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Dr. Ronki Ram’s discussion on December 17, 2013)

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In the Memory of
Shri C. L. Chumber

It is to inform with deep grief that my most respected elder Brother Mr. C.L. Chumber passed away on February 6, 2016. He is survived by his mother Mrs. Bishan Kaur Chumber, wife Mrs. Santosh Kumari Chumber, two daughters (Ravjot & Amandeep), two sons (Kumarjiv Chumber & Jansangram Chumber), two grandchildren and one daughter-in-law, two son-in-laws and three brothers (Prem Kumar Chumber, Tarsem Lal Chumber and Ravi Parkash Chumber) with their families. Mr. C. L. Chumber was not only my most respected brother but gave love to all of us as our father. I have not only lost my elder brother but lost my most respected father too. I can’t control myself ……Oh my great great great brother. You were very brave and intelligent son of most respected mother Mrs. Bishan Kaur Chumber & most respected father Late Shri Punjab Rai Chumber MA. Ex Tehsil Welfare Officer, right hand man of Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji, Mr. C.L. Chumber was totally dedicated to all the Adi Rehbars, Adi Dharam, Ad Dharm Movement and its founder, the great freedom fighter, Babu Mangu Ram Muggowalia Ji. As a fearless journalist, writer and spokesman he was the publisher and founder editor and of KAUMI UDARIAN monthly magazine, brought out the historic souvenir on the life and contributions of Babu Mangu Ram Muggowalia and became the resident editor of BAHUJAN SAMAJ BULLETIN. He was also the one who advised me to choose the title DESH DOABA for our weekly newspaper published from Sacramento. Sincerely committed to the cause of Dalit community, C. L. Chumber never compromised with his principles, lived a fearless life facing all the challenges and remained a vital source of inspiration and courage to all of us and his large friend circle. A great brother, father, husband and friend, a true believer in humanity and a dedicated servant of the community, we salute you! Jai Gurdev!! Jai Bhim!! Jai Moolnivasi!!

Prem Kumar Chumber
Editor: Weekly Newspapers:
Ambedkar Times (English) Desh Doaba (Punjabi)
Posted on on February 8, 2016


Ronki Ram
Fellow & Dean (Arts Faculty)
Hon. Director, ICSSR (NWRC)
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Professor of Political Science
Panjab University, Chandigarh

The sudden demise of Sh. C. L. Chumber on February 6, 2016  is not only shocking and appalling to his family alone but to all those who associated with him and knew his close concern with the welfare of the community. Born on March 2, 1958 in his ancestral home at Hussain Abad that falls in Tehsil Nakodar of Jalandhar district, Mr. Chumber got his matriculation from Govt. High School Shankar and B.A. from K. R.M. DAV College Nakodar. In 1976, he was selected as a Tehsil Welfare Officer. After a few years, he resigned from the service on October 12, 1979 to become a whole-time servant of the community.     He was closely associated with Babu Kanshi Ram Ji during his activism sojourns in Punjab and contributed a lot for furthering the cause of the Dalit movement in the state. He also played a major role in building Dalit print media in Punjab. On November 19, 1985, he launched Dalit magazine entitled “Qaumi Udarian” to initiate regular debate and conversation on the burning issues of Dalit identity and empowerment. . He was resident editor of “Bahujan Bulletin” which was released by Babu Kanshi Ram Ji. He struggled hard to remind his people within the Samaj and outside about the great contribution made by Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia and his famous Ad Dharm movement. He brought out a detailed souvenir on the life of Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia and the achievements of the historic Ad Dharm movement in Punjab. On June 11, 2000, Mr. Chumber re-published the Ad Dharm Report of 1931 with the list of its 500 members about whom there was no information was available.
Despite his being a whole-time servant of the Samaj, Mr C. L. Chumber provided the best education to his children. His two sons, Kumarjiv Chumber & Jansangram Chumber and two daughters Ravjot & Amandeep are well educated. He often used to talk that it is only through excellent educational qualifications our Samaj can confront the centuries old repression and social exclusion slammed on the lives of Dalits. His social and political activism was never resented by the members of his family. They supported him throughout his life struggle. His wife Mrs. Santosh Kumari Chumber stood with him at all the occasion and contributed her best in his struggle. It is with the support of his dedicated and committed wife towards his mission that he remained free from the daily chores of house hold activities. His continuous struggle left an indelible print on the lives of his three brothers (Prem Kumar Chumber, Tarsem Lal Chumber and Ravi Parkash Chumber) who did not hesitate to follow into his footsteps. Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber’s contribution towards the community is known world over. He has continuously been publishing two weekly newspapers (Ambedkar Times (English) and Desh Doaba in Punjabi) headquartered at Sacramento (California) in the USA. Mr. Prem Chumber confesses that all this has been possible only with the encouragement and guidance of his great brother Mr. C. L. Chumber who was more a father figure to him rather than a brother.
Mr. C.L. Chumber was like a father to his three sisters and three brothers who lost their father (Late Shri Punjab Rai Chumber MA) in his prime age. The loving son of mother Mrs. Bishan Kaur Chumber, C. L. Chumber was fond of books in general and Dalit literature in particular. He was a voracious reader and always remained ready for engaged conversations. He never minced words while articulating his view-point. His deep attachment with the history of Dalit culture and Dalit heritage brought him closer to the realization to preserve the glorious history of Ad Dharm movement in Punjab. He was a man of clear and simple heart, unwavering commitment and fearless convictions for the betterment of the community.  On his sudden passing away causing a tragic loss to the family and the community as a whole, I offer my heart-felt condolences and pray for peace and tranquility of the departed soul. 
Posted on on February 8, 2016


Dear Editor Prem Chumber,

I learnt with a heavy heart the demise of your dear brother and mine a close friend, Shri C.L. Chumber. It is an irreparable loss not only to you and the family but also to the community at large. C. L. Chumber was a staunch Ad-Dharmi and a true follower of Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Babu Kanshi Ram. He was dedicated to the social and community causes wholeheartedly. 

Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences on this sad occasion. We pray for the departed soul and the bereaved family.

(Ramesh Chander)
Ambassador-IFS Retired

It is stunning and shocking to know that your elder brother Mr. C.L. Chumber has passed away, creating an emotional vacuum not only in his own family but in the entire community of his admirers and  well-wishers. He was a man of unwavering commitment and fearless convictions in the service of the community as a whole.
Humanly this loss is unforgettable and irreparable but God's ways are mysterious and He is the best judge of his actions.
I offer my heart-felt condolences on this tragic loss and pray for peace and tranquility of the departed soul and for solace and comfort to the bereaved family. 
O. P. Balley (California, USA)

It is really a shock. We talked only yesterday. It is a loss not only yours but that of whole the community. We need people like C.L Chumber who could speak their mind without fear. His memory will remain forever through his writings.  My brother had an opportunity to work with him and he had all praise for him. We often talked about him. It is an irreparable loss to the family and community. At this time of sorrow, my sincerest condolences to the family and friends.
With deepest sympathy,
Arun Kumar (UK)

I am sad to learn the loss of your elder brother. Death is inevitable, unpredictable and no doubt comes to all of us. But this untimely loss of a dear brother, who acted like a father is really a difficult time for the whole Chumber family and many near and dears as well.
In this difficult time, I express my condolences and do sympathize with the bereaved family. May God empower you and whole Chumber family to bear this loss and rest the departed soul in peace.
Rakesh Chander (California) (916) 799-2649

Very sad to hear about your loss. My sincere condolences with you and your family. May Lord Buddha bless his soul in peace!

Raj Kumar Oshoraj (Toronto, Canada)

It is very very shocking and indeed very sad news. He was a great person with unique personality. He has done a lot for community. Please accept deep condolences from our Chumber family. May his soul rest in peace
Dr. Paramjit Chumber

I am really sorry to hear about your brother's sudden demise. May Waheguru give you, your family and relatives all the emotional strength to deal with this loss and may his soul rest in peace. 

With heart felt grief,
Dr. Harmesh Kumar (California, USA)

We are very sorry to know about early demise of our beloved leader and writer Mr. C. L. Chumber. We pray to Guru Ravidass Ji for the peace of the departed soul from us. Brother we are with you all the time. God bless you and your family. We feel so sorry.
Amardeep Chahal (King City, California, USA).
I am sorry to read the passing away of your brother Mr. C. L. Chumber. I know the pain of losing brother or sister as you know I too lost my two brothers and one sister here in California. My deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart to you and your family. May God give peace to his soul and give a space in the heaven and provide the strength to the family to bear the loss.
Ram M. Saroay (California, USA).

I am really shocked to hear about Mr. C. L. Chumber's early demise. He was like a big brother to me. Four days ago received a SMS from Mr. Chumber that read "We can talk now". I could not call him. But I regret it now. Had I known he was seriously sick, I would have never delayed to call him. Now I won't be able forgive myself ever. I learn lot from him. Anyone I know about Ghadari Baba Babu Mangu Ram Ji, from his writing. From 2010 on we talked over the phone for hours. But there were lot of questions I wants to ask him during my next visit to India. But that won't happen again. Mr. C. L. Chumber is physically not with us today but his writing will keep him alive forever. He was the most daring writer and thinker who never compromised. Mr. C. L. Chumber will be missed dearly by his family and friends.
Tejpal Gangar (Vancouver, Canada).

Very very sad. In fact I had a plan to see him and I got his address and phone number and was thinking to write him to fix up the meeting. He was great Ambedkarite and always fights for the cause of Dalits. He was so young, his departure has really created vacuum and left everybody in shock. Prem Chumber is good friend of mine and we meet quite often. He always talked about him, his family and his support to all people around him. I just called Prem Ji to get somebody’s phone, but he gave me this shocking news. Unbelievable! It is a great loss to the Chumber family as well as to the whole community. My condolence and heart felt feeling to the family and others associated with him. God bless his soul and rest in peace.
G. S. Bagha

 I remember the occasion in which Mr. C. L. Chumber released the book of “The Legend Saheed Immanuel Sekeran" On 24th October 2012 at Dikshabhumi, Nagpur (Maharashtra) India. I and Sant Hira Singh had a chance to stay with him for 3 days at Nagpur. He was very much interested to come to Tamilnadu to meet the people of Kanshiramists. But Nature not permitted. May his soul rest in peace! Jeevan Malla, Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari)
C. L. Chumber was not only an individual but an institution.  He was very warm in nature. Whenever he passed by my village often visited us. A fearless and dedicated writer and journalist to the cause of the Dalit community is no more among us. I with a painful heart while remembering the days spent with Mr. C.L. Chumber share the grief with Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber and his family! Amin!!   
Kulveer Singh Kanwal
So sad ... the source of the roots of Sh. C.L. Chumber Sahib is no more. My sincere condolences for the Chumber family and all the readers and friends of Desh Doaba and Ambedkar Times forums.
Dr. Jaswant Rai Sahri
I am very shocked and sad to know that Mr. C. L. Chumber passed away. We have lost a prominent Ambedkarite, writer, spokesman, thinker, more over a man of principles. Since 40 years, I knew him very well, when we worked together in Ambedkar Mission Society Punjab actively at Ambedkar Bhawan Jalandhar.  After that he joined into B.S.P. and became right-hand man of Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji. He started & was founding Chief Editor of “Kaumi Udarian” and resident editor of Bahujan Samaj Bulletin weekly newspaper. He also published historic Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia Souvenir.  He contested the Punjab Legislative Assembly Jalandhar North seat as a candidate of B.S.P. He always took right stand by the side of Mr. Kanshi Ram Ji even before and after his death.

He was very intelligent & a great book lover that’s why he left behind a huge collection of books in thousands. He was himself a society and dedicated to the downtrodden classes. His wife Mrs. Santosh Chumber is a teacher His children and brothers and sisters are well established. His younger brother Mr. P. K. Chumber publishing weekly newspapers Ambedkar Times in English and Desh Doaba in Punjabi from California USA, Mr. C. L. Chumber was very proud of him.

I express my condolence and sympathy to the whole Chumber family. We have lost a great visionary brilliant man. I pay my homage to the extraordinary man Mr. C. L. Chumber. He will be remembered by his work for downtrodden forever.

Harmesh Jassal,
Sidarth Nagar, Jalandhar



Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Fresno (California) celebrated birth anniversaries of Great Bahujan Leader Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji and Bharat Rattan Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar respectively on March 29, 2015 & April 26, 2015 and now Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Fresno (California) will celebrate Great Gadri Baba Mangu Ram Muggowalia Ji's 36th death anniversary on Sunday, May 2, 2015 at Shri Guru Ravidass Temple Fresno (California). The Sabha cordially is inviting entire Sangat on this celebration.

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