.”

 Years gone by and Bhante Rahul Bodhi Ji got busy with his project in Bombay and I did not have any contacts with him. As there is a saying that where there is a will there is a way. Beyond our expectations, a monk visited Toronto and I was again informed about his arrival. By now, I had no intentions or hope of a vihara’s establishment in Punjab and I went to meet the visiting monk along with other members.

 To everyone’s surprise, this monk was speaking Punjabi and was building a Vihara in England but not in Punjab. I kept quiet and I was not very confident about talking to him about building a Vihara in Punjab. I listened to everything he was saying religiously and a vision of a Vihara for Punjab was still in my mind.

 Three years later, same monk came to Canada again and who is well known among us today and his name is Venerable Chanderbodhi Ji from England. This time the purpose of his visit was to raise funds to build a Vihara in Punjab. After learning this from Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji, we were all very excited and blissful.

 It was like a dream come true for us, while living in Canada and supporting a monk to build a Buddha Vihara in Punjab. Without any delays, we started getting together with our active workers to raise funds for the Vihara to be built in Kadian, Ludhiana, Punjab. We worked with Punjab Buddhist Society UK until the completion of the Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Kadian, Ludhiana in Punjab. It is quite remarkable to mention here that Bhante Rahula Bodhi also delivered his promise and gave his over hundred percent support to complete Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara.

 During the completion of Vihara in Punjab, Bhante Chanderbodhi Ji saw a fire was burning in us to light more souls to connect with Lord Buddha’s teachings. He suggested that we should have a banner of our own to continue working to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings. We continued supporting our brothers and sisters of Punjab Buddhist Society UK and in Punjab and also like the idea to continue working to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings to fulfill Baba Sahib’s dream at the same time.

As a result, an organization was registered under the name of ‘Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada.

 June 16, 2007, was the first Buddha Jayanti celebrated by Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada. We also participated with Indian Buddhist Society Vancouver, Canada this year to celebrate Buddha Jayanti. Within a year, two Indian Buddhist Societies were registered in Canada and both work for the very same cause to spread Lord Buddha’s teachings of non-violence, peace and fraternity among Punjabis, Indians and around the world.

 Ours is very young organization, but we have members with well versed experience. Members of the Indian Buddhist Society Toronto are very committed and dedicated. They are crystal clear about the objectives of the organization and the direction they want to excel in future.

 First time in the history of Canada our Indian Buddhist Society Toronto shared the message of Lord Buddha’s Dhamma in Punjabi media and celebrated Buddha Jayanti. Ours is also the first organization to go in Punjabi media to spread the message of Lord Buddha in Canada continuously for several weeks before the celebrations of Buddha Jayanti.

 Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada will continue aiming high with the support of our well wishers and noble people around the globe.

 Posted on July 30, 2007




        ABS Temple 2007 Vas Pinkam Series

 Dear Members and Friends,


This year Annual Vas Pinkam series organized by the temple will begin on 28 July 2007 with the observance of Rainy Season by the resident monks of the temple. Traditionally, members and the monks of all Theravada temples in the world mark the three months of Vas Season by practicing Dhamma more seriously than other part of the year. We cordially invite all members and friends of the ABS Temple to participate wholeheartedly in all of the following religious activities and be benefited by them for you and your family members for their highly fruitful lives here and hereafter. Following is the schedule for the three months of Vas Season:


28 July 2007:              Invitation to monks to observe Rainy Season by members.

29 July,07-19 Oct.07:   Daily and weekly ceremonies at the temple

20 Oct. 2007:              All Night Pirith Chanting ceremony

21 Oct. 2007:              Kathina Ceremony and Sanghika Maha Dana

7:00AM – 7:30 AM        Daily Morning Service and Meditation

11:00AM–12:15 PM:      Daily Food Offering to Buddha and monks

7:00PM–8.00PM:          Daily Buddha Puja and Blessings (Pirith Chanting)

7:00PM – 8.30PM:        Weekly Saturday Buddha Puja, Short Dhamma Talk and Chanting of

                                Bojjhanga Suttas for better health by members together with the monks. 

VAS DANA: We encourage each family to offer ‘Vas Dana’ one or more times during the three months. Please call the temple and sign up to provide Dana on days convenient to you. If you may be busy on the weekdays you can bring the Dana on the previous evening and leave it for next day.


SPONSERING A WEEKEND PUJA:  In memory of deceased family member or in marking a special day such as a birthday or anniversary you can sponsor a weekend service. A sponsor is expected to provide items needed for the Buddha Puja such as flowers, candles, soft drinks and a small donation to help cover electricity cost etc.  Sponsors are encouraged to invite their friends and family to attend the service, as much as possible. Please help organizers by calling the temple and reserve a weekend by July 25th.  For the convenience of all we try to be as punctual as possible.


KTHINA SPONSOR: This year Mr. & Mrs. Bouttry Janetvilay and their family of Richmond, California sponsor the Kathina Ceremony. Sponsoring a Kathina Ceremony is regarded as one of the most meritorious deeds that lay followers can perform.  If you wish to sponsor a Kathina in a future year please contact Ven. Shantha, the abbot of the temple to register.


If you have any question regarding any of the above activities please call the temple. We wish you good health and happiness with the blessings of the Triple Gem.


With Metta,

The Monks and The Dayake Sabha



ven. Phra Maha Laow.JPG 


Late evening 12th July 2007, Ven. Phrakrupannasudhammavithet (ven. Phra Maha Laow) the abbot of Wat Buddhist Vihara kings Bromley, Litchfield (www.watthaiuk.com) along with  senior and meditation master and abbot of Wat Buddha Udayana monastery from Sweden, two visiting monks and two Buddhist nuns from Taiwan visited at the centre of Punjab Buddhist Society UK, Wolverhampton.

Ven. Maha Laow, and especially, ven. Monks and nuns from Taiwan has contributed lot for the completion of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara and took care of Ven. Chander Bodhi during his collection period in Taiwan. They also keep continue their help for the completion of Seema time to time and consulting with bhante Chander Bodhi. Having heard that Ven. Chander Bodhi’s health is not in good these days, they have managed their time to visit the PBSUK centre, to see ven. Chander Bodhi in their short tour in EU countries.

They are very much glad and rejoice to see this little centre but with great achievements in India and here in UK indeed. They are really rejoiced, appreciated on hard work and dedication of members of Punjab Buddhist Society UK headed by ven. Chander Bodhi for the completion of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara. Bhante Chander Bodhi briefly explained the completion of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara. They are very much appreciated on Ven. Chander Bodhi’s effort and dedication for the establishment of Bhikkhu Training Centre in Punjab and supporting for the revival of Buddhism in its own land. During the discussion, they also have suggested him to send some novices to Thailand after some years of training at the centre in Punjab, which will help to spread of Buddhism in wider communities near future to come. They also concern about the lay support to run the training courses to novices and the centre. They also have suggested some ideas. Among them, the centre (PBSUK) has to be strong enough to support and organize the centre to run the activities, provide trainings to new novices.

 At the end, they blessed and wished bhante Chander Bodhi for his quick recovery from his unhealthy and they also wish him for long life and good health.

May all beings be happy and peace....

 POSTED ON JULY 13, 2007





 Report by


Indian Buddhist Society Toronto appreciates all of you for participating in the celebrations to keep Baba Sahib's dream live of our people practicing and promoting the message of Lord Buddha on non-violence and peace in our community and throughout the world.

Buddhist Monks performed prayer which followed by chanting blessings of Lord Budha by six monks for the audience. Venerable Saranpala Ji from West End Buddhist Centre, Mississauga lead monks during the opening ceremony of the program. The presence of the monks was heart felt by the audience. All monks were wearing same color cholas/robes and the stage was looking covered with maroon color, lots of Dhamma Flags and a huge banner of Lord Buddha on one side of the stage. Buddha Jayanti celebrations were very visual just by entering the hall. There were more than one Buddha statues along with candles, flowers and sences on a nicely decorated table in white. Also, there was a Baba Sahib's portrait in the feet of Lord Buddha's statues.

Indian Buddhist Society Toronto, invited Mr. Mohan Gill from California, USA and Mr. M.S. Bahal  well known community workers who are making all efforts to spread Buddha's message among our community and as well as to the rest of the world community. They are both honest and committed workers to take Baba Sahib's paigaam/message to everyone as well.

I must mention here, that, not like some other so called missionaries in our community, both of them came to attend our celebrations at their own expense and time. Their such committment shows that they are the true messangers of Dhamma and Baba Sahib's mission. I hope it teahces a lesson to some of the other missionaries who most of the time keep their personal interest in front of everthing else and are never ready to do anything at their expense.

Mr. Mohan Gill stressed the fact that Buddhism is a need of our today's society locally, nationally and internationally. We can not establish our casteless society without Buddhism not only in India but also in abroad. He also gave assurance that our people can live a life of dignity and respect by joining Buddhism. He appreciated the contributions of Baba Sahib for our community to help us to find a religion like Buddhism. 

Mr. Gill also shared his contibution of an ongoing fight againt casteism that is very well spread out of India as well. He concluded his speech by recommending to follow Buddhism a wayout of casteism that was also recommended by our savior and the pioneer revivalist of Buddhism in India, Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Mr. Kashmir Singh a well known industrialist and a great community worker participated in the program. He encouraged the audience to work hard, have good life and support your children to achieve higher education and be successful in their lives. He presented himself as a living example and also commended his parents to give him education which is a reason for his success in his life. Mr. Singh concluded that as parents we must help our children to be successful.

Mr. Darbara Singh was shared his experience of practicing Buddhist Meditation. He also declared that he has a totally different understanding of life since he started following Buddhism. He concluded his speech by recommending each and every one in the audience to practice Buddhist Meditation and experience by themself.

Miss Neesha Kumar also gave a detailed information about Lord Buddha's life and teachings.

Mr. Mark Varade shared his learning about Buddhism and he was very passionate about Lord Buddha's teachings.

Mrs. Juthika Barua entertained audience with Buddhist songs and she was accompanied by Mr. Baldev Singh who played Tabla with her.

Mr. M.S. Bahal (England) an internationally well known honest, dedicated and credible personality who always makes himself avilable for our community at his own time and expense shared his great interactions with people at all levels during his community work. He is a frequent flyer to different countries to participate a great deal of our community prgrams. We appreciate his presence and his speech was well received by the audience. He shared his practical experiences of his life and clearly proved the point why he commends Baba Sahib and his mission. He also stressed the fact  that a religion must provide Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and that's why only Buddhism was recommended by Baba Sahib. Buddhism includes all these qualities and it is the best religion for our people.

Mr. Bahal concluded his speech with a great symbolic story which taught to be loyal, honest and caring about your community. Story also indicated to be direct and helpfull to each other while serving Baba Sahib's mission and practicing Buddhism.

India Buddhist Society Toronto, Canada will continue spreading Lord Buddha's message of non-violence and peace among communities in today's nuclear world. Indian Buddhist Society will also spread this message by going in local Indian media especially in Punjabi media. Thanks to all who participated and supported the program.





 Reported by:  Ven. Gayanosri Shraman

The Sangha Council of Buddhist Ministry Celebrated Buddha’s 2551 birth day for Canada and World Peace on  June 16th 2007 at  Woodbine Park in Toronto. It was a very auspicious Day for all Buddhist and non-Buddhist global communities as a whole. The main program was started by the Incense and Anthem by all Cham Shan Temple Buddhist orders (the Chinese traditional praying way.)  Then, Venerable A. Ratanasiri & the members of all Theravada Buddhist groups paid homage to the Lord Buddha and Three Refuges. After the homage, a welcome message was delivered by Ven. Dayi Shi Abbot of Cham Shan Temple, and Ven. Ratanasiri Abbot of Toronto Mahavihara.  A brief Dhamma talk was then delivered by the Ven. Wu De Fashi Abbot of the Ching kwong temple. 

The Greeting from the chief Guest Most Rev. Richard J. Greco Bishop of Toronto emphasized that The teaching of Buddha  is very  important for human every day life and if the global society wants peace in themselves and the world,  than we should follow the Buddha’s noble doctrine. 

Greetings from Hon. A.G. Amarasinghe the Consulate General of Sri Lana, delivered his greeting saying all human beings want to have peace for themselves but they don’t know how to begin it or how they will take the first step.  There is a lot of violence in the modern world, it’s only people misunderstood, politics or their own ignorance.  This ignorance makes people hate each other and makes one selfish; they don’t know what they are doing. And finally, he said that if human beings follow the Buddha’s teaching of the Eight Noble Path than there will be no more need to make nuclear or atomic energy to destroy life or nature. 

Mr. Suang Chul Kim Consulate General of South Korea deliberated his greeting, He said that the Buddha’s Middle Path is a very meaningful teaching. Of course, it was about 2551 years ago that the Lord Buddha delivered his sermon which is useful for everyone around the world, it is not that only Buddhists can recite or follow the Buddhist way. If anyone who wants to lead a peaceful life or devotee of the true, he is a real Buddhist.

After all the different Buddhist groups performed their own cultural arts and dance on this occasion, the Triple Jewels song was sung by the all Buddhist groups.  At 7pm, there was a walking Meditation for world Peace by Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities of Canada.

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Some more pictures of Buddhist Conversion in Mumbai (India)
 Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com June 13, 2007




MUMBAI-- May 28,2007-- Fifty thousands of Dalits from across Maharashtra converged on the Mahalakshmi Racecourse in central Mumbai on Sunday the May 27, 2007, to mark the 50th anniversary of the conversion of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to Buddhism.

Thousands of Dalits -- low-caste Hindus, who faced harassment for centuries -- also participated in the mass conversion at the racecourse, which was presided over by several Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka, Thailand,USA, UK and India.

Dr Ambedkar, along with 50 thousand followers, had converted to Buddhism on 14th October 1956 in Nagpur, Central India. He had also wanted to have mass conversion at Mumbai's Mahalakshmi Racecourse on December 16, 1956. However, he passed away just 10 days before the event.

His followers decided to fulfill his ambition over 51 years later, and called on Dalits across the state and other parts of India to meet at the same venue. A two-day ' World Peace and Humanistic Buddhism" International conference was organised,at Shanmukhnand Hall Matunga,Mumbai and on Sunday the May 27, 2007 marked the culmination of the event in Indian history.

Republican Party of India (RPI-Athawale group) President Ramdas Athavale, who is also a Member of Parliament and Chairperson of Buddha Dhamma Diksha Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee Mumbai, tried to rope in many prominent Buddhists and Dalit leaders across the globe to attend the function. Which he made it with hard work of 6 months along with his Think Tank of Celebration committee Members.

Venerable Galayaye Piyadassi, Ven. Paiboon Dhamkamjun Asst.Abbot, Dhammakaya Foundation, Bangkok, Ven.Nicholas Thanissaro, Dr. Sribundit Chatchai, Ven.Walpola Piyananda, Sri Lanka, Dr. Ananda W.P. Guruge, USA, Ven. Dhammavirio, and Ven. Walpola Piyanada took part in conference and Dhamma Diksha.

Saturday the May 26 International conference on World Peace and Humanistic Buddhism was great success and so many Buddhist scholars presented their paper on their subject "Relevance of Buddhism in 21 st centaury" Chairperson: Dr. Galayaya Piyadassi, Founder International Buddhist Center UK. Speakers: Dr. Ravsaheb Kasbe, Ven. Rahul Bodhi Dr.Sribudent Chatchai, Dr. Ananda Guruge, Ven.Walpola Piyananda.

Second Session on Buddhism and Global Issues: An Ambedkarian Perspective Chairperson Dr.Narednra Jadhav: Speakers: Dr. N.G. Meshram, Dr. M.D. Nalavade, Dr.Krishna Kirwale, Dr. Phra Nicholas Thanissaro, Prof. Ramakant Yadav and Walpola Piyanda.

Ven. Rahul Bodhi Working President of the Celebration committee, Ven. Ayupal Secretary General, Mr. Vijay Kamble Treasurer, Mr. Arjun Dangle Vice President, Mr. Avinash Kamble, Vice president Ms. Kalpana Saroj Vice president, Dr.Rajendra Gavai, Mr. Nishikant Waghmare, Vice-President and International Coordinator, Mr. Yuvraj Sawant, Mr. Sadhu Katke and Minister for housing Mr. Pritam kumar Shegaonkar they were the people behind  Mr.Athawale to make this event grand success.

Mahalaxmi Racecourse Event was made successful by decorator Mr. Ashok Shinde, Mr. Raju Kakade Creative Director who made more than 2000 Big Posters put up all over Mumbai. Mr.Sachin Mohite and Mr. Mayur Borkar done good job of printing work of the event, Photography was done by Mr. Nitin Pawar and so many other people done very good job we all thank them for their good work for this event in particular all RPI Dist. President and their team gave good support for the event. We thank one and all.

Athavale has vowed that he would stitch up a new alliance between the lower and upper castes and Muslims in Maharashtra -- just as Mayawati, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister did recently -- to ensure the defeat of the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party government in the next elections, to be held in about two years.

At a signal from the monk conducting the proceedings, the converts, some of them visibly emaciated or carrying babies in their arms, stood up, took off their shoes and with folded hands repeated Buddhist chants. Hindu scriptures separate people into Brahmin priests, warriors, farmers, labourers, and those beyond definition -- called "Dalits"These low-caste Hindus, making up about a sixth of India's 1.1bn people, were once considered "untouchable", performing the most menial and degrading jobs.While the constitution forbids caste discrimination, and spectacular economic success and exposure to Western culture have remolded many social paradigms, the caste system has persisted, above all in villages.

Large-scale Dalit conversions take place periodically in India, with close to 10,000 changing faith in October to mark the 50th anniversary of the conversion of their deceased political leader Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Ambedkar, a low-caste Hindu who rose to become a distinguished jurist and played a key role in drafting India's constitution, galvanised Dalits with his public rejection of caste and Hinduism itself. Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who was due to preside at the function, could not attend due to health problems.

"They want to embrace Buddhism because it is a free religion. It is open to all. It preaches non-violence and is not divided on the basis of caste," Ramdas Athawale, the leader of the Republican Party of India (RPI), which organized the event, said.

"Now Ambedkar's dream of making entire India Buddhist again is going to be fulfilled," a senior Buddhist monk Bhadanta Rahul Bodhi Mahathero had earlier told the Hindu newspaper. Yesterday's conversion came just two weeks after Mayawati, a Dalit woman, was sworn in as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state in an unexpected majority win that some saw as a sign of how far the group has come.

Marathi writer Lakshman Mane has been touring districts of Maharashtra since 14 April last to mobilize people belonging to 42 nomadic tribes to reach Mumbai for Buddham Sharanam Gachchhami ("I take refuge in the teachings of Lord Buddha"). Buddhist monks are here to hail the event as a significant step towards re-establishing Buddhism in India, its motherland.

But the two-day fete, which included an international conference on `Buddhism and World Peace,' did not start on a grand scale as the spiritual leader Dalai Lama did not turn up to inaugurate it. That, however, did not dampen the spirit of the monks. In his message, the Dalai Lama said conversion to the Buddhist faith was not as important as were efforts to change society. H.H.Dalai Lama's Massage read by Nishikant Waghmare.

"Now Dr. Ambedkar's dream of making entire India Buddhist again is going to be fulfilled," Bhadanta Rahul Bodhi Mahathero, working president of the committee, said in his welcome address. Bhadanta Dhammaviro said the days for realizing Dr. Ambedkar's ideals were near; the outcome of the Uttar Pradesh elections was indicative of that. When Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism in Nagpur, he did not get even five monks to conduct the ceremony but now India had thousands of them.

Nicholas Dhammakaya of Thailand called for raising a million-strong novice monk in India for spreading the religion in its land of origin.  

Diplomats of Buddhist countries, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia and Kampuchia, and Laos Attended the ceremony. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa sent a goodwill message to the celebration committee read by Venerable Walpola Piyananda of USA

In 1935, Dr. Ambedkar made the bold pronouncement, "I was born a Hindu, and I had no choice about that. But I will not die a Hindu!" This sent a tremor throughout much of India. For the next twenty years, leaders of other major religions, mainly Muslim and Christian, tried to lure him. During this time, Dr. Ambedkar investigated these other religions to discover which offered Dalits the most advantage and protection.   

By 1956, he had reached his decision. On the full-moon day of October in that year, in a public ceremony in Nagpur, he led 500,000 Dalits in taking precepts and accepting Buddhism as their new faith. The precepts were administered by the Arakanese monk, Ven. U Chandramani.  

Dr. Ambedkar clearly explained why he preferred Buddhism to all other alternatives. Primarily, he found three principles in Buddhism which no other religion offered. Buddhism teaches wisdom, as against superstition and supernaturalism; love and compassion in relations with others; and complete equality. Considering Marxism, Dr. Ambedkar recognized that the communist movement had shaken the religious systems of many countries, but he did not see that it had provided a solution. Not only failing to eliminate poverty, Marxism, he said, used poverty as an excuse for sacrificing human freedom. Dr. Ambedkar said that Buddhism teaches social freedom, intellectual freedom, economic freedom and political freedom--equality not only between man and man but also between man and woman.  

It is wisdom that the Buddha held up as the direct instrument of final liberation, as the key for opening the doors to the Deathless, and also as the infallible guide to success in meeting life's mundane challenges. Thus wisdom is the crown and pinnacle of the entire system of Buddhist education, and all the preliminary steps in a Buddhist educational system should be geared toward the flowering of this supreme virtue. It is with this step that education reaches completion, that it becomes illumination in the truest and deepest sense, as exclaimed by the Buddha on the night of his Awakening: "There arose in me vision, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and light."  

Dr. Ambedkar felt it was necessary to preserve Buddhism in India and to protect it from corruption by Hinduism. He exhorted his followers to swear not to regard Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, or any of the other Hindu deities as gods nor to worship them. He denounced as malicious propaganda the Hindu claim that Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu. Dr. Ambedkar vowed never to perform any Hindu ceremony or to offer food to Brahmins. He promised never to act against the tenets of Buddhism. Following his example, New Buddhists proclaim their belief in the equality of all people.  

Since Dr. Ambedkar's renunciation of Hinduism, millions of Dalits have followed suit and taken refuge in Buddhism Most converts have come from Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. According to the 1990 census there were 6.4 million Buddhists in India. Five million of these were in Maharashtra, the remainder includes traditional Buddhist populations in the hill areas of northeast India (West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Mizoram, and Tripura) and high Himalayan valleys (Ladakh District in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and northern Uttar Pradesh), as well as Tibetan refugees. This was a 35.9 percent increase since 1981, making Buddhism the fifth largest religious group in the country. New Buddhist communities have experienced significant social changes, including a marked decline in alcoholism, a simplification of marriage ceremonies, the abolition of ruinous marriage expenses, a greater emphasis on education, and a heightened sense of identity and self-worth.  

The conversion of Dalits and the growth of Buddhism in India must be viewed against the backdrop of the recent resurgence of militant Hinduism. Hindus have violently opposed the mass conversion ceremonies. Some Dalits have been beaten as they attempted to travel to Bodhgaya for such ceremonies while others have been turned back by local police. 

With Much Metta,
Yours in the Dhamma

Nishikant Waghmare

Vice President & International Coordinator
Celebration Committee Mumbai
(M S) India May 28, 2007.





Some pictures from the Buddha Jayanti celebration day

By Anand Balley 

Toronto:- The Indian, Korean, Indonesian & Sri Lankan communities jointly celebrated Buddha Jayanti on last Sunday, May 27th, 2007 with great enthusiasm at Indian Buddhist Temple Toronto (Established under Ambedkar mission Toronto). The function was organized by Ambedkar Mission Toronto, Korean Zen Buddhist society, Indonesian Buddhist society and Toronto Mahavihara (Sri Lankan Temple).Ven. Monk from Maha Dhammika Burmes Temple came for Lunch and was given Sanghadana. 

The programme was started with offering candles, flowers by Sunday school students and all Dhamma followers. Chief Abbot of Indian Buddhist temple Ven.Gayanosri conducted the ceremony and introduced Chief Guest Ven. Hwasun yangil (president of the Sangha council). He said in his speech that “In the first stanza of Dhammapada it is mentioned that it is the Mind which controls every action of a person. Therefore controlling the mind is the first requisite to live a peaceful life.” 

Ven. Ratansri Chief Monk of Toronto Mahavihara gave his blessings to all the devotees.All the present Monks were offered Sanghadana. Ven.Gayanosri explained the importance of the occasion and introduced the speakers and conducted the proceedings of ceremony. Mr. Jagiri Bance Candidate of Conservative Party appealed the audience to unite for good causes and better social life. 

Mr. L.R.Balley editor of Bheem Patrika, distinguished author and Buddhist leader from India also participated in the function. He said in his speech that, “After achieving enlightenment Buddha gave sermon to five persons and converted them to Buddhism as Bhikhu. Now in the world one third population is Buddhist. This speaks utility and relevance of Buddhism for peace and prosperity of human kind.” He said that it is not only the duty of a Buddhist to be good Buddhist but they should also spread Buddhism.

POSTED ON MAY 30, 2007.


Buddha Dhamma Diksha Golden Jubilee Celebration on May 26, 2007

We are happy to inform you that the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee is organizing an International Conference on “World Peace and Humanistic Buddhism” His Holiness Dalai Lama, Spiritual Buddhist Leader Will inaugurate the Conference Mr. Ramdas Athawale, Hon. Member of Parliament & Chairperson of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee Will preside over the inauguration session.

Guest of Honour:

Mr. R. R. Patil  Hon. Dy.  Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Chandrakant Handore Hon. Minister for Social Justice, Maharashtra. Mr.Pritam Kumar Shegaonkar Hon. Minister of State for Housing, Mr. Eknath Gaikwad, Hon. Member of Parliament,

In the Distinguished Presence of:

Venerable Rahul Bodhi, Working President Celebration Committee, Vijay Kamble Hon. Treasurer, Ven.Ayupal, Hon. General Secretary, Justice V. H. Bhairavia, Formar Judge of Mumbai High Court, Sumant Gaikwad,Avinash Mahatekar, Kakasaheb Khambalkar, Arjun Dangle Venerable Galayaya Piyadassi, Founder International Buddhist Center UK. Venerable  Paiboon Dhamkamjun   Asst. Abbot Dhammakaya Foundation. Dr. Ananda W.P. Guruge Dean University of West California USA Venerable Walpola Piyananda Nayaka Thera, Adviser, International Buddhist Affairs to H.E. President of Sri Lanka.  Venerable Phra Nicholas Thanissaro Dhammakaya Center, United Kingdom

Vote of Thanks:-     Nishikant Waghmare

Day, Date and Time :- Saturday, the May 26, 2007 at 0930 AM

Venue:-  Shanmukhanand Hall Matunga Mumbai

 You are cordially invited to participate in the Conference

Relevance of Buddhism in 21st Centaury.

 First session 12.00 to 02.00 P.M

Chairperson: Dr. Galayaya Piyadassi, Founder International Buddhist Center, UK.

Speakers:         Venerable  Rahula Bodhi, Dr. Ravsaheb Kasbe,  Dr. Rupa Bodhi Kulkarni, Dr. M. L. Kasare, Dr. S. Chatchai  Shri S. Krishna, Dr.Yashavant Sumant, Mr. Kumar Ketkar, Dr. Rameshchandra Parmar
Lunch Break:  02.PM  to 0245 PM:

 Buddhism and Global Issues:  An Ambedkarian Perspective.

 Second Session:  02.45PM to 04.45 PM.

Chairperson:  Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Vice-Chancellor, University of Pune.

Speakers:  Dr. N. G. Meshram, ,  Phra Nicholas Thanissaro, , Dr. Gangadhar Pantawane, Dr. A.H.Salunkhe, Prof.Ramakant Yadav, Dr. Yashawant Manohar,Mr. S.S. Yadav. Dr.Krishna Kirwale

Valedictory Address 04.45 PM To 05.45PM.:

Chairperson:  Dr. Ananda W.P. Guruge  Dean University of West California USA 

Hon. Chief Guest:-  Venerable Walpola Piyananda Nayaka Thera, Adviser  International Buddhist Affairs to H.E. President of Sri Lanka.

Yours in the Dhamma

Ven.Rahul Bodhi Maha Thero,               Ven.  Ayupal Thero,               Vijay Kamble

Working President                                 General Secretary                 Hon. Treasurer

Arjun Dangle         Avinash Kamble     Sunil Kadam                          Ms. Kalpana Saroj

Vice –President      Vice President       Office Secretary                     Vice President      

Ratnakar Repote                     Nishikant Waghmare                          S.S.Yadav

Secretary               Vice President & International coordinator        Office Secretary

Note: please be seated at 8-45am and bring your invitation card for entry.



Ven. Chander Bodhi in UK

Caratha bhikkhave Charikan Bahujan Hitaya Bahujana Sukhaya;
Travel monks for the benefit of the many, happiness of the many
Ven. Chander Bodhi has return back to UK at the centre of Punjab Buddhist Society UK . Punjab Buddhist Society UK is still at 83 Lea Road in Wolverhampton which is conducting or playing one of the main part for the construction and establishment of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara in Ludhiana Punjab. With the help of many dedicated devotes from the globe he is able to near construction of the Seema or Bhikkhu Training Centre at Ludhiana . According to report, most part of the works have been completed. Apart from that, there are around 15 monks and novices are living and conducting different religious activities, especially every full moon day and Sunday large number of Buddhist communities participate the religious ceremony.

 Here are some activities which was held at the Seema,
* As the part of propagation of Buddhism and baba Saheb’s mission Takshila Maha  Buddha Vihara has organized the Baba Saheb Jayanti on 15th April with a large community of Buddhist from different parts of Punjab states and other parts of the world, especially from UK . Report says that over 1500 people were participated at the function. Apart from this, Free medical camp also was provided by the group of Dr. Rahul to all the participants on this occasion.
*2nd May, Ven. Chander Bodhi participated in Buddha Jayanti Celebration at Kushinagar, which was organized by the Indian government. In this celebration Indian President Abdul Kalam and other chief ministers were presented.
* 6th May, Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara also organized Buddha Jayanti at the centre. report says that over 1000 people were participated on this function. On this occasion three Indian boys took a Samanera ordination at the centre too. The ordination of novices at the centre indicates the growing numbers of the novices who will propagate Buddhism and will bring the Baba Saheb’s dream to make India as Buddhist country true. Therefore, take this opportunity would like to invite you all to support this Bhikkhu Training Centre through financial, things, or any as you wish, for the fulfillment of the aims of the centre. Mr. Raj Kumar Toronto, Canada sponsored food for this event.
On way back to UK , Ven. Chander Bodhi participated Buddha Jayanti at Dubai in Sri Lankan Embassy, where Banladeshi community along with others organized to celebrate Buddha Jayanti.
Once again, On be half of the society would like to invite you all to support and sponser the Buddhist activities at the centre. every penny is valuable to achieve aim of the society and fulfillment of Baba Sabeb’s wish. There are many ways to fulfill his wish but this society will try to use Buddhist way of propagate Buddhism and fulfillment of Baba Saheb’s desire. Let’s try another ways and go hand in hand.
May you all be happy and peace….
 Posted on may 18, 2007


(Harmesh Jassal and his son Malind  with H.H. the Dalai Lama at his Head Quarter)

Dharamshala (H.P) : Harmesh Jassal a devout Buddhist and President Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society met to H.H. The Dalai Lama at his Head Quarter in Dharamshala on 30th March, 2007. H.H. the Dalai Lama has Expressed his happiness on tremendous growth of Buddhist in Punjab and particularly on the construction of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara at Ludhiana. He asked how much it will take time to complete and Jassal answered that it’s still in progress and they are doing their best. Harmesh Jassal presented a copy of Souvenir to H.H. Dalai Lama which was published on Golden Jubilee of Dhamma Diksha Diwas and opening of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Ludhiana.
     Harmesh Jassal along with his son blessed with Buddha’s statues by his holiness the Dalai Lama. Although he is 72 years old and looking good in health but doctors advised him to avoid tiredness.




1) Model of Takshila Buddha Vihara  Ludhiana. (2) Free Medical check ups for Buddhist Monks,
(3) Doctors are seeing the patients, (4) Seth Sat Pal Mall is giving away Momentos to Doctors,
Mayor Mr. SurinderMahey, Mr. Harmesh Jassal & others standing.

Bedford (UK):- Dr. Ambedkar weaker section welfare society, Punjab and Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society Bedford, UK have taken up the task of organizing “Free Medical Camps” at various places for the benefit of poor people who are unable to afford medical care. Till today, three Free Medical Camps have been arranged.

First free Medical Camp was organised from 11 Feb. to 13 Feb. 2006, on Shri Guru Ravi Dass Birthday, at Ramdas Pura, Bootan Mandi, Jalandhar (Punjab) which was opened by Seth Sat Pal Mall.

Second camp was arranged on 08 Oct. 2006 at the 50th Dhamma Diksha Diwas of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and opening of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Ludhiana. Inauguration ceremony was performed by Bhante Dhamma Vireo in the presence of all India Bhikkhu Sangha.

Third was organized from 01 Feb. to 2 Feb. 2007 on Shri Guru Ravi Dass birthday at Ramdas Pura Boota Mandi, Jalandhar which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Jalandhar, Shri Surinder Mahey.

During these camps, over 3000 patients availed the facility of free medical check up by the qualified doctors and  medicines costing over Rs.50, 000/- were distributed free of cost to the patients We wish to continue this free medical facility in future. We like to spread this facility in the rural areas where medical care is not easily available. If somebody is interested to sponsor this programme in his/her village, it is most welcome. The cost of one camp is between 40-50 thousand rupees. Without your help, this noble task can not be continued. If anybody is interested, please contact:

Mr. Harmesh Jassal
Ambedkar weaker section welfare society, Punjab
82 Siddharath Nagar, Jalandhar City (Punjab)-144003

Tel: RES—0091-181-2460683      MOB: 9357204426

Arun Kumar
Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford, UK
25 Hartwell Drive,
Kempston, Bedford, UK,
MK42 8US

Opening of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara,
Ludhiana, Punjab, India
(A brief report by Arun Kumar)

Vijay Dasami is a very important day in the Buddhist calendar. King Ashoka embraced Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar started revival of Buddhism in India by taking refuge in Buddhism along with 250 thousand of his followers in 1956. It was the biggest conversion from one religion to another ever seen at one time. For Dalits it was not just a conversion but also a freedom from thousands of years of slavery.

In all over India, Buddhists celebrated month of October 2006 as a golden Jubilee of great conversion with a great fan fare. To commemorate this event, many big functions were organized around the world,  many conversions took place and many Buddha Viharas have been opened. To mark the 2550th year of Enlightenment of the Buddha and the 50th year Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, the ‘Punjab Buddhist Society UK and Punjab’ under the guidance of ‘All India Bhikkhu Sangha’ organized a grand function from 6-8th October to open the Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara at Ludhiana, Punjab.

People from various parts of India and abroad started flocking at Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara a week before the opening. One could see Bhikkhus wandering everywhere.   For the first time I visited this place on 5th October to attend an emergency meeting which was called to chalk out the whole programme. On this very day, I had an opportunity to interact with the other members of the Punjab Buddhist Society, Punjab. They did a tremendous work to complete the construction of this huge structure in time. In this very meeting Mr. Lahori Ram Balley, Mr. C. Gautam and myself were entrusted the task of publicity. A press conference was already arranged by Mr. Vijay Disavar, President, Punjab Buddhist Society, Punjab in the afternoon, which finished late in the evening. On the second day, we again arrived at the site to participate in the Seema Vandana.  

In the morning of 6th October, Seema Vandana took place under the guidance of Ven. Bhadant Gyaneshwar Mahathera (Burmese Buddha Vihara, Khushi Nagar). Ven. Bhadant Sada Nand Mahathera Sangh Anushasak All India Bhikkhu Sangha presided over. Ven. Bhadant Dhammavirio Mahathera (Buddha Gaya) General Secretary, All India Bhikkhu Sangha was a chief guest. Chanting by Bhikhhus once again brought Buddhist culture back to Punjab, which was missing, from hundreds of years.  Seema hall was filled with upasaks and Bhikhhus to its full capacity.

On 7th Oct offerings of food and Dana to all the Bhikkhu Sangha was organized at Sanghmittra Buddha Vihara, Phagwara. This place is about 15 miles from the Takshila Buddha Vihara. As most of the newspapers in Punjab are published from Jalandhar, Mr. L. R. Balley and I decided to stay there and concentrate on publicity. We prepared a press note in Punjabi, English and Hindi, went to hand over to all newspapers personally regarding the opening of Takshsila Maha Buddha Vihara, and requested them to cover the programme. Consequently, many newspapers covered the story.

 8th Oct 2006 will be remembered as biggest day in the history of Buddhism in Punjab when Takshsila Maha Buddha Vihara, Ludhiana run by All India Bhikhhu Sangha was officially opened. Right from early morning people started thronging in coaches from various places.  From the main GT Road, one could see a huge gate especially erected for this occasion. The road leading to Vihara, Vihara itself and its surroundings were decorated with flowers and Buddhist flags. Many people came from Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pardes, and many other places. Every inch of the place was occupied by the visiting upasaks. Bhante Chander Bodhi informed us that many more Bhikkhus were willing to attend this opening but he stopped them, as there could have been problem for accommodation. For the first time in the 1300 years’ history of Punjab, Bhikkhus in hundreds graced the land of Punjab. One could see Bhikkhus clad in orange wandering everywhere and their colourful Chevars were a quite scene to watch. It was a matter of pride for all the members of the Punjab Buddhist Society and other upasaks who worked day and night to realize this dream.

The main function was organized in the huge marquee, as there was not much space in the Seema Hall. Even this could not accommodate all people and more people were seen outside the tent. Before the entrance into the marquee, there was a free medical camp jointly organized by Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford, UK and Dr. Ambedkar Weaker Section Welfare Society, Punjab, which was opened by Bhante Sangha Nayake Mahathero Dhammavirio at 10.30am in the presence of All India Bhikkhu Sangha. Mr. Harmesh Jassal was the main organizer of this camp. Dr. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Charanjit Singh, Dr. Chander Parkash, Dr. Paramjit Jassal and Dr. Hem Raj provided their services to treat the patients. Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford, UK, paid all the expenditure incurred on this camp including medicines. 

Bhim Kala Niketan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi and Santosh Book stall from Gaziabad displayed literature on Ambedkar and Buddhism, posters, mementos, pictures, CDs, audios, original pictures and badges for sale. An old lady from the Santosh book stall told me that her whole family was involved in promoting Baba Saheb’s mission and they are selling their goods on no profit no loss basis. Her young son and daughter in law with small child in her lap were all sitting on the stall.

Though the function started about 10am but Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, Hon. Minister for Chemicals, Fertilizers and Steel, Government of India arrived about 2pm. He inaugurated Takshsila Maha Buddha Vihara in the presence of Ven. Bhadant Sada Nand Mahathera Sangh Anushasak All India Bhikkhu Sangha, Ven. Bhadant Dhammavirio Mahathera (Buddh Gaya) General Secretary, Bhadant Rahul Bodhi, Bhadant N. Bodhi Rattan, Bhadant Bodhi Palo, Bhadant Satya Pal and other members of the Bhikkhu Sangha.

Congratulating on the Golden Jubilee of conversion by Dr. Ambedkar, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan said, “Because of busy scheduled, initially he was reluctant to attend this function. He never expected that this project would be so big. Nevertheless, looking at this huge function, it is crystal clear that the caravan of Dr. Ambedkar is really moving forward to realize his dream. To build Takshila Buddha Vihara in Punjab is a historical act. It will always remind us Buddha’s teachings of equality (Samata). Whatever we are today is because of Dr. Ambedkar. He gave us three principles to emancipate ourselves i.e. agitation, organization and education. We will have to get together to fight against inequality. That is why in 1956, Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism to bring samata (equality) in the society and change our culture. Cultural Revolution always leads to social revolution. It is our duty to take caravan forward to remove discrimination based on religion, caste, color and gender. Lack of education is a cause of backwardness. That is why Dr. Ambedkar gave importance to education. We must provide our children a good education.”

Mr. Bala Chander Mungaker, member of Planning Commission, Government of India,  said that Punjab had been in for front to spread Baba Saheb’s mission. Now the Punjab Buddhist Society, Punjab and UK have given a great gift in the form of Takshilla Maha Buddha Vihara not only to the people of Punjab but also to all Buddhists in India and all over the World. He congratulated the people of Ludhiana and the organizers who put their blood and sweat to complete this monumental work. Apart from Dr. Nelson Mandela, there is no person in the World who has done so much for the unprivileged as was done by Dr Ambedkar. He always stressed on self-help and self-reliance, which is possible if everybody enjoys the fruits of equality, liberty and fraternity. He further said, “India has done a tremendous progress in the last 50-60 years but there is a lot to be done. Untouchability still exists and atrocities are increasing day by day.  As a member of the Planning Commission, he is trying his best to fulfill the aspirations of the downtrodden people of India.” 

Praising the work of members of the Punjab Buddhist Society, UK and Punjab, Ven. Bhadant Dhammavirio said, “In Bihar, UP, Madhya Pradesh and other states, Buddhism is visible on the ground as one can see the ancient Buddhist monuments but in Punjab the Buddhist history is buried deep under the ground. It has to be dug out as is done in Sangol (Ucha Pind). The Punjabis, who have helped to revive the memory of the ancient Buddhist institution Takshila (now in Pakistan) in the form of Takshila Maha Buddha, Ludhiana, deserve all appreciations.”

Member National commission for Minorities, Government of India, Ven. Lama Chopal Zotpa stressed on the need to get together. He explained that Buddhism believes in non-violence and World peace. Universal brotherhood is possible only if everybody is treated equally.  Dr. Surinder Ajanat suggested to prepare a database of all Buddhists in Punjab. It will help to bring more coordination between various people and organisations, which would ultimately help in propagation of Buddhism.   Mr. L. R. Balley explained that Dr. Ambedkar is more revered today than he was alive as his ideals were based on morality and rationality. That is why he chose Buddhism. It stands for humanism, which can help national integration. Representatives of various organizations, Dalit activists, many Buddhist intellectuals and Bhikkhus also spoke on the occasion. Bhante Chander Bodhi from UK was honoured by the All India Bhikkhu Sangha for his services rendered to Buddha Dhamma by way of establishing Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara, Ludhiana.

The programme was concluded with vote of thanks from Ven. Bhadant Chander Bodhi Mahathera, President Punjab Buddhist Society, UK. He thanked not only the people who attended the function but also various organizations, the Society’s members, sponsorers, supporters, donors and others who helped in the completion of this huge project. He especially thanked the NRIs from UK, USA, Canada, Austria, UAE and other countries without whose help this project was not possible.  The comparers of the programme were Mr. Baldev Raj Jassal and Ven. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi who handled the programme very effectively.

On 6th and 7th October offerings of food was made by Mr. Harbans Lal Virdee and Mrs Sumitra Virdee. On the 8th of October, main day of opening of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara, food was offered and served by Mr. Bihari Lal Midha, Mrs. Vidya Midha and family. Food service started right from early morning till the end of programme. Food and service were highly appreciated by everybody. Many delegates attended the programme from various countries. Some of the following were present in the function:-

India: Soma Sablok, Divan Chand Ahir, Mahasha Krishan Kumar Boudhi, Kalpana Saroj, Ven. Bodhi Palo Aurangabad, Ven. Rahul Bodhi from Mumbai, Ven. N. Bodhi Rattan from Nagpur.

UK Ven. Bhante Chander Bodhi, Bhante Maha Laow from Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. Manohar Lal Birdi, Mr. and Mrs. Chaman Chahal, Mr. and Mrs. Bihari Lal Midha, Mr. Balwant Sroy, Mr. and Mrs. Malkiat Bahal, Mr. and Mrs. Harbans Lal Virdee, Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi Virdee, Mr. and Mrs. Chaman Virdee, Mr. and Mrs. Ram Murti Summan, Mr. and Mrs. Shiv Lal, Mr. Harblas Virdee, Mr. Santokh Mehmi, Mr. and Mrs. Milind Kaul, Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Kaul,  Mr. Gautam Chakravarti, Mr. Ram Pal Rahi, Mr. and Mrs. Dhanpat Rattu, Mr. and Mrs. Hukam Chand Mehmi and Mr. and Mrs. Arun Kumar, Karishna Gamre, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Raj Sampla, Mr. and Mrs. Kapur Chand Sampla, Mr. Ratta Lal Sampla, from Scotland,  Mr. Sohan Lal Gindha, Mehar Chand Jassal   

Canada: Ven. Rattana Sri, Sri Lankan Bhikkhu Sangha, Canada, Mr. Raju Kamble, Raj Kumar, Mr. Satish Aujla and Mrs. Raj Aujla, Mr. Gurmit Sathi, Chetna Association of Canada and Major Mall.

USA:         Mr. V. K. Chaudhari

UAE:         Mr. Rattanakar

Austria:     Mr. Dhanda and family

Taiwan:     Ven. Shin Zin Taiwan Bikkhu Sangha, Ven Mangla


There were two other programmes took place in the state of Punjab on 14th October, 2006. Buddhist resource Centre was established at Blakipur near village Soond, District Nawanshehar by Dr. Ambedkar Memorial committee of Great Britain, Wolverhampton, UK.  On this auspicious day, Samboon Buddha Vihara was opened by Ven. Bhadant Anand Dev Mahathero in the presence of a large gathering.

On this very day, the Golden Jubilee of conversion to Buddhism by Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar was celebrated at Phagwara, Dist. Kapurthala. On this occasion, many people converted to Buddhism. This function was arranged by Ambedkar Sena.

Members of Punjab Buddhist Society, Punjab and UK attended both the functions.

Press Conference:

After the opening of Taxhilla Buddha Vihara, a press conference at Jalandhar was arranged on 10th October by Punjab Buddhist Society, UK and Punjab and Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society, Bedford UK. Mr. L.R. Balley, Mr. Harmesh Jassal, Mr. Chaman Chahal, Hukam chand Mehmi, Arun Kumar, Dhanpat Rattu and Ram Pal Rahi were present in the press conference. Ven. Bhante Chandrabodhi, Manohar Birdi and Rattan Lal Sampla were invited but they couldn’t make it. This report was published in the Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, Ajit, Jagbani, Dainik Jagran, Metro Encounter and other papers. Some of the papers published this report with photographs. Cable television Hulchal also interviewed us and broadcasted in three pieces in three days.  We listed following demands:

1. A Buddhist University is established where besides academic education, teachings of Buddha are taught.

2. An air circuit connecting all ancient Buddhist historic places is created. The Buddhist countries particularly Japan since long but so far this has not happened has given huge grants.

3. Govt. of India's Cultural Ministry should undertake the publication of basic and classic literature of Buddhism. The Govt. can entrust this work to National Book Trust, New Delhi and provide additional funds in the budget.

4. The UNO has already declared 'Bodh Gaya' the place Buddha got enlightenment as World Heritage. Nevertheless, so for work to make it so has not even started. This should be done immediately.

5. Institutions at the sites of excavations done at village Sangol (Ucha Pind) in Punjab and Chinatti near Jagadhari in Haryana are constructed so that these are developed as places of global pilgrimage.

6. In all universities special departments of Buddhist studies are created. Three pieces in three days. You know that press people don't give everything in the press note. 

It would be a good idea if all Buddhist organizations present similar demands to the government of India.



A Letter of Appreciation

Dear  All upasaka upasikas and supporters


This is an acknowledgement of our deep appreciation and gratitude not only for your generous financial donations but also for your selfless devotion and dedication to this wonderful project of the ‘Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara’ (Seema), a Bhikkhu Training Centre in Ludhiana, Punjab. The Seema where Bhikkhus will be ordained trained and sent for the propagation of Buddhism and social justice. The completion and opening on Sunday of 8th October 2006 of which would not have been possible without your exemplary self-sacrifice.

Your contributions will enable the new Seema to create and continue support to the venerable sangha, and to continue magnificent work begun by Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to propagate Buddhism and social justice not only in India but throughout the world.

Your tireless efforts will undoubtedly bring great merit both to your self and countless other people for many years to come and you can feel justifiably proud of your contribution. We look forward to your continuing support.

May the protective power of Triple Gem; The Buddha, The Dhamma and The Sangha bless and protect you always.


Yours in Dhamma,

Ven. Chander Bodhi



Brothers and Sisters in Dhamma


In Punjab, there was only one Buddha Vihara until 1996. However, with the great enthusiasm of Buddhist brothers 13 Buddhist Viharas have been built in Punjab recent years. Similarly, Punjab Buddhist Society UK was formed for the propagation of Buddhism, especially in Punjab under the supervision of Punjab Bhikkhu Sangha. Under the leadership of Ven. Chander Bodhi, Punjab Buddhist Society UK was succeed to bring up training institution Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara (Seema) project and was opened on 8th October 2006.

Even though, it was opened but still does not complete yet and still need your generous support as you all did in the past. Therefore, we would like to request you to keep your support by become a member of the society or donate monthly, yearly or occasionally as and when you can.

An Annual membership £10.00 per year

Filling Standing order £ 10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00 or as much as you would like to donate to the society. By Cheque or any other payable options can be made payable ‘Punjab Buddhist Society UK

Further, we would like to kindly request you all to ask your relatives, friends and others to come forward to support PBSUK by completing standing order form for the spread and propagation of Buddhism.

Yours with Metta,

H. L. Virdee

Gen-Secretary, PBS UK

This is an old report, but we received it now. We just want our readers to know about it.   Prem Kumar Chumber




1) Model of Takshila Buddha Vihara  Ludhiana. (2) Free Medical check ups for Buddhist Monks,
(3) Doctors are seeing the patients, (4) Seth Sat Pal Mall is giving away Momentos to Doctors,
Mayor Mr. SurinderMahey, Mr. Harmesh Jassal & others standing.

Bedford (UK):- Dr. Ambedkar weaker section welfare society, Punjab and Dr. Ambedkar Mission Society Bedford, UK have taken up the task of organizing “Free Medical Camps” at various places for the benefit of poor people who are unable to afford medical care. Till today, three Free Medical Camps have been arranged.

First free Medical Camp was organised from 11 Feb. to 13 Feb. 2006, on Shri Guru Ravi Dass Birthday, at Ramdas Pura, Bootan Mandi, Jalandhar (Punjab) which was opened by Seth Sat Pal Mall.

Second camp was arranged on 08 Oct. 2006 at the 50th Dhamma Diksha Diwas of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and opening of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara Ludhiana. Inauguration ceremony was performed by Bhante Dhamma Vireo in the presence of all India Bhikkhu Sangha.

Third was organized from 01 Feb. to 2 Feb. 2007 on Shri Guru Ravi Dass birthday at Ramdas Pura Boota Mandi, Jalandhar which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Jalandhar, Shri Surinder Mahey.

During these camps, over 3000 patients availed the facility of free medical check up by the qualified doctors and  medicines costing over Rs.50, 000/- were distributed free of cost to the patients We wish to continue this free medical facility in future. We like to spread this facility in the rural areas where medical care is not easily available. If somebody is interested to sponsor this programme in his/her village, it is most welcome. The cost of one camp is between 40-50 thousand rupees. Without your help, this noble task can not be continued.

HSUAN-TSANG (596-664) 

“Famous Chinese pilgrim who traveled throughout India from 629-645, returning with many texts and teachings…Husan-tsang was so venerated in China that upon his death in 664, the emperor canceled his audiences for three days.”
Preb: 141
“In 645 Husan-tsang returned to China with Buddhist images and more than 650 Buddhist texts. His description of his seventeen-year journey through India and Central Asia (Records of the Western Regions) is the most comprehensive account of its kind ever written in the Orient. He also translated seventy-five Buddhist scriptures in 1,335 fascicles into Chinese, including the 600-fascicle Wisdom (Prajna-paramita) Sutra. He started a new epoch in the history of the translation of sutras, and his translations are called the ‘new translations’, in contrast to the ‘old translations’, or those done before him. Hsuan-tsang himself belonged to the consciousness-only (Yogcara) school and is often regarded as the founder of the Fa-hsiang (Chinese Yogcara) school.’

Sokk: 171#0222 




Head monk at the Milton Keynes Nippon Myohoji Buddhist Peace Pagoda, sadly passed away in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 21st August 2007 after an accident involving a tractor.

For further details about the funeral arrangements,
please call:
+44 (0)1908 663652       

The funeral will take place in Milton Keynes
at  9.30 - 11.30 am on Sunday 26 th August, 2007

Posted on August 23, 2007

Punjab Buddhist Society UK Clebrated
Annual Kathina Offering Ceremony
At The United Reform Church and Community Centre, Wolverhampton
On Saturday 4th November 2006 from 10. 00 am to 4 . 00 pm
 The members of Punjab Buddhist Society UK along with other lay participants a unique Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony held after the Vas (rains) retreat at The United Reform Church and Community Centre, Wolverhampton .
The survival and preaching of dhamma has always depended on the mutual respect and support of the Bhikkhu Sangha and Lay people. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the Kathina Robe Offering to the Monk’s ceremony. It has significance because the Lord Buddha inaugurated it Himself 2600 years ago. Kathina Ceremony is a great festival organized by the Buddhists once a year. Kathina Ceremony is given the first place among The Eight Great Meritorious activities. This ceremony is one of the most important occasions for all Buddhist around the world and engages in this activity even today. It provides opportunity for individuals to participant in meritorious deeds, which finally leads to Nibbana or final emancipation.
This year’s Kathina was the second times of the Punjab Buddhist Society UK . Mr. Bihari Lal Midha and Mrs. Vidya Kumari Midha was the main patronage of this Kathina Robe offering Ceremony, who offered main Kathina Robe and headed from the lay devotees. Other members and participants also offered other robes, gifts and dana to the venerable monks who participated the function. Devotees and members from Wolverhampton, London , Birmingham , and Telford etc were participated on this auspicious occasion. Further, Local MP and Councilors attended.
Apart from lay devotees, Most ven. Ariyavonsa Mahanayaka Thero from western Province of Sri Lanka and Most Ven. Dhammananda Thero from Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Ven. Dr. W. Kassapa one of the trustee member of PBS UK and Chief monk of Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara, Ven. Dr. Uttarayana the chief monk of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara (Burmese), Ven. Rattanajothy (Sri Lanka), Ven. Gowsaka (Burmese), Ven. Sumana (Nepalese) and Ven. Sumangala (Sri Lanka) from Saddatissa In’l Buddhist Mission Centre London, Ven. Samitha and Ven. Uditta (Sri Lanka), Ven. Anomadarshi, Ven. Tejwant, Ven. Sujan and Ven. Chander Bodhi attended the Ceremony.
Around 11 am the programme was started with offering Lunch to the venerable monks at the community hall followed by the lay devotees. At 1 pm the main programme was started with welcoming by Ven. Sujan, resident monk at Punjab Buddhist Society UK followed by lighting the Candles in front of the Buddha image by most of the participants and observed five precepts from the most ven. Ariyavamsa Mahanayaka Thero. Ven. W. Kassapa a trustee of PBS UK delivered the sermon on Kathina Robe offering. He also emphasized on the importance of the ven. Monks for the benefit and welfare of the society. Especially, on be half of the Sangha he did appreciate on the work of Ven. Chander Bodhi, who is working hard for the Indian community and success of Seema Project in Punjab, which will be the remarkable place and historic event in the modern History of Buddhism in India . Further, on behalf of PBS UK requested to the Member of Parliament to help the society for settlement of proper centre in Wolverhampton for the benefit of the society. Followed by it, Ven. N. Suman resident monk of Sri Saddatissa Int’l Buddhist Mission from London gave talk on Importance of Kathina Robe and Duty of Lay devotees to support and patronize the sangha members for the propagation and development of Buddhism and the society. Moreover, he emphasized on the concept of democracy in Sangha, which is following since the time of the Buddha.
Mr. Gautam Chakravorty a member of PBS UK gave a Glimpse Report of Opening Takshila Maha Vihara at Ludhiana , Punjab . He emphasized mission of Baba Saheb and spread of Buddha Dhamma in India , meanwhile, the importance of Sangha for the spread of Buddha dhamma and mission of Baba Saheb. Among them one of the main remarkable issue he raised which is important and historic fact in different ways in the history of Buddhism in India and Punjab Buddhist Society UK . He said that Baba Saheb Dr . Ambedkar converted in front of most Ven. U. Chandramani in 1956 and embraced Buddhism. Most Ven. Gyaneshwar Mahasthavir who is a disciple of Most Ven. U. Chandramani was presided the opening ceremony of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihar in Ludhiana . He also headed the Sangha act to receive this Centre as the Sangha and officially accepted and proclaimed as the Seema Hall or the ordination will be accepted by the Sangha members around the world by now. Further, Ven. Tejwant a disciple of most ven. Gyaneshwar Mahasthavir, who ordained as Samanera (novice) for 14 years took higher ordination at the Seema of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara, Ludhiana under his preceptor-ship. He, along with other three samaneras became the first ordination (production) of the project, is currently working at the centre in UK . Mr. G. Chakravorty added that the opening ceremony of Takshila Maha Buddha Vihara was not historic alone but the ordination of Ven. Tejwant also historic which should be known by all the Ambedkarites. He is one of the linage, who gave five precepts to the Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar in 1956.
At the end, Ven. Chander Bodhi concluded two years hard work of Seema Project and vote of thanks to all the members and participants. He also explained about his journey to different countries for the success of project. He just back yesterday from a week visit in Canada and going to other EU and Middle East countries to continue support the project and to create new generation for the development of Buddhism and spread of mission of Baba Saheb. He also invited all the members and participants to continue support to achieve the target. Anyone would like to support this centre can do in different ways by providing funds, basic needs, scholarship for resident novices. Bhante also announced that some devotees have sponsored some monks at the centre for year.
Being a unique centre, Punjab Buddhist Society UK runs as a registered charity, has been recognized by the local authorities. Even though it is newly founded charitable organization but success to complete such a huge project with the help and support of all the members and Buddhist from around the world. This is a centre for all the religions and faiths without any discrimination. The centre also holds different religious activities and promoting social cohesions. You all will be achieving peace and happiness once you get in to. Currently, Ven. Chander Bodhi, Ven Sujan and Ven. Tejwant are living at the centre.
Mr. Balwant Sroy was the Stage Secretary, who runs the whole programme.
I on behalf of Punjab Buddhist society UK would like to thank all the members and volunteers for their support and help to organize this ceremony. May you all be happy and peace, further, achieve supreme happiness Nibbana in very life.
Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam !!!
Ven. Sujan