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Guru Piari Sadh Sangat Ji. Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha C.V. Fresno is going to celebrate the Parkash Utsav of Shri Guru Ravidas Ji on March 17, 2013.

Programs are as follows: Arambh Shri Akhand Path March 15, Nishan Sahib Sewa March 16, at 5P.M, Bhog Shri Akhand Path March at 10 A.M

Guru Ka Langar will be served all three days., Kirtan will be done by well known Ragi Jatha and Dhadi Jatha

All the Sangat and Guru Ghar Committees are requested to all please join us to celebrate the Gurpurb of the great Guru Shri Guru Ravidass Ji.

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From: Karam Bangar (Posted on , February 03, 2013)



The memorandum presented by Ad-Dharam Mandal, Punjab on 12-10-1929,
to His Excellency Sir Geoffrey Fitzhervey De Montmorency, the then Governor of Punjab. This was the first attempt for the amelioration of the lot
of down trodden Community and has been rightly hailed as the "Manga Carta" in the historic struggle for eradication of untouchability and inequality.

May it please your Excellency,

We the members of the Ad-Dharam Mandal Punjab, Jullundur City are the representatives of down trodden community comprising of three Million souls in the Punjab, and seventy million in the whole of India, who are disgracefully called the "Shudars" or untouchables. Your Excellency may be aware that we belong to an ancient race which ruled India about 5,000 year ago, prior to the invasion of India by the Aryans. These bands of outsider from central Asia reigned India, and defeated our forefathers, the latter were ruthlessly treated, they were foreign cruel masters in a way which spoke volumes of the barbarous mentality of the so called "Civilized Aryans." The rest of the conquered race, who due to their self respect, refused to be enslaved were driven away to take shelter in the jungles. The Aryans whose present descendants are called high class Hindus, have all along been treating us with the most inhuman brutality so that our unlucky community numerically large as it is, now little mere name. In spite of the fact that there are some highly educated and capable men in our community still we are not given any honourable status in the society. No right of ownership of any thing, vests in us, even we have not the right to safe-guard our individual lives. The deplorable condition of the mute millions of our oppressed community is due to harsh treatment meted out to us by the High class Hindus in consequence of the 'August' pronouncement of the ancient Aryans which are embodied in the Manu Smiriti and lot of other Hindu scriptures of that type. Your Excellency will be amazed to learn that scriptures of the so called religion are replete with the sayings such as that we the Ad Dharmies have been created to serve the high class Hindus, that we have no right to hold any property, that even our wanton murder by a high class Hindu involves him in no difficulty, etc. All our demands have been willfully suppressed by the High class Hindus and all our attempts at ameliorating our condition have been deliberately trampled upon. We therefore beg to submit the position and demands of our community, which we venture to hope, will receive adequate consideration at your hands. We are sorry to say that the Hindu officials who appropriated all our rights and privileges have not done any justice to us. All the dealings of the Government with the Hindus mean with the high class Hindus only, with the result that our grievances can not reach the government. It would be no exaggeration to say that the reforms given to the Hindus have been so given to the high class Hindus only. This being so, we are now under two Governments, the high class Hindus Government and the present British Government.

Owing to the predominance of the Muslims there is less untouchability in this province, as compared with other provinces but as regards political condition we are not a bit better than the worst untouchables of other Provinces, but we are in the worst condition from the political point of view. Not even a single member of our community has ever been nominated to the local legislative or to any local body although in other provinces such nomination, have been made by the Government to the extent of seats ranging between 1 to 11 in local legislatives. The present system of electorate can not be of any use to us because the high class Hindus are steeped with caste prejudices. Therefore the only method open to us should be separate electorate where in our political social and even moral salvation life.

Our position can be briefly described as follows:- (1) that our community consists of about there Millions in the Punjab, and about seventy million in whole of India. (2) That comparatively speaking we are the most backward people in the Punjab as regard education public service, social position etc. (3) That we do not believe in the Hindu religion, nor do we hold it in high esteem, therefore, we do not wish to call our selves Hindus but we the all untouchables of different classes being the ancient population of India wish to be called "Ad Dharmies" and in the next coming census we should write Ad-Dharmies." (4) We do not desire to keep any close social or political contact with the high caste Hindus, who think that they are polluted by our mere touch or even by casting of our shadow on them, though they endeavour to count us with them so that they may enjoy greater rights at our expense. So this aspect of our position can be remedied by our following petty demands.

OUR DEMANDS: (1) Necessary arrangements for better education of Ad Dharmies (untouchables) boys and girls and national scholarship should be separately given to them and introduction of free primary education. (2) Separate representation, in all public bodies and legislature, selected by the communities of our Mandal. (3) A minister our province. (4) Equal rights of ownership of any property of dwelling houses and common fields as enjoyed by other communities. (5) Equal rights of using all District Board public wells, as enjoyed by other communities. (6) Proscription of Manu Smiriti and all like Hindu scriptures in which contemptuous mentions have been made of our race and community. (7) Any mention of us by name of Shudra should be strictly forbidden. (8) Share in all public services including police, civil, military, railway, education, and medical departments etc. (9) in our caste 60 % do the work of agriculture with the agriculturists but they give very meager share to the poor untouchables and we hear that there are 15187200 acres of uncultivated land in the hand of the Punjab Government. Therefore, land in the colonies should be reserved for us in the same way as it has been done, for other communities. (10) The Punjab Alienation Act has made us so weak that the people of other communities forcibly make us to their services in return of living to the houses built on their land, because we can not buy any land, even for our houses under the Punjab Alienation Act of 1909 A. D. therefore this Act should be repealed. (11) Although there are two Acts passed by the Government to prevent the forced labour (Baigar) yet the officials do not care for these Acts and they forcibly make us serve them without any payment. The Government should proclaim the forbidding of all sorts of forced labour (Baigar). (12) There is criminal blame upon our community, while we are free from every crime therefore this blame should be wiped off. The national presumption of innocence should attach to Ad-Dharmies as well. (13) Permission should be given to us to go to the foreign countries, as our condition is very poor. (14) We want to call our selves Ad Dharmies while the other communities especially Hindus do not like it and they try their best to prevent us from doing so, and make us call our selves by the same hateful word (Shudra) by troubling us in every possible way. Therefore a committee should be appointed by the Government from our community to settle these matters. In the name of humanity and the British sense of justice we beseech you to take such steps as you deem necessary so that our vast community may no longer be denied the natural rights of citizens of British Empire, and be not left at the mercy of the Hindu Tyrants.

Thanking you in anticipation.
We have the Honour to be Sir
Your Excellency's most obedient servants
Members & Managing Community of the Ad-Dharam Mandal of the Punjab, Jullundur City.
Memorandum of Ad Dharam Mandal Punjab-1929
( Posted: on October 12, 2011)


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